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SENIOR GREEN BASKETBALL Manager: Caroline Black Coaches: Canterbury Rams

A massive thank you to the boys for a great season and also to all the parents who have supported the team throughout. Caroline Black Manager, Senior Green Basketball SENIOR GREY BASKETBALL (“COUGARS”) TiC: Victor Sue-Tang Manager: Colton Labine Coaches: Ben Abbot, Josh Johnston, Charlie Owens Team: Fletcher Anderson, Henry Eglinton, Zach Gimblett, Charlie Goodwin, Tom Jones, Lachy Kitchen, Isaac Lester, Harrison Lund, Thomas McClean, Tom O'Connor, Angad Vraich, Josh Wynne The year 2020 will be remembered for tumultuous world events and playing on a basketball team. A beacon of hope for humanity, forged of friendship and love, the Senior Grey Cougars had an unforgettable season. The diverse group of individuals came together and played as one team, superstars who pulled off winning the 2020 Friday night Senior Division 2 championship. Nothing can be achieved without leadership, so we pay our respects. Mr Sue-Tang’s crafty management was imperative for the success of the season, averting any need for negotiating and ego management. By letting the talent shine, he unleashed the potential in every boy. Josh Johnston is arguably the highest basketball IQ in all of Canterbury, but his drawing up of plays under the stress of a close game in front of empty bleachers cannot be denied, particularly the defensive-minded “Evita”. Charlie Owens and Ben Abbot were the perfect complement, with a sensible approach to managing the bench that kept the players focused on what mattered – “the Chip”. The opening game was formative and high stakes, each boy out to prove himself. Against Shirley Boys’ High School, hints of playmaking greatness from Harrison Lund and Charlie Goodwin emerged. The team was up

for celebrating an early season 50 point margin win before a catastrophic accident saw Zach Gimblett grounded under the basket with a shoulder injury that warranted his seeing the season through as Chief Statistician. The season high 67 point was only a layup short of the team’s collective aspiration for every later game of the season. In the following games, the three point prowess of Thomas McClean and Henry Eglinton came to the fore in the pick and pop, and prompted a shift up to a more competitive division. A tough loss to Oxford Area School at the halfway mark of the season served as a call for greater individual humility, and a need to expand the repertoire of playmakers. Drafting a big man would allow for precisely that, and so 1st XV captain Fletcher Anderson came to lead a pick and roll style. About this time, Angad Vraich started to aggressively posterize his dunks, providing a triple threat to defenders. After a run of convincing wins, it was time for the play-offs. The boys trained hard and were disappointed to get through to the finals due to the opposing team defaulting. Straight to the big dance, the Grey Cougars played Rangiora New Life School, and it was a crazy game. A strong early start by the Grey Cougars was erased and a back and forth ensued, which exhausted the entire bench. The well-conditioned RNLS managed to pull away, but a miraculous final seconds layup from Harrison Lund with the assist coming from Thomas McClean took the title into overtime. Refreshed and revived, out of the gate three pointers from Charlie Goodwin and Harrison Lund put the game into comfort territory and allowed Angad Vraich to hit his only three pointer of the season as the clock wound down. Championship ended, job done. 2021 will see these young men taking their experience to courts around the globe.

Team: Jackson Floyd, Joshua Ford, Cole Gurnsey, Alex Hickman, Leo Li, Gus Macdonald, Hamish McCulloch, Rajan Stephens, Tim Stewart, Vinnie Wee 2020 has been a roller coaster season for the Senior Green Basketball team. There is no doubt that lockdown and the subsequent time spent at Covid alert level 2 prevented a number of games from taking place, as well as limiting court time for practice and team development. The boys maintained their enthusiasm and positivity throughout this time, however, and appreciated the games when they could occur. The team was made up of some more experienced players and some newbies, and it was great to see them bonding as the season progressed. While the season ended with more losses than wins, the boys learned to hold their own on court and it was great to see closer scores in the later part of the season. When weekly trainings could take place they provided an opportunity for the boys to grow as a team and a huge thanks must go to the Rams coaching squad. While all the boys have played well throughout the season, special mention needs to be made of Cole Gurnsey, who was named most valuable player for his consistent drive and focus throughout the season, and Vinnie Wee, who was awarded team player of the year in recognition of his teamwork and humility both on and off the court. Throughout the season I was really impressed with the team spirit and sportsmanship demonstrated by the boys at all times. Even when facing defeat, they played with positivity and enthusiasm and not only offered encouragement to each other, but also to the opposing teams.

Angad Vraich Senior Grey Cougars


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