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JP Kinley Executive Principal’s Scholarship CE Lord General Excellence Scholarship AE Macdonald Old Boys’ Scholarship CG Manson Sports Scholarship HT McCulloch Drama Scholarship NR McKenzie Regional Boarding Scholarship DJAM Metherell Sports Scholarship HC Newstead Sports Scholarship WA Oakley Executive Principal’s Scholarship, Regional Boarding Scholarship K Oikawa Sports Scholarship AW Orr Regional Boarding Scholarship DS Pahalawatta Executive Principal’s Scholarship WS Patchett Sports Scholarship N Prachuabmoh Executive Principal’s Scholarship N Prachuabmoh Executive Principal’s Scholarship BH Shearer Somes English Exhibition NJ Shearer Jerry Rowberry Scholarship BT Shipston Executive Principal’s Scholarship JR Tacon Sports Scholarship HHP Taylor Regional Boarding, Executive Principal’s Scholarship & Rowberry Fund CW Tellick Executive Principal’s Scholarship YEAR 13 LJR Adams Somes Sports Scholarship J An Somes Music Exhibition AAC Anaru-Astwood Headmaster’s Scholarship MB Audeau JR Grigg Entrance Exhibition AJ Baker Headmaster’s Scholarship FF Bratten Somes State School Scholarship TL Cotter Regional Boarding Scholarship ET Dargue Somes Sports Scholarship BP Davis Somes Boarding Scholarship JTB Drage Headmaster’s Scholarship MJ Durant Headmaster’s Scholarship HWW Eglinton Somes Exhibition

BE Gason Sports Scholarship, Jerry Rowberry Scholarship MJ Gibb Somes Scholarship JA Gibbs Headmaster’s Scholarship CWB Graham Somes Music Scholarship EBK He Somes Music Scholarship JN Hill General Excellence Scholarship WJ Hocquard Sport Scholarship, General Excellence Scholarship JK Johnson Somes Exhibition TW Jones Somes English Exhibition, Somes State School Scholarship OF King Somes Boarding Scholarship, Headmaster’s Scholarship LR Kitchen Headmaster’s Scholarship A Kwak Somes Exhibition JRW Lay Somes Exhibition, Somes Music Exhibition ZRH May Somes Sports Scholarship TS Oliver Stringer (North Island) Scholarship CRW Owens JR Grigg Entrance Exhibition LB Pratt Sports Scholarship & Rowberry Fund OW Ryan Sports Scholarship & Rowberry Fund F Sa Sports Scholarship KJ Salt Somes Sports Scholarship OHR Short Somes Exhibition, Somes Boarding Scholarship WATS Simcock Somes Exhibition, Somes Music Exhibition TDJ Tothill Somes Scholarship A Vraich Somes State School Scholarship TG Ward Somes Exhibition JH Yee Headmaster’s Scholarship

CS Stanley Regional Boarding Scholarship PJ Stick Executive Principal’s Scholarship KL Thiele Executive Principal’s Scholarship FCD Topham Sports Scholarship BGL Vaughan Academic Scholarship BS Ward Academic Scholarship TJ Whitteker Choral Music Scholarship TS Wijesinghe Executive Principal’s Scholarship YEAR 12 LD Alexander General Excellence Scholarship AJD Batchelor Sports Scholarship JP Belcher Somes Scholarship JE Book Executive Principal’s Scholarship & Rowberry Fund HJ Briscoe Choral Music Scholarship SAC Chaffey Old Boys’ Scholarship SH Cranstone Executive Principal’s Scholarship JM Currie Academic Scholarship JD Cutler Regional Boarding Scholarship JS Erasmus General Excellence Scholarship JW Ford Executive Principal’s Scholarship HC Fraser Executive Principal’s Scholarship CJ Hackston General Excellence Scholarship AJC Hammett Sport & General Excellence Scholarship S Hari Executive Principal’s Scholarship LD Hitchings General Excellence Scholarship OMC Hlavac Choral Music Scholarship JK Hodges Instrumental Music Scholarship ST Idiens Sports Scholarship J Jolly General Excellence Scholarship JM Jones Executive Principal Principal’s Scholarship & Rowberry Fund SC Kelly Academic Scholarship H Kim Academic Scholarship

M Fifita Regional Boarding Scholarship, Jerry Rowberry Scholarship


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