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Scary Debt Can Be

But Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have to Be

Growing up, my mother was always a big fan of scary movies. My son is the same way, but it must’ve skipped a generation, because it’s a genre I have no interest in exploring. With “It” in theaters, my son has been asking me to take him and his friends to go see it. If I accept, I’ll probably get them all situated then make a direct walk to the exit before the trailers even start. Two hours with a killer clown is not something I need in my life. Maybe my aversion to horror movies comes from the fact that I encounter real-life frightening situations every day in my work. Now, being a bankruptcy attorney doesn’t involve dealing with any axe murderers (fingers crossed), but financial difficulty is one of the scariest things a person can experience. Dealing with debt isn’t just a matter of dollars and cents. Emotions and fears are also a natural part of the process. The other night, I got a call from my answering service. It was a Wednesday, and a client had received a message that day from the bank letting them know their house would be foreclosed on that Friday. With less than 48 hours notice, they were understandably scrambling. This was the home this family had been in for over a decade, the place where they raised their kids. I called them back that night at around 9:30 and said we’d get them in as soon as possible. We were able to hash out a solution under the gun, and by the time Friday rolled around, we were able to save their home from the banks.

Sometimes, the pressure put on by financial stress can lead people into making bad decisions. There’s no shortage of boogeymen on the internet promising to take care of debt. These people are often in a different zip code. They have no idea of a person’s specific situation, and they only want to turn a quick buck. Like a character in a horror movie who takes a wrong turn because they’re being chased by a killer, these people end up on a path that offers only a brief respite from their troubles. Eventually, though, these so-called guides leave innocent people high and dry, with the threat still hot on their trail. Here’s my advice to people that feel the chills and break into a cold sweat when a financial surprise comes up: Don’t play in the dark. Gilded promises from an anonymous source may sound like the solutions you’re looking for, but they very rarely turn out for the best. Most of these people are not certified in any capacity, and they have no responsibility to do what’s best for you. Being scared of what might happen to you when you’re experiencing financial difficulty is normal, but you should take the time to clear your head and avoid making a rash decision.

Bankruptcy doesn’t need to be a scary word, and an attorney will look out for you. Know that even when it feels like the walls are closing in, there’s always a way out of trouble.

– Eric Kornblum Attorney at Law

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