Financial Architects - March 2019


An Innovative Culture How Financial Architects Adapts and Thrives

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As Turner mentions on this month’s cover, when he and Ken set out to create Financial Architects they wanted to build a company culture they could be proud of. They invested time and energy to not only recruit bright minds with an entrepreneurial spirit, but foster an environment of respect and integrity. Thirty- four years later, we can say this investment has made some incredible returns. Our team has developed into a diverse group of talented people who lend confidence to our organization as we navigate through a constantly changing environment. This confidence is invaluable — to build a firm that stands the test of time, you need flexibility and creativity. From our support to our advisory teams, we want innovators who can think outside the box. After all, innovation is what allows us to best serve our clients. Financial advising is not something you can afford to do by rote. If you do things the same way you did them five years ago, you’re preparing clients for yesterday’s market. From the complexities of the global economy to the constant stream of digital innovations, it’s more important than ever to be on the cutting edge and finding new solutions to today’s challenges. By fostering bright minds and being open to entrepreneurial ideas, our firm is able to stay ahead of the curve. Of course, one does not simply hire creative individuals and call that a culture. The entrepreneurial spirit needs to be harnessed and focused on a common goal. As former Stanford University professor and business author James C. Collins wrote in his book, “Built to Last,” “Every single employee in the company must adapt to a leader’s vision and become cohesive and non- fragmented to survive.” Striking that balance between flexibility and unity is how we’ve been able to evolve as a company. To pull off such a balancing act, a company needs universal values that guide the decisions made by individual team members toward a unified whole. At Financial Architects, we call these our core principles. Because they are so central to how we operate as a firm, and because they define our unique culture, we’ll be covering these nine core principles over the course of the next few editions. You can read up on the first three principles on the next page!

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