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LEADERSHIP The 2021 Head Prefect’s Junior Prize-giving Speech

the teachers and how much they sacrifice for each boy's development cannot be taken for granted, along with the amazing facilities we have on offer. But boys, these resources are only what you make of them. If you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards – effort both when everybody is watching, and when nobody is watching – a situation we have experienced more than ever this year with the lockdown. When everybody is watching, our fear of what others may think often means we simply conform to what our mates are doing, passing up on the opportunity to try something new or take part in something that looks interesting. This is evident in all aspects of College life: our academic and sport choices, participation in the arts, or singing in Chapel. Being bold and taking the risk is often far more enjoyable and may also open your eyes to something you truly find fascinating. Many students go through high school not knowing what they want to do afterwards, perhaps because they didn't have the audacity to try something new and discover their passion. In my time at College, I stepped out of my comfort zone by joining the choir, having come from intermediate school with little singing or music experience. In doing so, I have grown as a musician and realised the passion I have for singing, as well as forming a lot of friendships with the others in the choir. When nobody is watching to congratulate or encourage us, we often stop working as hard. If you put in that extra mile, do an extra practice question or play your

instrument a little bit longer, you are already ahead of the pack. Don't mark your own success by comparing yourself to others – instead, let your motivation be intrinsic. Set goals for yourself that you aspire to, but remember: if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. Having started to learn the saxophone in the Year 9 music programme, a goal I set for myself was to play in the Big Band before I leave College. I achieved this goal last year, after lots of practise in my own time when nobody was watching. Seeing the progress along the way, not just reaching my goal, was satisfying not only for me, but also for my family who had to listen to me practise. What are the attributes that this school believes will allow College

Te¯ na¯ koutou, te¯ na¯ koutou, te¯ na¯ koutou katoa. Nau mai, haere mai Chair of the Board, members of the Board, Executive Principal, staff, parents and boys.

He whakatauki te¯ nei:

graduates to flourish? It is not academic, sporting or cultural prowess as you may think, but

Wha¯ ia e koe te iti kahurangi. Ki te tuohu me he maunga teitei. Seek the treasures of your heart. If you bow, let it be to a lofty mountain. I am continually amazed at what we have accomplished as a school this year, despite the challenges we have faced with Covid-19. The lockdown and the following restrictions served as a strong reminder that we cannot take anything for granted, and to enjoy our opportunities and freedoms. Today is one of these opportunities, as we celebrate the junior prize winners who have shown such diligence and tenacity. Yet, it is the collective effort of parents, teachers, coaches, classmates and the wider school – not the work of a single student – that enables each boy to thrive. The quality of

character attributes such as courage and resilience. I believe our virtues can be a point of difference between College and other schools, because we are not alone in fostering excellence in academic, sporting and cultural fields. While there are a range of virtues and attributes that make up the ideal College graduate, I believe the one that underpins them all is respect – respect of self, respect of others, and respect of the environment. What does this look like at College? Being proud of your appearance and your uniform, keeping your shirt tucked in, seeing past the differences of others, and looking after the school – your classrooms, common rooms and kitchen appliances. You don't have to have a lead role in a production or be


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