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themselves. Consequently, many, many boys have gone on to achieve so much more than they might have imagined, motivated and encouraged by David both on and off the stage. David's capacity to draw people together in the performing arts is an extraordinary gift and this has brought so much joy to so many from both within and beyond Christ’s College. Quite purposefully today, I choose not to highlight any single theatrical performance of whatever genre, that would be a touch like trying to pick your favourite child, for in each and every experience, David’s cast and crew will have grown in unique and special ways – and I know David himself would not play favourites in this outcome. David, this community has been very fortunate to have you as a constant, inspiring and affirming influence through all that College has faced over the time you have been a part of our journey. Your legacy is a thriving Drama department that provides extraordinary opportunities for boys. Your omnipotent presence around the campus will be missed. That booming voice and chuckle will be a sad absence from our daily lives. We wish you well in your retirement. Could I ask you to join with me for the final curtain call of David Chambers.

Christchurch Teachers’ College made the following comments: “He has a calm, friendly and organised manner. His appearance and presence lend a quiet authority to his teaching. With pupils and colleagues alike, his reassuring, can-do manner averts difficulties and gains cheerful cooperation and given the disruption of traditional family life in New Zealand society, many Principals might well regard him as a tower of strength in schools, being a role model for gentlemanly behaviour and a father figure for many pupils.” One might suggest then that in every way Peter has fulfilled every element of this recognised potential over his years here at College, while also being a wonderful colleague of support for so many. The Peter Cooper we celebrate today will be missed by all of us here at College. Could you please join with me in thanking him for his dedication and service, and to wish him well. Both David and Peter will help us in handing over our prizes today. Staff across the entire school, no matter what their roles, work tirelessly to achieve the very best for each boy. It is a collaborative approach from teaching and non- teaching staff that provides the opportunity for each boy to be at his best. I would particularly like to acknowledge the work of

the College Executive, especially Deputy Principal Rob Donaldson, who does so much and patiently deals with significant complexity in a compassionate and professional manner. And, in this year of emergency remote learning, the introduction of live reporting and the development phase of our College Diploma, our Assistant Principal – Curriculum Nicole Billante. Her work this year, her first full year in the role, has been truly extraordinary. To our Chaplain, Rev. Bosco Peters, who each week draws us to our centre, our heartfelt appreciation for another year of wise and measured guidance. To all staff, my deepest gratitude. It is your ongoing professional commitment that means boys in this school are taught brilliantly, known, understood and well cared for, irrespective of where the programme may take them on their College journey. May I ask all here to thank our dedicated staff. As some of you may know I have a daughter who lives in Chicago. Her husband works with a not-for-profit organisation called GRIP Outreach for Youth that seeks to serve the needs of fatherless youth in Chicago’s most disadvantaged areas. Their experience in the United States over the past 12 months had me occasion upon a piece of writing giving social commentary and espousing the

Peter Cooper joined the staff a decade earlier than David

Chambers. Over 33 years, he has been a leader in the Geography and Social Sciences academic domain, managed a plethora of sports and activities – aka badminton, shooting and swimming – and been the regular and reliable “Camp Dad” for Outdoor Education and, for 11 years, wrangled all within the then boarding Jacobs House. Respectfully, I would describe Peter as a schoolmaster in the old tradition – one who has been devoted to providing a breadth of opportunity for those he has served and, while doing so, setting the example of a gentleman and a scholar. In describing Peter’s personal and professional qualities, in 1987 the then Director of Secondary Programmes at the


Christ’s College Canterbury

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