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coaster ride of emotion for the boys in the team. It is testament to their resilience and mental as well as physical strength, that they gave of their very best in every game, no matter how well or otherwise the first half went. Skilled and calm strategic direction given by their coach Rani Hammond often brought exhilarating wins just before the final buzzer.

to Fletcher Arnold for coaching the team and helping the group grow throughout the season.

hoop on both defence and attack. The rest of the team were great and enjoyed the free-flowing games. We were always on the move as most of our games were away, and there was some interesting laughter-filled van rides around Canterbury. At times the scores were forgotten, and they simply played great basketball, enjoying each other’s company. We worked our way into a semi-final game but were soundly beaten – ending the season, having moved up a grade, in third place. Max Topham deservedly received the most valuable player award, as his play throughout the season was superb. He could be relied upon to get the job done. Ollie Nicholson picked up the award for the most valuable team player. He came into his own with his unselfish play throughout the season. Ben Beattie, Lucas Minehan, Oscar Olsson, William Pearson, Tadhg McKenna, Freddie Coates, Jack Kennedy and Adrian Chang rounded out a very good Year 9 team. Neil Nicholson Manager, Year 9 Black Basketball

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YEAR 9 BLACK BASKETBALL TiC/Manager: Neil Nicholson

Coaches: Nale Fifita, Fletcher Miller Team: Ben Beattie, Adrian Chang, Freddie Coates, Archie Davidson, Jack Kennedy, Tadhg McKenna, Lucas Minehan, Ollie Nicholson, Oscar Olsson, William Pearson, Oscar Ren, Max Topham Year 9 Black Basketball, also known as the “mighty minions”, was a very enthusiastic group of Year 9 students coached extremely well by Year 13 students Nale Fifita and Fletcher Miller. The season was another victim of the Covid-19 pandemic, and as a result started later than usual. The boys enjoyed playing together and this showed early on, where we comprehensively beat other school teams by playing well and moving the ball around the court. Oscar Ren and Ollie Nicholson were our primary three-point shooters, and if one failed the other picked up the lead. Archie Davidson played very well under the

In Rani’s words …

“Throughout the season, the team would show great signs of development and went on to put great basketball on display. At times, there were moments where the team struggled to pull through, but by ending the season with a three game winning streak they demonstrated just how far they had all come individually and as a team. These young men are all going to be fantastic in the future and will continue to develop into great basketball players.” Special mention should also be made of the parents who most graciously took turns on bench duty and supported both Rani and I in our roles as coach and team manager. We are both very proud of the boys’ commitment and performance in basketball this year. Susan Harding Manager, U15 Black Basketball U15 WHITE BASKETBALL Manager: Dr Mike Field Coach: Fletcher Arnold Team: Max Charteris, Isaac Field, Daniel Gourley, Hugo Helmore, Ben Laing, Jake Leck, Gordon Liu, Blake McCarthy, Rahal Pathirana, Rico Steere After some tough losses the team started to grow and show some nice skills. The team ended up taking down the Selwyn Hawks several times, as well as having some close battles with other teams. Ben Laing was named most valuable player, with Isaac Field receiving the team player of the year award. Thanks


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