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Chapel and cultural activities put on hold and unprecedented changes on many levels, which stretched us all out of our comfort zones and into a place of uncertainty. Term 2 As Term 2 commenced via remote learning, it was an important time to remember that Rolleston House is more than just a physical location but a community that transcends the College campus. As everyone adjusted to Google Meet lessons, a two-week timetable and more self- directed learning than ever before, it became essential that we looked out for each other, kept in touch, and demonstrated the kindness, friendship and selflessness that would usually have taken place in the House every day. During lockdown, as we grappled with “alert levels” and “bubbles”, some boys relished the independence of the remote learning experience while others found it challenged them to their limits. We had daily check ins instead of House assembly, met with our mentor groups online, and saw the inside of each other's homes via video. When we finally returned to College, all did not immediately return to normal and Rolleston House was temporarily based in the Fine Arts Block. While attempting to maintain respectable distances between boys,

circles of chairs became common rooms and everyone was in close quarters. Despite the challenges, it was wonderful to have the chance to reconnect with everyone in person once again. Overall, the Rolleston House boys and staff showed resilience and adaptability in what were exceptional circumstances and they can be commended on the way they faced this challenging time. Midway through Term 2, Rolleston House finally returned to its usual home and school got back to a relatively normal schedule. House sport, debating and the House Plays Festival were back in the calendar, and the boys had a new appreciation for these experiences. While the first round of House debating saw Claude Tellick, George Gearry and Callum Hackston take a win affirming the moot “This House would move to online learning full-time”, in reality many of the boys were pleased to be back at school. Rehearsals got underway for a revised format of the House Plays Festival and a small group of Year 13 students prepared for their perfomance of Murder at Merryweather Mansion . Unlike in much of the world, the evening performance was able to have an audience, and after a great effort by all involved, Rolleston House took 3rd place in the competition and George Lill won the Best Actor

award. The boys involved were Harrison Lund (Director), Jim Gibbs (Tech), William Koko (Mrs Merryweather), Ben Cornell (Butler Jameson), Yngve Jordan (Detective 1), George Lill (Detective 2), Alistair Morgan (Michael Merryweather), Andrew Kwak (Miss Crimson), Tom O’Connor (Bill Gates), and Robbie McKeown (Colonel Burgundy). School Colours were presented to Ben Cornell for water polo and Robbie McKeown for athletics. Arthur Mahon was awarded his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and George Gearry won the Tancred Prize for English in Year 12. Also, in the last week of term, the Year 12 students participated in the Year 12 Leadership Day and demonstrated their ability to work well together by building the tallest balloon tower in the room. It was a great opportunity to see the future

leadership of Rolleston House working together as a team. Term 3 Term 3 saw school life back to

normal for the most part, and after an earlier postponement it was lovely to get all the Rolleston House parents together for a mid-winter function. Seann Zhao played Bach’s “Prelude in C-sharp major” in assembly, and Robbie McKeown reported on his exchange to Germany earlier in the year. The House debating team did


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