College of Education Strategic Plan


Strategic Priority: Increase the level of credentialing

We will enhance student success through transformative degree programs whose curricula are responsive to contemporary learners. We will form partnerships among stakeholders and key external partners to guide the development of programs that are both responsive to the evolving needs of the student and the requirements of the workplace as well as effective in developing respected educators and health service professionals.

of secondcareer adult and community college learners entering CEd degree programs. A primary focus will be guiding students in a progression of professional development for the chosen discipline throughout the matriculation of their degree program. We will allocate resources to support the delivery of quality, innovative instruction, and we will continuously assess student learning to ensure the production of educational and human service professional leaders who operate with a lens of equity, access and advocacy.

1)  Redesign student educational      experiences to enhance      learning, professional      development and social      engagement. 2)  Improve student support      activities through improved      advising and mentoring. 3)  Develop strategic      partnerships that enhance      the quality of academic      initiatives and programs. 4)  Strengthen learning      programs and instruction.

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