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W ell Fall is here and for some of us we now understand that we are not the greatest at picking the right teams for our fantasy football and hockey pools. So maybe it is time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and escape those fantasy blues or other stresses by getting out and enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. Maybe it is to get that last bike ride in before the snow falls, and as we are confident that Mike Clyde and his team over at Pedego Canada are going to be out there along with many others as you will read about the explosion in North America for electric powered bikes as consumers look to be more environmentally aware, but for the most part Pedego customers are buying electric bikes for the same reason that we buy any bike, electric or not, and that is because they are fun, the positive impact on the environment is just a bonus. For others like the team over at MotoTrax, they can’t wait for the snow to fly and that is when they trade their bike wheels for a track and skis. Well it is not that easy, but you will be amazed at the MotoTrax product line which will get you on your bike enjoying the outdoors in every season. Plus as you will realize not only is it an amazing product, it is also an innovative one taking your outdoors experience to the next level and beyond. So once you get the need to be outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer, maybe you want to stay there for a few days. Well get ready to read how Napier Outdoors can keep you there with their Truck and SUV tents, with

everything that you need to keep you comfortable in the deep outback or on the side lines watching your kids play football or soccer. We are sure once you read this article you will want to be part of the Napier Nation. One thing that we are confident about is if you team up with Pedego, MotoTrax, Napier or Haldimand Synthetic Oil, not only will you keep active and have fun doing it, but most of all you will not be disappointed with your pick, like you are with your fantasy pools. We at Spotlight on Business Magazine also want you to keep an eye open for our “Best of 2016” Issue that will be coming out in December to celebrate the Holiday Season with the best articles of the year.


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