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Once again, our myriad of College Theatresports teams have thrown themselves into their competitions, exhibiting incredible dedication and enthusiasm for the craft. Theatresports is an energetic competition of theatre created on the spur-of-the-moment, based on audience suggestions. There are three rounds – Blind, Choice, and Challenge – and each team is scored by a judging panel of the Court Theatre’s Court Jesters. The highest scoring team wins. SENIOR COMPETITION In Term 3, during the run of Evita , our two exceptional senior teams played in the annual Court Theatre Theatresports competition, held at Rangi Ruru Girls’ School. The Senior A team featured College’s longest-serving Year 13 players – Josh Mortensen, Alistair Morgan, Ben Pownall, Ethan Manera and Patrick McGregor – alongside Year 11 newcomer, Oli Aikawa. Ben and Alistair took a strong lead with “Yes, and Experts”, followed by a hilarious round of “Switch Left”, where Patrick’s taxidermy cat suddenly revived! The competition ended with a terrifying plague of frogs in “Typewriter”, leaving us one point short of stealing the win from Riccarton High School, who went on to the finals. The Senior B team, bursting with Year 11 and 12 talent, featured the comedic stylings of James Currie, Claude Tellick, Henry King, Ollie Jones, Oscar Gosling and Joey Young. Starting with the most difficult Blind Round game, “Speak in One Voice”, followed by a bizarrely brilliant “Switch Left”, the team was leading into the final round. Unfortunately, the highly political “New Choice”

was not favoured by the judges, once again allowing RHS to sweep into the finals by only two points. But all was not lost. This team impressed the judges so much with their improvising prowess that they were invited to play in the finals as the wildcard entry. As Court Jester Kathleen Burns exclaimed, these performers “put the sports into Theatresports”, earning a respectable 3rd place, even though we had to forge ahead without the energetic leadership of James Currie. Another successful year of chaos and hilarity where both teams walked away elated and inspired. Our leavers can be incredibly proud of the work they have accomplished over the past five years and their

dedication to making this coach laugh every single week. It has been my privilege to work with them. JUNIOR COMPETITION It was exciting to be able to teach Theatresports through the new optional Year 10 Drama course and create a team ready to tackle the junior heats in Term 4. With 35 avid thespians to choose from, we crafted an elite team of four enthusiastic players – Alex Law, William Sudell, Elliott Grey and Reuben Oh. Beginning with a rumpty round of “Shared Style Story”, the boys continued their journey with “Genre Rollercoaster”, set under the Eiffel Tower. Finally, a swift round of “New Choice” saw the boys fill a


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