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once cut down and welded to pipe handles, these will provide 70 narrow rakes to enable easy mulch moving before plant holes are dug. The last planting hour at Chimera Crescent saw 70 College boarders and 32 Year 10 Immerse & Inspire students mulch the trees where the bobcat had not been able to do so. The 40 wheelbarrows carted in two trailers added considerably to the hassle factor and accentuated the correctness of pre-mulching and planting through it, rather than planting and post-mulching as we did last year. FUNDRAISING SUPPORT – SPONSORS AND GRANTS CLS donated 13 cubic metres of potting mix and 15 bags of both seed mix and pumice. The CCC Community Fund donated 20 cubic metres of potting mix and 100 spades. Living Earth donated 250 tonne of mulch. Stark Bros donated trucking 250 tonne to site.

Isaacs donated bobcat spreading of mulch and 12 extra road cones for sprinkler bases. EnviroWaste donated 24 wheelie bins and Eco- Action–EnviroWaste signage for each bin. CCC donated 14 cricket net sections used for the large shade house structure. The Rata Foundation donated $5000 that was used to purchase 10,000 50x50 pots and carry bases, 270 nursery trays and 6,000 large planter bags. Te Tira Ka¯ hikuhiku – the Christchurch Red Zones transformative land use consultative group – donated $20,000. College donated $1000 worth of nursery equipment from its environment fund, as well as 50 percent funding for new nursery signage. House of Travel – Shirley donated $500, plus funded signage. The St Margaret’s College Parents’ Association donated $1500. Bunnings donated gift vouchers to the value of $270, which gave a 25 percent discount on $1000 worth of small shovels, as well as fully donating 30 rakes. Mainland Tanks & Drums donated four ICBs for irrigation

tanks. Canterbury Polythene Pipe is in the process of supplying 1000m of 12mm lateral at production cost. Each participating school is donating their staff time, land area, water and student expertise, as well as ancillary items like tables and trailers. CCC Parks have provided access to their two tonne water trailer so irrigation tanks can be filled, and on occasion filled them using ranger labour. Hirepool kindly donated a trailer toilet for each of our plantings. Plus there were at least 1600 planting volunteer hours to get trees in the ground, 1000 hours of student volunteer labour to prick out all the seedlings, and 2000 student volunteer hours to pot up the 10,000 50x50 pots into planting bags. It is a huge effort for a very worthy cause. My thanks to everyone involved. David Newton Chair – Eco-Action Nursery Trust


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