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jan 2009

a h u m a n r e s o u r c e n e w s l e t t e r

highlights of this issue - Sangita Zaparde underlines the keys to effective project management. - MohuaMiriamDediscusses theneedof counselling in thecorporateworld. - AvinashMurkute lists down the essential components of a proposal.

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Sangita Zaparde

Sangita Zaparde,PMP® has been working in the software engineering discipline comprising solution architecture and project management in web technologies. She has over 12 years of industry experience in project management, conceptualization of solutions, software architecture, design and development. She has a keen interest in learning new technologies. She is working with SpadeWorx Software Services,Pune.She is amember of Project Management Institute,and a volunteer of PMI Pune – Deccan India Chapter.

The year 2008 has been a year of emotional and economical distress, recession and terrorism has struck each one of us. May the dawn of the New Year bring a hope for a prosperous and promising year ahead. In this spiritItakethisopportunitytointroduceanew section in Atyaasaa - Knowledge beans,“The Vital Requisite…” this section will discuss issueswhichare theneedof thehour,themost relevant to the industry. This month, this section talks about the importance of counselling. The industry champion discusses the keys to effective Project Management and alongside read about the ingredients of an effective proposal in continuation to the article published in theDecember issue’08.

EFFECTIVE PROJECTMANAGEMENT Selecting best project delivering methodologies for your project is critical and challenging. Successful projects are the outcome of not only efficient project management but also visionary leadership. Project managers need to do more than just the project coordination and management.Lead by example is the key: Rapid decision making: Be prepared for the unexpected and the unknown, gather more ideas that will lead to better ways of doing things, and prioritize them effectively.Reach decision by consensus, accelerate the decision making process and yet maintain quality and productivity.Use VSAFE process to make decision quickly. Delegate effectively: Increase your time by choosing a capable person to delegate, entrust and show faith in chosen delegate. Ensure to provide enough support and back-up to every delegate. Develop healthy relationships with the delegate. Monitor and encourage the delegate, be positive while reviewing and expect to hear good news. Dealing with stress: Stress affects organizations as well as individuals within them, leading to financial and personal problems. Ask yourself if other people find you stressful to work with. Try to anticipate corporate change by constantly upgrading your skills. Bring more value to your work, Identify whom you can work with to adapt to change. VALUE Check option aids objectively SUITABLE Check option fits strategy ACCEPTABLE Check option is acceptable FEASIBLE Check option is achievable ENDURING Check option is long-term

Neha Arora is a young, pro-active, and energetic individual, with a passion Neha Arora Editor Atyaasaa-KnowledgeBeans editor@atyaasaa.com

for Human Resource Management & Training. She comes with a clear focus on managing HR interventions as a career. She has worked on multiple key projects in training and consulting areas over a period of time inAtyaasaa.

Winning customer: Emphasize the benefits to the customer of what you provide, and take their individual needs and lifestyles into account when making changes. Promote a “customer-first” attitude by encouraging others to focus on customer needs and recognize the importance of the market. Delivery satisfaction: Ensure quality of the products or services you provide meets your customer’s expectations. Look for a balance between 1. Performance - What your product and services do for the customer 2. Price - Customer’s view on the cost they have to pay 3. Timescale - How quickly they would like product or services to be delivered


Mohua Miriam De is a psychologist and counsellor. She has done her masters in Clinical psychology from Bangalore University and has worked as a counsellor in the corporate setup. She has worked with clients on both personal and work related issues. She is currently looking into the various dynamics of Human Resource management through a psychological perspective.


In today's fast-paced corporate world, people are forced to deliver,to pool in their every resource,be efficient and ahead in the race. With ideas, products and companies pitched against each other, the demands on each person is more than ever before.The question that arises in the midst of this to me is - are employees being able to cope, not to mention manage and balance their various roles effectively? ...continued next page

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