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learning material. Some of the tools used proved to be so successful that they have continued to be integrated into our learning programmes back at school. This year we welcomed Geography teacher Neil Porter to teach Agribusiness at Level 2. He has been a fantastic addition to the team, and both he and Teacher in Charge of Agribusiness Mike Field have again delivered a course of interest and practical application. A highlight of the Agribusiness programme is the unit on developing an innovative and sustainable business. Usually this is run in conjunction with the Young Enterprise Scheme but, due to circumstances, this year it was run “in house”. This is a large and significant full-year project that builds on the Year 10 Enterprise & Innovation programme. Working in small groups, the students establish their businesses early in the year, producing a business plan that addresses areas such as marketing, finance, operations, mission and objectives. These are real businesses, and the students are expected to take their products or services “to market”. This year, we had groups pitching their ideas to Terra Viva Home & Garden and Summerset retirement village and aged care provider. With the support of teachers and their business mentor, the students experience the highs and lows of the business world, enabling them to capture what being in business is really like. Teamwork, leadership, problem solving, initiative, creativity and innovation are all aspects of this unit, which makes it a truly valuable experience.

Curriculum In both Year 12 and Year 13,

broadening their understanding of the Persian Wars that were a direct result of the establishment of the Athenian Empire. This was an amazing educational experience for the students and aided their first internal, which dealt with the consequences of this war.

students are encouraged to make links between past and present civilisations, to imagine a possible future. We study literature, significant events, and the art and architecture of the Classical World, and students learn how the past continues to inform the present. We study the rise and fall of powerful individuals and empires, the creativity and invention of artists and engineers, and the formation of ethical systems, including the evolution of social justice. Throughout this, students become increasingly aware of the debt owed to Classical Greece and Italy. The department is very thankful for the Learning Support teachers who work closely with my students to help them achieve. University of Canterbury I am very grateful for our strong relationship with the the University of Canterbury. Our Year 12 students were fortunate to be able to attend a lecture at the university at the beginning of the year, where they were immersed into Classics at tertiary level,

Olivia Austin TiC Classical Studies

COMMERCE As I am sure many a Register article will attest to, this has been a year like no other. I do not wish to dwell on what has been, however, but only want to say how very proud I am of the Commerce department and what has been able to be achieved in 2020. This is a testament to the teaching team and their dedication to successful outcomes for the boys in their classes. Online learning was the dominant teaching aspect at the end of Term 1 and beginning of Term 2. As a school we were very fortunate to have a plan in place to ensure this transition was as easy as possible in the circumstances. In Commerce we made good use of the Google Meet application and use of Loom videos for boys to be able to access the

A number of interesting guest speakers from a range of

different industries came to talk to Agribusiness and Commerce students this year or worked as business mentors. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has given their time to support the school and the learning and experience of the boys, your input is invaluable and much appreciated. My colleague


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