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December 2018

Defending the Community Dedication to the People

G oing into law was something I always wanted to do. I wanted to help people and be their voice in their time of need, and that desire remains with me today. I grew up in a Louisiana neighborhood taking care of my grandmother, and I witnessed many wrongs done to my neighbors up and down the street. In that community, I watched a lot of people be taken advantage of by the police and other individuals. There were many situations in which good people were oppressed for things they hadn’t done. This motivated me to become an attorney to try to help all people within the community. In school, I started out in chemical engineering but didn’t enjoy it as much as I first thought I would. I decided to switch to political science, which was far more interesting. At this time in my life, I knew I wanted to help people, and there were many avenues I could have pursued to achieve that goal. I thought a lot about going into politics and being the voice of the people when they needed help the most. There were many people within politics I looked up to and respected — they inspired me. However, my focus shifted again, this time toward criminal defense. I still wanted to help people, and pursuing a career in criminal defense gave me the knowledge and ability to stand up for them. I was strictly concentrating on defending people in this capacity, ensuring that the community was well-represented. Being in criminal defense allowed me to help people with whatever troubling situation they were facing, and I enjoyed every moment. Although I didn’t stay long in the criminal defense field, I learned quite a lot, and I continue to reap the benefits of that time to this day. I’m known to have a better

temperament than most, and working with people in that field helped fine-tune that characteristic. I saw all types of people on a daily basis, gained experience in trials, learned from judges, and interacted with defendants. When you’re in court, you’re arguing motions and dealing with prosecutors and the judge, and it taught me a lot about people. One of the most important lessons I learned was to not assume anything about another person, whether inside or outside the court. You never know what they’ve gone through to get to this point in their life. Someone who thinks they may know a person based on a poor decision might not see the broader picture. It’s equally important to approach any situation with an open mind and know that it’s okay for people to help you out. I’ve spoken with judges who, at first, look like they won’t give you the time of day, but usually they’re the ones who are most willing to help. They take the time to help everyone in the court by explaining things so that everyone understands. Any person who goes into court believing that no one will help them would be surprised by just how willing those judges are to steer them in the right direction.

From criminal defense, I went into personal injury, which I’ve stayed with ever since my first case. It involved a friend of mine, with whom I graduated high school. He was in Vegas at the time and was involved in a street race — one of the cars that was racing collided with his vehicle. I had just passed my bar exam, and knowing that I was an attorney, he contacted me to represent him. Since then, I’ve been hooked on serving people within the personal injury field. With all of my experience from years of being in the law field, I have gained the knowledge and dedication to fight for the people. I take great pleasure in helping members of my community and taking a stand when they’re going through the most difficult times in their lives.

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