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All in all, it has been an extremely successful year for Flower’s House, both within and outside of the House, with some outstanding individual and team performances from a number of boys. Ben Vink Housemaster, Flower’s House A WORD FROM THE HEAD OF HOUSE Wow, what a year that is finally coming to an end. I’m sure for a while a lot of us would never have believed we would be able to finish the year with some sense of normality. But, thanks to all the people here and across New Zealand, we are fortunate to be able to have our end of year events. I would like to thank the domestic staff and Phillipa for all the behind the scenes work they do, day in and day out. Having to look after an entire boarding House full of teenage boys is not an easy task, but all that you do is truly appreciated by the boys and it does not go unnoticed. I would next like to thank Neil Nicholson and Gill Kilpatrick for leading a tutor group in Flower’s this year. I’m sure all the boys appreciated your guidance, support and genuine interest in what we were doing. I would also like to thank residential staff Zac Knight, Dan Sharples and Monique Ellis-Martin. We are truly grateful for the memories made over the past year. You were always up for a chat whether on duty or off duty, and all the boys, especially the leavers, really enjoyed getting to know you. The late nights you put in on duty and your presence around the House did not go unnoticed and the boys always loved the banter. Now for our Matron – Karen Adams. The heart and soul of Flower’s House, Karen is one of the most important people in the House. She has a clear vision of how all Flower’s House boys should behave and present themselves when they leave this

place, and if you aren't up to scratch, she will whip you into shape very fast. I am sure many of us here have learned that lesson at some point. Whether a boy comes into Flower’s in Year 9, Year 10 or right the way through to Year 13, Karen always has our backs through all the ups and downs along our journey through this House. We are beyond grateful for the lessons you have taught us and the support you have given us at each and every turn. It truly is an unbelievable job you do for us and none of us will ever forget that. I would also like to make a special mention of Housemaster Ben Vink. His efforts around the House and the work he puts in truly makes Flower’s a great environment for all of us. For me personally, working alongside you this year has been an unforgettable experience and I will take a great many learnings about character and leadership into the future. As Year 13 students we valued the mutual respect and trusting nature of our relationship and you have definitely made a positive impact on our lives at school and in the House, giving us a Year 13 to remember. Coming into the Head of House role this year, I could never have guessed what kind of year we were

going to have. It has been especially challenging through the long time we all spent apart. A challenge we had was to rebuild some House spirit and come together again when we were finally able to come back after lockdown. Hopefully, I, my deputy Owen and all the Year 13 students have helped leave the House a better place. I will never be able to thank all the people involved enough for the time and energy they have put into getting us Year 13s through this amazing House and I could spend all day talking about the stories and the memories we have created here. I would also like to mention my fellow Year 13 students. I have been so lucky to have such a strong, close- knit group of lads to come through the House with. Although I am sure that, at times, we have all pushed each other to the nth degree, I think we have come out the other side closer because of it. I hope we all stay in touch and I am sure we will all miss this place in the future and reflect upon our time here in the coming years. To finish, I wish you an awesome day here, safe travels to everyone who has to travel long distances, and I hope you are all able to spend quality time with your families over the summer.


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