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HOUSE PRIZE-GIVING Housemaster’s Awards for Academic Excellence

Russell Family Cup For the Year 11 student that displays the most spirit and endeavour Thimeth Wijesinghe

Housemaster’s Cup for Leadership Kynan Salt

Jack Burmester Cup For sporting excellence Zach May

Year 9 – Lucas Evans Year 10 – James Lange Year 11 – Scott Winefield Year 12 – Hanjun Kim Year 13 – Henry Eglinton

Lindo Family Trophy For the Year 12 student displaying the most diligence and dedication Freddie Sudell

Kelly Cup For outstanding contribution to the creative arts Ben Pownall

Julius House Trophy For Best Swimmer Daniel Bridgman, Connor McCullough Murgatroyd Family Trophy For junior sporting excellence Lucca Wiseman Tobias O’Brien Cup For the most promising Year 9 student Lucas Evans, Sam Hales Uddaka Wijesinghe Junior Trophy For all-round excellence Art Aitken, William Bretherton, Conor McCullough

JB Norris Memorial Cup For best shot Ben Evans

Burmester Family Cup For all-round excellence Thomas McClean

For his outstanding achievements in golf at a local, regional, national and international level

Adam Lucas Memorial Trophy For enthusiasm and support in Year 13, as voted by Year 9 students Joshua Mortensen

Julius House Curtis Cup For best all-round boy Kynan Salt

O’Brien Fitzgerald Cup For participation and leadership in culture and the arts Joshua Mortensen


Back Row: Mr D Chambers (Assistant Housemaster), H Kim, SC Kelly, MPN Rookes, HC Fraser, JS Erasmus, FAH Sudell, GDJ Goodman, HC Newstead, N Orchard, OMC Hlavac, G McQuarrie, HJ Greenwood, WR Picton-Warlow, CE Lord, Mr PJ Cooper (Assistant Housemaster) Fourth Row: Mrs S Jackson (Assistant Housemaster), RJ Ward, CT Eglinton, TS Wijesinghe, AP Scott, SS Winefield, RA McClean, GS Greening, JL Young, CJ Higgins, LB Davey, HA Dufton, JO Gimblett, NF Norris, HAR Falls-Anderson, RM Salt, Mrs SD Harding (Assistant Housemaster) Third Row: Miss N Bleyendaal (Deputy Housemaster), HJ Goodwin, GH Couper, HHC Rookes, CJ McCullough, DM Bridgman, JH Lange, JK Inglis, LA Wiseman, GCM Kain, TA Picton-Warlow, WE Fraser, WB Bretherton, WAH Sudell, OA Elworthy, GCN Rookes Second Row: BC Pownall, RRM Baird, GH Morrow, TE McClean, ZT Gimblett, KJ Salt (Head of House), Mr MR Field (Housemaster), ZRH May, CA Goodwin, BA Evans, TJ Sunderland, HW Eglinton, FT Laing, PS McGregor Front Row: R Zhao, RS Pathirana, LAB Evans, SJ Hickey, WH Pearson, AW Eglinton, NT Winefield, BDR Laing, SW Hales, HGH Sudell, FM Bowden, C Fox, LJ Maguire Absent: AA Aitken, JT Mortensen (Deputy Head of House), TG Saunders


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