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For conducting the House choir, entertaining the whole school at assemblies, and directing and starring in the House play. The 2021 Head of House will be Sam Idiens. Sam is well respected in Condell’s House, always shows up to support or participate with a positive attitude, and has achieved much success in his time at College. Johnny Lee and Alex Brett will be his deputies. Throughout their time in Condell’s all three have demonstrated dedication and commitment, and we look forward to a successful 2021 under their leadership. They will be excellent role models for the House, leading by example on the sports field and in the classroom, as well as during cultural events. We also have three other prefects in the House in 2021: Head of Arts & Culture Josh Jolly, Head of Academic Jeremy Kinley, and Head of Biculturalism Bradley Shearer. The current Year 12

group are all keen to be involved in the leadership of the House next year and to support each other. Our focus is, of course, not just to achieve highly, but to create an environment of respect and pride. Respect for each other and the House environment alongside pride in doing our best. The achievements of the Condell’s boys then become a natural part of this environment. The House environment means forming strong and meaningful relationships and in turn developing compassion and empathy for others. Best wishes to the Condell’s Community for the coming year. Alex Robertson Housemaster, Condell’s House

HJM Bradshaw Leaver Cup for Quiet Achievement John Wells For athletics success, an excellence student, gold badge winner, and always considerate and kind. Winter Cup for Service to the House Fletcher Anderson Wood Cup for Music Excellence Alex Brett For his memorable performance in the small group ensemble, leading the school in the waiata, and contribution to the instrumental backing band. Outstanding Sportsman Cup Bradley Shearer For participating in all that he can and being a positive role model. SN Johnstone Memorial Cup for Outstanding Condell’s Man Jamie Yee


Back Row: Ms TY Yogeeswaran (Assistant Housemaster), Mr S Leary (Assistant Housemaster), AA Brett, J Jolly, TR Lightfoot, BH Shearer, HW Smith, JP Kinley, DJAM Metherell, JD Lee, RJ Doull, ST Idiens, A Georgiou, LBN Sue-Tang, Ms K Howatson (Assistant Housemaster), Mrs S Squire (Assistant Housemaster) Fourth Row: Mrs JL Wong (Assistant Housemaster), RV Barker, SE Smith, S Felitti-Duter, GAF Lee, Q Chen, AN Speight, MJ Taylor, TR Harrison, FS Broomhall, FCD Topham, AEM Oliver, LC Astle, HR Sharr, HD Vincent, ET Cochran Third Row: MJB Rothera, LH Johnson, GJL Pearse, NC Ovendale, HG Campbell, S Jang, EI Grey, OGB March, Z Shen, A Madondo, MN Brett, TG Jackson, CJ Dalling, C Gong, AM Viles, SJ Cross Second Row : R Liu, FGJ Miller, JW Wells, JH Yee, TE Downs, MJ Durant (Deputy Head of House), FF Anderson (Head of House), Ms AIS Robertson (Housemaster), TDJ Tothill (Deputy Head of House), Miss OM Austin (Deputy Housemaster), IG Lester, JRW Lay, DT Lambert, OW Cochran, GH Anderson Front Row: NF Yee, HJ Penn, SR Aitken, OG Compton-Moen, AJ Smith, AJ Whithear, TG Rawstron, MJ Hickman, PG Cochran, MAG Topham, NJ Sharr, JT Onions, MP Sedze Absent: RE Azlan, BE Gason, JK Hodges, J Iliffe, S Whitaker


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