College of Education Strategic Plan


Strategic Priority: Cultivate and grow highly motivated professionals 1)  Redefine the management      structure to improve the work      environment. 2)  Revamp the promotion,      tenure and evaluation      process. 3)  Increase the level of faculty,      staff and student growth and      development. 4)  Establish and implement      policies and procedures to      create a culture of      accountability.

We will enhance the quality of education across all departments and address resources, programs and services needed to achieve our goals. Achieving high standards as defined by various accrediting agencies has inspired clearly defined educational objectives consistent with CEd's mission and degree offerings. The CEd will remain committed to recruiting, retaining, and graduating high achieving undergraduate and graduate students in an effort to support the

goal of student centeredness. Student centeredness is the driving force behind decision­ making, leading to optimal learning experiences. Additionally, student centeredness leads to the commitment of resources to the faculty, staff, and students to support a culture of professional and personal growth and development. This culture includes the implementation of policies and processes that support accountability that is clearly defined and measurable.

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