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There were positives to be discovered: new skills we were required to acquire; unhelpful patterns of behaviour that we found we could give up easier than we might have thought; a better realisation of what is really important. We returned first with half the school at a time in Chapel, before coming back together as a full school community, and finally Sunday services recommenced. I was privileged to join Bishop Richard Wallace in blessing the two new korowai. One for the Executive Principal, the other for the Head Prefect. Traditionally, a korowai is a mantle of prestige and honour, and so the korowai symbolises leadership, and this includes the obligation to care for people and the environment. At a special All Saints Choral Eucharist on Sunday 1 November, the Chapel Choir presented Messe Solennelle by Louis Vierne, scored for choir and two organs. Sadly, this year, I also helped lead the funeral for Old Boy William Quin (Will, Quinny), who tragically died in a car accident. The funeral was at the Transitional Cathedral. We also remembered Will at several significant moments in our school life. As ever, the year concluded with our Advent Service, Carols on the Quad, and the Leavers’ Service. The place of faith In an article published in September, journalist Donna Miles-Mojab helpfully reflected on the value of faith and how it can help people to get through tragedy. “In secular societies, culture is supposed to be the new scripture but, given the state of our mental health, it’s evidently failing to deliver the sense of spirituality most of us need to bring resilience, solace and meaning to our lives”. Everywhere, there is an increasing emphasis on mental health, on wellbeing. At College, this builds well on our Christian foundations. It comes as no surprise when studies

highlight that people of faith have better mental health. Half of the people in this country are people of faith. We can point to our search for meaning, our real care for those in need, our intellectual tradition, our love and production of beauty in art, music, architecture, our positive contribution to history, and so on. Thanks and congratulations Congratulations to Old Boy Eddie Bijl (Cf 2004–08) who is heading to St John’s College, Auckland, as part of his training and formation for the priesthood. We wish him all the best and send our prayers with him. Our thanks to Year 13 students Ederick He and Henry Eglinton, who have demonstrated good, flexible leadership in their role as Chapel Prefects in this unparalleled year. Ederick has also represented the school faithfully as our lay Synod representative. Year 12 student Freddie Sudell joined him on Synod with speaking rights this year and will take over Ederick’s Synod role for 2021. We also congratulate Ederick on being confirmed this year.

Thanks also to Nick Sutcliffe, who undergirds our Chapel services as organist, skilfully enriching our musical and spiritual tradition; Director of Music Robert Aburn, who has continued to reinforce our wonderful musical and singing tradition; Dr Andrew Taylor, for his behind-the-scenes work as our Chapel Steward, and for presenting his research with satellites at the Centre for Ethics & Spirituality; Mrs Liz Gregory, who has continued to provide flower arrangements for Chapel – one of those unassuming contributions that people would immediately notice if it were missing; Board Chair Hugh Lindo for his contribution; and our Warden, Bishop Peter Carrell, for his committed engagement. To all who contribute to the spiritual life of our school, in time and with their talents, we express our gratitude.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Bosco Peters Chaplain


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