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Badge academic awards at the start of the year. Year 12 student Jamie Barr and Year 13 student Matthew Gibb were awarded Gold Ties for being in the top five students of their year group, which is an outstanding accomplishment. In terms of Harper House awards, it was probably one of the hardest years to choose recipients of the various prizes. It is said nearly every year, but it is fantastic that the boys are making this part of the Housemaster’s job so hard – but, equally, it is an unenviable position to be in to have to make tough decisions on who misses out. This year it was countbacks on grades and the little things that made the difference to decide some of the outcomes. Well done to all Harper boys who have had an excellent year in what they have each achieved for themselves. This year we also introduced a new award to our prize-giving: the Wynne Family Cup for Year 9 Endeavour & Character. The award has been named in recognition of the Wynne family who are now finishing their long association with Harper House. It started in 2003, when Alex Wynne joined Harper, followed by Patrick – who was Head Prefect in 2012 – and finally Josh, who has been our Head of House in 2020. With that long a commitment, it was deemed fitting we have a cup named after the family and one that reflected the key qualities of the three Wynne brothers. Finally, we said farewell to our Year 13 boys, the Harper House leavers for 2020. Having lockdowns, cancellations of events and tournaments, and things not quite being the way they used to be, has seemed unfair on them at times. Particularly after they have waited five years to do some of the traditional things they have missed. So being able to send them off with a traditional Harper House prize-giving was a great way to end the year. This group of young men, like those gone before them, have been on a unique journey together. Most of them have been together since 2016 and have simply just got on and done their thing among a diverse

School Colours Liam Adams – Tennis, Hockey Charlie Cameron – Athletics Connor Graham – Clay Target Shooting Jenner Johnson – Tennis Thomas McEwan – Rowing Caleb Palmer – Football Nant Prachuabmoh – Tennis Nick Schneideman – Tennis

range of interests, ambitions and achievements. Over the last five years they have shared some great and some not-so-great moments, but when they look back and reflect, they can do so knowing they can hold their heads high. As a whole, they have more than done their bit to significantly contribute toward the House, and we will certainly notice a difference without them next year. Over the last few months they have brought a renewed vibrancy to the House in terms of getting people out to support each other, put a lot of energy into House activities, and set a positive tone in the common room. They have signed off their time in Harper House in great fashion. Whilst we won’t have quite as good a House tennis team, and Connor Graham won’t be here to give us some credibility in swimming or to collect his usual 10 percent of the Lenten Appeal, it will be up to the boys that are left behind to build on the good space in which the House has been left. It has been enjoyable getting to know them over the last five years. The House has enjoyed the entertainment they have provided, the humour, the healthy debates, and seeing them grow into good young men.

GOLD ACADEMIC AWARDS John An Jamie Barr Matthew Gibb

Nant Prachuabmoh Nont Prachuabmoh

HOUSE PRIZE-GIVING 1st House Colours (certificate for 20+ points) Jack Barr, Wilby Cameron, Oscar Chaffey, Oliver Corbett, Bruno Davies, Thomas Douglas, Matthew Gibb, Monty Hamilton, Fergus Johnston, Thomas McCulloch, Alex McEwan, Lachlan McVicar, Frankie Meates, Finn Melhuish, PJ Palamo, Harry Scrymgeour 2nd House Colours (patch for 40+ points) George Austin, Johnny Bullen, Wilby Cameron, Jack Churcher, Gabriel Gallaway, Andreas Gormack, Monty Hamilton, Isaac Heap, Henry King, Angus Macdonald, Lachlan McVicar, William Morris, William Olsson, Caleb Palmer, Lewis Whiteside, Nick Wilson 3rd House Colours (tie clip for 60+ points) Liam Adams, Marcus Hamilton, Jasper Johnson, Jenner Johnson, Ollie Jones 4th House Colours (tie for 80+ points) Ben Abbot, Liam Adams, Jamie Barr, Charlie Cameron, Connor Graham, Ollie Jones, Nont Prachuabmoh, Benji Ward, Tim Ward, Josh Wynne 5th House Colours (cufflinks for 100+ points) Ben Abbot, Nant Prachuabmoh, Nick Schneideman

Congratulations and thank you, Year 13.

2020 has been a unique year, with some unexpected circumstances but some great positives. Thank you to the whole Harper House community for all the support throughout the year. As always, being Harper Housemaster is a privilege and a pleasure, and with the potential that 2021 holds for Harper House, there is a lot to look forward to. Matt Cortesi Housemaster, Harper House

HONOURS TIES AND SCHOOL COLOURS Honours Ties Jamie Barr – Drama Hamish McCulloch – Drama


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