College of Education Strategic Plan


Strategic Priority: Build sustainability

The CEd will continue to develop an infrastructure that ensures the sustainability of resources and strategic partnerships that support programs, curricula, enrichment opportunities and global reach. Generating resources is critical to the stimulation of innovative scholarship, meaningful outreach and engagement, global impact and creative exchange. The key elements for producing a resourcerich environment are evident in faculty and students' collaborative research, engagement and outreach, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The college will expand its role as the epicenter of intellectual enterprise. Achieving these goals requires engagement and internal and external partners in ways the reflect the college's emphasis on resource generation to create innovative 21st century environments. We will strategically strengthen relationships with current students, families and alumni as well as expand partnerships with foundations, agencies, businesses and corporations.

1)  Partner with the development      and alumni affairs office. 2)  Cultivate strategic partners      and engage in a challenging      array of educational      opportunities. 3)  Create funding packages and      scholarships for high quality      students. 4)  Build relationships with      alumni and friends that will      improve annual giving and      lead to major gifts.

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