1993 ELMS


State University College at Buffalo Volume 82

Rockwell Halt the original building on campus, has become the identifying symbol of the college. Recently re1nodeled, it now houses classrooms and rehersal rooms for the music departn1ent, the 900 seat theater for the Performing Arts Center, and the interna– tionally known Burchfield Art Center.

1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14222

,. . . . ..,..- ___ .. _


The Grand Re-Opening.

Right : The Auditorium entrance, the Burchfield Art Center, and a view from a rear lobby window.


First Things First

Before the year gets rolling comes the bane of all s tudents ... Regis tration. Trying to juggle class schedules, work sched ules, and bus schedules and fill in those blanks on the audit shee t with something interes ting is, in some ways, the hardest part of the semester. After registration, the course work is a relative cakewalk!





Screa1ns and chants echoed down Elmwood Avenue as the hon1eco1ning parade got on its way. Colorful banners and ex– otic floats filled the streets while cheering children were show– ered with candy; after all, it was Halloween. After the parade, spectators marched to Coyer Field for the football gan1e. Everyone got riled up as they watched Buff State defeat Alfred State with a score of 44-13. After the §o-ame, fans paraded over to the tudent Union for the Hal– loween party. A hauntingly good time was had by all.






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Hey man that bass players a baby. Sl-IAwing


A Sonic Concert With SONIC YOUTH

When a big name Band comes to a local college cam– pus it is usually a big deal and that it was with Sonic Youth. With a sold out crowd of over 800 screaming fans it was shaping up like it was going to be a great night for music. Until the opening band hit their first note. They sucked, this was the band from hell , not only could you not understand what they were singing, I believed that they were swearing at us too. But as they ended their final song the crowd roared for the feature act and the pit began to build. The music was pretty good and they rocked Houston Gym. Although this writer seriously thinks they need a new opening act.

The Pit





PRESENTS ';;(! lb~ -- B– •C .A


F~king Dirty

S Pretty · ,

92 Tour

0 ·U T

-- r

I \ ~ _, 5iOt~TH~AI1'\ * Rockwell Half Auditorium tt Buffalo State College Nith Special Guest NICK SYRACUSE and M.c. Airborne Eddie PM

TICKETS: $5 WI Butt State 10; $8 General Public On Sale at the Rockwell Hall Box Ott,ce

• •••••••• suo ::: •···· · -· .... '"' .......

Promoted in co-operat•on With the Comedy Trap ""'""' ao""">

Student artist Michael Dominick wins annual competition; "Unknown Boundaries" installation mounted at BAC. BURCHFIELD ART C·ENTER Located on the third floor of Rockwell

In 1993, the Center presented its fourth annual competition for a Buffalo State stu– dent to plan and create a site-specific instal– lation for its Central Gallery. This yea r's winner was Michael D. Dominick, a 1993 recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts d egree in Sculpture. His installation "Unknown Bound– aries" contrasted cotton fabric with large geo– metric sheet meta l structures designed for the wall and alcoves of the Gallery. The exhibition was made possible through a grant from the Faculty Student Association of Bu f– falo StateCollege. Add itiona! assistancewas provided to the artist by Hebele r Welding [nc., A. & J. Distributors Inc., Buffa lo Sheet Metal, and Basil Division of AMSCO Inc.

Hall, the Burchfield Art Center is the Mu– seum for Western ew York arts. It is dedicated to acclaimed American watercol– orist Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967), a fri end and consulting artist to BSC. The Cen– ter holds the world's Ia rgest publicBurchfield collection (approxi rnately 500works), aswell as works by other artists who have lived or practiced in Western New York State. The Center offers unique opportuni– ties for Buffalo State College students to gain experience in the arts. Students from a vari– ety of majors, including fi ne a rts, design, journalism, and business, become involved each year as volunteers and interns.


1993 Graduate Michael Dominick welded the sheet metal parts of his work "Unknown Boundaries" in his Studio.

The work shown at left was the original form of Dominick's piece. He expanded it to fill a gallery space at the Burchfield Art Center.

Dominick's family and friends came to an opening celebraton at the Center in the spring of 1993.

The rushing streams provided a ll of the fresh water needed by the hikers.

Wilderness Adventures Club Spends Spring Break Nature Hiking GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS BACKPACK EXCURSION

Long up-hill climbs, m ist enshrouded mountains, towering evergreens, streams and waterfalls fed by the spring run-off, tent camping, camaraderie... all these thi ngs were experienced to their fullest by the forty-some odd hikers who went on the Smokey Moun– tain Hike in April. Sponsored by the Wilderness Aventures club, the Spring-Break trip gave everyone involved a chance to see one of the most beautiful areas of this country.

The air was brisk and there was still snow left from the late-winter blizzard that had hit the eastern states only a few weeks before, strand ing several hikers in these same Ten– nessee mountains for several days. No such hazzards affec ted the Buff State hikers, how– ever, and the stories and experiences brought back by those lucky enough to make the trip (tickets sold out well in advance) will assure another foray next spring.

The woods were filled with pictu resque waterfalls Like lhe one pictured above. Rig ht: Mike Schultz, Kim Aus– tin, Bill Guiher, Scott Kimey, and Michelle paused at the top of the AppalachianTrail after an invigorating climb.


ewson: "Sir, can you tell me the way to Camp

Above: Amy Van Egghen and Linda Valentine get in a little bit of play time doing their best Tarza n vi ne– swinging.


The many streams and waterfalls running through the SmokeyMountains contribute to its lush vegetation and natural beauty.


Brenda Patton leads Erin Kelly and Linda Valentino through the bru!>h on the Smokey trail.

Left: Mark ewson and Frank Barton were not afraid of snow. Below: Tree-climber Chri~ Huff.

Above: Brenda Patton, Dave \llasse, Bill Guiher, Amy Van Egghen, Linda Valentino, and Tony Bonn ponder future direction. Left: Ed and Paul's Great Adventure.


Whether it's a couple of guys with guitars jamming in a dorm room or a couple of thou– sand people in the gym for a big concert, music is a large part of campus life. Many organiza– tions have talent contests, sponsor dance par– ties, or find other ways to express their musical identities.

Michelle Shocked (seen at left) was one of several songwriters who per– formed at Rockwell Hall Auditorium in April. Campus rappers (below) pro– vided entertainment at the USG Fair last fall, and various groups performed in and around the Student Union dur– ing Bengal Pause.


Assisted by a student bassist, Music pro– fessor William Champion, English pro– fessor Marv LaHood, and VP for Student Affairs Phil Santa Maria played some cool jazz.

Fiddle Phil and Guitar Mike entertained passers-by in the Union Quad.

* J'

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d p.nnual


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ents ItS 2"

plres"{nA\~ ;n~~~gs\





•70- &. earY


the '60"'· * * *

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or parlaY ·n;sce.


cnill. Loungee and Rer11'

.. DiSCO

1 MaX-

• ~


cooiO'-'• Reggae • R&B, 'I< o " State Co\\ege ~ oU . \\\a\\ Union SOCia t.l e·30l't.l to 2·.00"'

S'3 admission·, $2 il ~ou ~ l< atess \n ~QUI l< la~otile music " eta\ •

Soul Asylum's s h ow at the Impaxx in Cheektowaga was one of the more anticipated off-campus musical events of the year. Dave Pirner is pictured above.

The Union Quad: The Biggest Lounge On Campus.



5Iniles And Other

Fainiliar Cainpus Sights

• ......!!'!




Arrival ...


The 121st Commencement Ceremonies On May 21, 1993 the Buff State campus was filled with hundreds of happy, smiling people. For the first time since 1970 the Commencement Ceremonies were held on the BSC campus. And for the first time ever they were celebrated in the new Sports Arena. Three ceremonies were held: two undergraduate and one graduate. A reception was held in the Union Quad between the two undergraduate ceremonies.

Photographed by Walter Kabai Photography



... And Last Minute Preparation


A Smile For The Camera



The Cerem.onies The three Commencement Exercises in the Sports Arena featured a varied group of speakers. David H . P. Maybury-Lewis, the Harvard anthropologist who was narrator/ host of the acclaimed PBS series .. rvlillen1Ullt: Tubal VVi~JUHl AllJ Tl Lt Modern World," was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science Degree from SUNY and spoke to the morning graduates. College

Ross Kenzie and David Maybury-Lewis

Council chair Ross B. Kenzie opened both morning and afternoon ceremonies and SUNY Trustee Nancy Nielson, M.D. addressed both groups. United Students' Government President Thomas J. Marron gave the

Patricia Marthone

Thomas Marron

Nancy N ielson

morning student address and USG Senator Patricia Marthone spoke in the afternoon. Also at the afternoon gathering, Opal McFarlane was awarded the President's Medal By BSC President F.C. Richardson. Graduate Degrees were conferred at a third ceremony in the late afternoon. Speakers included BSC Research Associate Joseph Murray and an address by Robert Schooley.

Opal McFarlane

F.C. Richardson

Robert Schooley

j oseph Murray







Inter-Greek Association

The Inter-Greek Association is a govern– ing body of all the social sororities and fraternities . There are currently over 23 or– ganizations recognized by us. Each organi– zation ranges in size and the majority of them have between 20-30 members.




Alpha Epsilon Phi Beta Gamma Chapter

Colleen Lawlee, Bari Hech t, Jen ni fer Morga n , Ali sh ia Brewer , Gallia Chervony, Lauren Barrocas, Kim Hanauer, Marni Leichter, Melanie Blask, Kri s tie Russell, Kelly Trpic, Heather Goldfuss, Li sa Hernandez, Brittany Ellenbogen , Mi ssy Pi erce, Jennifer Sch l isse l, jennifer Sender, Dana Calanan.

Not Shown: Alyssa Roth , Lisa Me i– sel, Jennifer Griffin, Catherine De– Santis, Jennifer Enkler, Debi Schwartz, Marcie Mason , Hope Co– hen, Jill Conroy, Allison Buscaglia, Tonia Thunhorst, Stacey Levine, Li sa Cherry, Allyson Lev ine, Cristy Peluso, Robin Wa ldman, Sara Lew– is, Lynn Szafrans ki, Amy Fri edman, Samantha Brody.

Founded a t Barnard College in New York City on O ctober 24, 1909. Our Chapter was founded at Buffalo State College on May 10, 1992.


Alpha Sigllla Lalllbda Theta Kappa Chapter

Brief H istory: Continuing Educa tion Honor Soci– ety The Buffa lo State College Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda wa s formed in the Fall 1992 through the diligent effort s of eleven outstanding stu– dents, all with 4.0 G.P.A's , who worked together as the s teering committee of the organization toes– tabli sh the presence of Alpha Sigma Lambda at Buffalo State College. These same eleven people were sworn in as charter members in Jan– uary, 1993 and continue to work to– gether devoted to the advancement of scholarship and the recognition and s upport of academically excel– lent adult students at Buffalo State College, whi le facing the competing interests of home and work. The Theta Kappa chapter elec ts its own offi c ials and meets per iodically throughout the academic year. Spe– cial thanks are hereby given to Rob– ert Stephen, Ass istant Dean and Di– rector of Lifelong Learn ing; and Ros Park, Coordinator of Adult Serv ices for their dedicated support and frui tful insight in making Alpha Sigma Lambda - Theta Kappa Chap– ter become a reality here at Buffalo State College.

Membership (Shown in picture): Front Row: Lorrai ne Kwiek, Bonnie Rice (Vice President), Betsy Beyer (Secretary), Paula Sciuk; Tony S teven s Back Row: Marie Ciambor, Keith Schmidl i (President), Uli Carlino (Treasurer), John Yeager Not Shown: David Koren, Lisa Shell , Roswell Par k (Society Faculty Advisor)


Alpha Sigllla Alpha

First Row left to right: Elizabeth Jimenez, Rennelle Morton , Irma Lopez 2nd Row: Blayne Jacknow, Lau ren Berg, Kim Ch ives, Melissa Simmons 3rd Row: Michelle Haley, T err y Muniz, Phaedra W ard, Heather Kernan , Ronda Campbell, Debbie Brossard, Becky Angora 4th Row: Marcia Rivera, Jessica Ramos, Kareen Jarrett, Son ya Aike ns


Alpha Sigllla Tau

Back Row (4) left to rig ht: Do nna Newcomb, Li ~a Fabini ak, Je n C lc1rk, Ch ri~ ta Lemczak, A n nema rie M cKeown , Ela in e Bora rowski, Mi chel le L isow~k i Row 3 left to rig ht: De b bie Wa l e~k i , Beck y Aug us t, Je n Co lis, Ka ren Sta hl , Ch r i~ t i n e Roge-., Sue Con noll y, j ennifc1 Olejniczak Row 2 le ft to rig ht: j en n ifer Koen ig, j enn ifer Wei ne1, M a 1ci Hayden, Ki m bcr– lee Gray, Alexa C levela nd, S ha n n a n Coon ey, D ya nne Abolofia, Ke1i Pi n to, Ci n a D iCio1e Fro nt Row (1): Kr istin Ko p ris, N icole Ch iare nza, Kri~ t i n Galagan..,ki, Cheryl Ma-.-.ari, j enn ifer Ho lg u in , Ke lly Burns, Jenn y Mittlc'>tacdt


Theta Sigma Tau

Membership Roster: Ch ris Adams (Fundraising Chair), Gina Chellino, Dena Cutrupi (Social Chair), Catrina Davis, Jodi Deichman (Vice President), Jackie Dinan, Bonnie Frank, Donna Hartung (Secretary), Maggie Horan (Sgt. at Arms), Kristi Kalenda, Maureen Keenan, Jennifer Kogut, Tracy LaGatta, Christine Lee (Mistress of Education), Kim McGuire (Community Service Chair), Shannen McPhee, Brenda Patterson, Daniclle Phenis, Kristen Poliacheck, Lisa Riordan (Treasurer), Carrie Scaletta, Pamela Soles (Asst. of Mistress of Education), Heidi Sonin, Linda Tyo (President), Tiffany White, Beth Wolff

Theta Sigma Tau was founded No– vember 7, 1989. The sorority was started by the little sisters of Sigma Tau Gamma. W e strive for Elega nce, Unity, and Sincerity. We are a local sorority, but are planning to become part of a national sorority in the Spring of 1993.


0Inicron 0Inega N u

Omicron Omega Nu Sorority wa s founded at Buffalo State, March 9, 1988. Through community, volun– teer, soc ial and academic funct ions, the s is ters have the opportunity to better the community , campus, and mos t of all - themselves. 0-Nu wa s the first loca l so rority recognized by I.G.A. and ha s been the retg nmg Greek Champions for the past five years. 1992-1993 MEMBERSHIP: Ami Ackendorf, j en nifer Barto, Shannon Berman, Christ ine Cacace, Heather Chaun– cey, j eannine Colvi n , Kimberly DiVita, Pamela Duke, jennifer Fell , Tanya Flick, Ali so n Glick, Chris tine Hars hberger, Rob– in Lee, Danielle Lerner, Laurie Lindsa y, Wendy Meli, Maria Merlino, Christine Zabawa, Kathy Brooks, Kris ten Finaldi, Donna Gj urich, Kelly Mcinty re, Ch ri s tine Conley, jennifer Gal lo, Michelle Mil ler, Kimberley Multerer, Mau reen N aughton, Gina Novack, Rachel Ryan, Cathy Scarupa, Amy Ses ho l tz, j ackie Taylor, J e nnifer . Thompson, Jennife r Treas, Les lie Wallace, Tina Zators ki


Phi Kappa Sigma Gamma Alpha Chapter

Brothers in Photograph: Top Row from left to right: Rabb Bur– rough, Lui s Martinez, Sherard Garcia, je– hangir Sheriff Bottom Row from left to right: Edwin Freytes, Carlton Sapp Absent: Niko Guity and Jorge Antonetti

Phi Kappa Sigma was founded in October 1850 by a group of seven men at the University of Pennsylvania. Today, we are an international organiza– tion with well over 100,000 members. The Gamma Alpha Chapter here at Buffalo State was started in March 1941 and to date, we ourselves have successfully induc ted over 150 men into the Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity. As a chapter, our goal is to move away from stereotypical behaviors of Greek-letter organizations as was in the beginning. Phi Kappa Sigma has realized that there is more to being "Greek" than beer and parties and as an organization, we try to instill this "s tay clean" attitude in a ll of our asso– ciate member s and the larger Buffalo State community. Our goa ls for the future are to establi sh peer mentor-ship programs throughout the Buffalo High Schools and to continue our annual support of organizations like The Leukemia Society, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis.


Phi Kappa Tau

d Top: Adam Platin, Michael Ma strole, Wes Cohen, Kevi n Bednarz, Bruce Ivory, Erik Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity s tarte Cleaver, Brian Rapheal, Jonathan Allen, Darren McCarty, Michael Ryniker, Jeff Grinner-, out as a colony in Fa ll of 1987 with Lou is Buono Middle Row: Jim Howe, Dwayne Pinckney, Greg Duffy, Steven Ceasar, Luis only 14 brothers. It soon flouri sh ed Loja, Paul Holmes, j erry Guti errez Bottom Row: David Sojka, Robert Buono, Eric Cudeck

and met the requirements of the n a– tional fr a te rnity. On October 14, 1989, we received our Char ter a nd officially became a chap ter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fra ternity.


Sigina Gainina Rho

Left to right: Melissa Santos, Kerry Wil – liams (Vice Presiden t), Confianza Joseph


In Meinoriain Ramon Enrile

In Honor of Ramon Enrile. It is an odd thi ng when someone tha t is loved by so many is taken from us, never to return. i\ thing I will never unde rstand. Those who knew Ramon will fee l thi s the most, and expressi ng this feeli ng with the stroke of a pen is imposs ible. In our hearts and souls Ramon will neve r be fo rgotte n.

Frate rnally & Eternal ly Robert Buono Phi Ka ppa Ta u and Fr iends


-h2Ava By four Cyi!AH ~10HT) ON A1J ~ Movres) 1A¥e PJC..1't(E~ 01=- PIFF: SUNS~ MOVE OVT G;er A- r;,A; )rPI. (1-1~~ 1JtU)Hf3 IN ~bl-fa2,1t!J~ ) 3 CA-e~ ('baWl~ c.olo12 ') 121:(;, I ~ 1e:t2 1l> \Cn; '/0 V I D 1OT

U$A (oe AT Le/IST t)PT ( 0/fST 0{2. L--ONC7 ISL.rHID)


Wt31 c.oA

(Above is an excerpt from Ramon's workbook listing future plans)


• • antza tons

Adelante Estudiantes Latinos


Starting from left: Em ily Torres, Shamec·a John son , Hector G ili , Jerry Terado, Rapheal Rodrig uez, Ra lph Duran, W il fredo Tineo, Maria Caldwell, Ramon Veras, Ivan Ro– sado, Aneceli Cas tillo, Edwin Miranda , Fre– mio Barias, Hutgo Rodr iguez, jose Castillo

Top Row left to right: Emily T orres, Ralph Rodriguez, Mari lyn Marverro M idd le Row left to right: Wilfredo Tineo, Ivan Rusado (President) Bottom Row left to right: Amaury Matos, Shanny Moreno


~African American Student Organization

Members of African American S tudent Organiza tion: Andrea Jackson

Re n ee Jo!>ly n Kim Spri nge r Nachi De Los Sa n tos Dawn Blackwe ll Ri ta Bull ock Me lita Ba rnes LaNiece Newki rk Cynthi a W illia ms Ajam u Suh u ba H .A. D ibiaWay n c Pal n cr M ichael Ne lso n Carlos X N ik k i Cal lis te Woody Bra ndy M a li ka Muh ammad Leon a rd M o r rison Da rn ley D . Moore J 1. lzzy Best Ro bert Providen ce J a mal GrifFi th Nadi n e L Br own e Ja la nd a Brown Rod n eyse Bi c ho tte Pa tricia Marth one T a lib D . Brya nt De bo ra h N . Caldwell Ded rick X


Caribbean Student Organization

The Caribbean Student Organiza– tion was organized in 1983 to pro– mote and exhibit Caribbean cultural heritage, keep abreast of and en– lighten the student body on cu rrent affairs in the Caribbean. It provides suppor t for its members and en– courages principles of academic ex– cellence, self-awareness, unity, re– sponsibility, and creat ivity. Some of our annual programs in– volve Caribbean awareness through panel di scussions, cultural shows, food tes ting and social gatherings.

Vice Treasurer - Juilet Whittle Entertainment Coordinator - Sharon Wil– son Cultural Heritage Officer - Marcia Suther– land Newsletter Officer- Ricardy Josma Members: Nicole Barrett, Edwidge Edouard, Stanley D. Jean Pierre, Dean White, Fritigerald Frondreau, Adrienne Scott, Patricia Marth– one, Eddy Desir, Denise Gayle, Simone Nas h , Michelle McCall um, Sceana Gordon, Ann-Marie Bowes, Kibibi Cunningham, Dwight Wright, Sly Fox, Nadine Browne, Kimberly Williams, Anthony Blair, Caren Barnaby, Shawnya Patton, Sandy Belizaire, Supy Singh, Junior Moo re, Kevin McKen– zie, Radcliffe Williams, Carla Cacho, Mi– ch e ll e M cKitty , Kareen Jarrett, Jozet t Turner, Larry Alame, Vinnette Brown, Ar– thur Murray

Photo Top: Radcliff Williams, Kareen Jar– rett, Rolando Wright, Subraham Si ng, Ke– vin McKenzie, Rob Providence, Darnely Moore, Vinnette Brown, Michelle McCul– lum, Rodneyse Bichotte. Center Row: Patri– cia Marthone, Sharon Wilson , Vanessa Sumpter, Juliet Whittle, Faith ia Calder, Ma– rie Leon. Front Row: Shawnya Patton, Cas– sandra Cantave, Regine Acloque, Dea nna Francois

1992-1993 Executive Board: President - Vanessa Sumpter Vice President - Seldine Brooks Treasurer- Jerry Downes Secretary - Faithia Calder Public Relation s - Karen Thomas


Lhess Club

1992-1993 T eam Rear: James Shaw, T rent Jenkins, Salem M usa lli , Darren Stracick (Treas urer) Front: Charles Bostic (President}, Joe Donmisscy, Cesar Bo tello


:Advisory Council

tiona! Coffee Hour, four times dur– ing the semester. Individuals from on and off campus are invited as guests of honor during the coffee hours. The guest of honor shares hi s/her experiences with the inter– nationa l students in a fri endly at– mosphere. The council also spon– sors an Annual End-of-the-Year Reception where a key person from th e community o r from the campus is hono red for hi s/ her contribution to the internati onal s tud ents/com– munity. The events spon sored by th e council arc funded by FS.A. and Residen ce Life. '

The function of the International Student Advi so ry Council (IS.A.C.) is to solve the problems faced by th e international s tudents during their academic year. Matters such as Aca– demic Standards, Health In surance and crea tivity in various areas are discussed during the mee tings. The council then advises the Vice Presi– dent of Student Affai rs on th ese is– s ues through the office of the Inter– national Student Affairs. The council co n s is ts of faculty/s taff members, the director of Interna– tional Student Affairs, International s tudents and USC. se nators. l.S.A.C. also sponsors an lnterna-

Chairman: Mohsin Rah man Secretary: Wesley Kasamale Treasurer: Sang-Duck Lee Advisor: Dr. Jea n F. Gou nard

Members: Marry Green, Ro n George, Dr. Betty Cappcla, Dr. Proves Banks, Ah sa n Rahman, Aleem Khan, Douglas Ka sa male, Moni ka Thompson, Su nal i Sharma, Shi n– obu Nakajima, Sohail Mumtaz, Elizabeth Solonis, Tony Kneizch, Sowmya Varadara– jan and David Pedrigo


,J/ International Student Organization 1 r~ ~

The International Student Orga– niza tion is the key organization working for the international s tu – dents of Buffalo State Coll ege. The major activities of ISO in – clude orga nization of s uch cu ltural nigh ts as Asian , African , Latin American a nd Middle Ea s tern. ISO also plans the an nual C ultural Fies– ta. Thi s eve nt is a ttended by hun– dred s of st udents and people from the community. ISO is loca ted in Cassety 213 and is fu nd ed the the United Students' Government (USC).

PICTURED ABOVE: FROM TOP LEFT: Sonali Sharma, Aleem Khan, Chi Tra, Sang-Duk Lee, Anwar Khan, Evangelo, Anthony, Zadi, Wesey, Kasa malc, Sohail Mumtaz Somyo MIDDLE: Douglas Kasa male, Dr. j.F. Gounard, Mary Green, Richin Rahman


il Muslim Student Association ..

Jamar Braxton, Salem Musalli, Mona Ab– dulla, Sara Musalli


Student Legal Services

Student Lega l Services provides a lega l se rvi ce to s tudents of SUCB. Student volunteers provide the in– formative link to the campus attor– ney and/ o r o ther area o rga ni za ti o n s s uch as the Be tter Bus iness Burea u .


Football A Championship Season!


BY KEITH KRASKA RECORD Sports Editor 1992-93 was, simply, the most memorable year in the history of BSC sports. For the first time in re– cent history, four teams and at least four individual sports were represented in their respective NCAA Di– vision III national champi– onships. A commitment to winning was contagious in the Athletics department. This commitment will be assured for the future now that a stable source of funding, a mandatory ath– letic fee, has been estab– lished. Fall FOOTBALL The football team lived up to the highes t preseason expectations it ever had. Behind the most prolific passer in school history, Jim Weigel, the Bengals

Star quarterback Jim Weigel signals another sco re.


A Night Game At Canisius


The Fog Bowl In Ithaca

went 7-2. They beat Divi– sion II Mansfield (Pa.) State and Canisius before outgunning rival Cortland State in a thrilling shoo– tout at Coyer Field. They almost beat crosstown rival UB as it moved up to Divi– sion I-AA and suffered a heartbreaking loss to de– fending national champion and archrivallthaca in fog– drenched jim Butterfield Stadium. The team rolled through Alfred, Hobart and Gannon and earned a berth in the NCAA tourna– ment and traveled to Ithaca in the first round. The Ben– gals experienced an all– time high by beating the Bornbers for the first time, but with a terrible price - quarterback Jim Weigel went down with a broken arm. The next week, with Tracy Bacon at the helm, BSC lost a hard-fought bat– tle to Rowan Colleg e. Boyes was named ECAC Upstate New York Coach of the Year, and Weigel, tackle Mark Valvo, defen– s ive lineman Paul Chil– dress, linebacker Fred Dear and safe ty Steve Hum– phrey were named All-Up– s tate New York.




1992 BENGAL FOOTBALL ROSTER No. Name 43 Dixon, Dan 81

Scott, Michael Seaborn, Lloyd Serapilio, Kevin Shiesley, Jeffrey Sho rtslef, Kevin Sill iman, Luke Spates, Yusef Sperry, Anto ne Stafford, Tim Surowiec, Richard Szymanoski, Brian Szymendera, Paul Taylor, Curti s Tucker, Paul Valvo, \!lark Walther, Bryan Washburn, Bren t Smi th , Tim Soriano, Francisco

22 63

Lafferty, Ed Logan, Tom

Edwards, Jeffrey

Aaron, Lou

62 44 68 12 2b 18 19 39 48 29 20 99 53 72 78 55 17 o4 75 83 38 45

Lombardo, Randi Longo, David Madden , Dave Marchitte, Joseph Marcoli ni , John Martin, Nicholas Meyer, Matt Mi cel i, Dean Milk s, jaso n Morri s, Trent Otremba, Steve Passmore, Greg Pegelow, Tim Plant , Matthew Mrugal~ki , Denni ., Quackenbush , Dave Mattey, Joh n McKenzie, joseph

33 35 42 89 14 74 27 31 15 54 21 82 37 57 7o 58 3

Faller, Todd

59 32

Acquario, Ben Addison , Terry Ami ci, Dominic Amici, Ron Appel, Dan Bacon, Tracy Bailey, Bri an Baleno, Tom Ba~sett , Ma rk Bagdasaria n , Shane Benham, Brand on Blanchard , Fred Blanchard, Raymond Bocharski, Keith Bruning, William

65 69 95 88 28 25 91 73

Felton, Djennelle Finochio, Jamey Fi sher, Tyrone Fitzpa t rick, j ohn Forgue, Jeff Foster, Eric Frey, Denni~ Gc1l u sha , Todd Gazzola, Scot t


3b 90




Haberman, Kevin Harringto n , Brandon

5b Bb

Hayes, Kreg

13 b7 66

51 79 47 30 24 41 16 77 61

Hildreth, Ja~on H illiard, Loui~ Hoover, Travi s

Bullock, Ike

Huff, Larry

Burley, Lamont

Watts, Je rome Watts, Stacy

Humph rey, Steve

11 34

Chao, Gene

Radogna, Tony Rearick, Lance


Hunt , Jeremy

Ch ild ress, Paul

Weigel, Jim

Jefferson, Maurke johnson, Shannon


Cucci, Matt

Wendell, j esse Wilkens, jeromy Zappia , Michael

Rice, Tom

71 40 50 49


D ' Ambrosio, joe

Rogowski, jim Rojas, Pablo

j oyce, Badi King, Jeff


Dear, Fred



Decker , Lyle Delore, Arth ur

80 84

Zito, Tony

Scott, Dave

Kovach, Jo.,eph



A Homecoming Victory



A Costly Playoff Win ...


And A Heartbreaking Loss To Rowan College


Volleyball & Cross Country

WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL The women's volleyball team, led by super sopho– mores Melissa Sullivan and Janet Curylo, posted a successful season with 17 wins and 15 losses before falling in the first round of the SUNYAC tournament to Oneonta. CROSS COUNTRY J oli Czamara ' s fifth– place finish in the state championships was a pre– view of an outstanding sea– son. Amy Donner finished tenth in the state finals .


Women's Volleyball Roster Botko, Lorie Bourkney, joan Curylo, Janet Henning, Kri sta Hunt, Deanna Kosikowski, Kerry Litten, T ricia

Morales, Melissa Palmiere, janine Schwartz, Melanie Shubert, Lynnette Stahl, Kerry Sullivan, Melissa

Men's Cross Country Roster Brienzi, Carl

Brown, George Casterline, Ira Healy, Todd Hoffmaster, Sean Leibe, Kevin McGuire, Timothy Mead, Michael Napolitano, Dave

Schwab, Larry Zubler, Jeffrey

Women's Cross Country Roster Brooks, Donna Czamara, Joli Donner, Amy Dawson-Gemboys, Lisa Finaldi , Lori

Gleeson, Carol Graham, Kim Hudson, Sheryl Solis, Sharmagne Volat, Gretchen Weber, Allyn


MEN'S SOCCER Led by first-year coach Phil DiNunzio, a member of a soccer family that in– cludes Mike DiNunzio of the Buffalo Blizzard, the men's soccer team ended a disappointing 5-14 season on a high note with a vic– tory over Division I Niag– ara. Attacker Chris Pepper was named second team All-SUNYAC. WOMEN'S SOCCER Plagued by injuries, the women's soccer team trudged through a 3-13 year, playing much of the season without starting goalkeeper Regina Austin. The women 's tennis team represented the low point in BSC sports when the team was forced to dis– band late in their schedule because of a lack of player participation. Throughout the season, the winles s team had barely enough players to meet NCAA reg– ulations, and not enough of them could commit to finishing the year. WOMEN'S TENNIS


Women's Tennis Roster

Clark, Jill Cooney, Shannon Daily, Jessica Fros t, Ann Marie

Hari u, Eiko Har rod, Stacy Sixbury, Kim

Men's Tennis Roster

Moultrup, Aaron O sborn , Jeffrey Quinn, Daniel Robi nson , Robert Rosenblum, Eric Slovikowsky, Kevin

Boothby, Brian Cleaver, Erik Daniels, Dzarr DeMarsh, Nicholas

Fulton, Edward McLellan, Scott




Women's Soccer Roster Adimey, Dana Austin, Regina Ball, Erin Coli s, Jennifer Daneals, Jeannette Duke, Pamela

Lewis, Karen Mosovich, Lida O 'Brien, Darcey

Peyton, Dara Poole, Tracy

Robbins, Connie Stanz, Annemarie Wellington, Laura Yund, Jennifer

Homestead, Anna ls brandt, Cheryl Jopp, Dawn

Head Coach: Michelle Barczak Assistants: Cecelia Doody

Paula Lawson Janet Holiday Pam Gabel

Men's Soccer Roster Adriaansen, Carl Bowman, Dave Burkard, William

Kullerkupp, Hans LeFauve, Steven Magaris, Shane Nuwer, Michael Pepper, Chris Shewan, Gerry Thomas, Bahati Todoric, Vaso Voigt, Christian Werner, Chris

Conley, Russell Campbell, David D'Avignon, Derek DeMarsh, Nicholas Grastorf, Daniel Higgins, Jim

Joseph, Fernand Johnson, Steve


Winter MEN'S BASKETBALL As the leaves began fall– ing from the trees, the old– est tradition of BSC sports, the basketball teams, be– gan another successful sea– son. The men's team got off to a rocky start when they failed to win the Cole's Classic tournament, but early wins over confer– ence opponents Fredonia and Cortland got them back on track. E-Lon-E McCracken and Anthony Williams led the offense, but the heart of the team was a deep guard platoon that featured Dennis Mru– galski, Steve Kull, Dan Farry and James Boone. The biggest win came late in the season when they shut down Scott Fitch and Geneseo. A loss to Bing– hamton in an upset-filled tournament cost the Ben– gals and coach Dick Bihr their sixth straight SUN– YAC title, but they re– ceived a bid to the NCAA tournament for the eighth time in 10 years. After re– ceiving a bye, they were eliminated by Geneseo in the second round and fin– ished with a 21-6 record. The national reputation of Buffalo State was boost– ed when the BSC Sports Arena was the sight of the NCAA Division III men's basketball Final Four. Ohio Northern University de– feated Augustana College in the finals. BSC will host the Final Four again in 1994 and 1995.

Men's Basketball

Bengal Basketball Roster

No. 33 30 4 44 3

Dennis Mrugalski Dominique Rodrique Gerard Seward Brendan Staub Melvin Ta tum Albert W illiams Anthony Williams Rash ien Young

Player Jeff Balen

21 23 11 13 so 42 22 35

Michael Biles James Boone

Dan Farry Steve Kull E-lon-E McCracken Michael Mitchel

34 12

Buffalo State host– ed the 1993 NCAA Division III Na – tional Champion– ship Tournament, won by the team from Ohio North– ern Uni versity.



WOMEN'S BASKETBALL The women 's hoops team got off to a good start when they won the Betty Abgott tournament at the Sports Arena. All-confer– ence point guard Regina Austin was the catalyst of the team, setting up lead– ing scorer Lupe Todd, a transfer from Division I Iona, Ericka Browning and Jessie Wellings. A big sea– son from freshman Shan– eenah Beau assured a bright future for coach Gail Maloney and the Lady Bengals. A big win over Fredonia aided the team down the stretch and helped to earn a berth in the NCAA tournament for the eighth time in 10 years, but their nemesis was con– ference rival Geneseo. The Lady Knights beat BSC twice in the regular season, in the SUNYAC final and in the first round of the NCAA tournament. BSC finished with a 19-8 record.

Women's Basketball

Lady Bengal Roster

Regina Austin Elgina Baker Shaneenah Beau Ericka Browning Amy Danner Kelly Haskin Denise Minto Aileen Ortiz Tiffany Prunty Tanya Trumbull jessie Wellings Lupe Todd Kelly Boyd

24 20 33 22 25 14 15 35 32 34 23 30 12

'" .. t:.


CLUB HOCKEY The success story of the year was the club hockey team, which competed against a wide variety of opponents as an indepen– dent team. With coach Steve Ferrentino at the helm, they dominated their opposition, scoring 20 goals in a game several times, wi t h Division I power Penn State and cross-town rival Erie Com– munity College, a national– ly-ranked junior college program, giving them fits. Regis Marrale (leading scorer with 55 goals and 73 assists), Brian Busch, John Mathisen and Chris Kru– ger all shattered the club scoring record. ECC trans– fer Joe Maly joined the team in mid-season and gave the Bengals two un– stoppable lines. Defense– man Rick Veiders gave the team record-setting output from the point. The team finished 20-6 and entered the American Collegiate Hockey Association na– tionals as the top seed. It was a joke. BSC, aided by a quirky schedule which made some teams play twice in a day, outscored their four opponents in the tournament 66-10 on their way to the title. The men's and women's swim teams were having a decent year when tragedy saddened the rest of their season. Early on the morn– ing of Dec. 20, swimmer Brian McDermott died, ap– parently in a homicide, in hi s hometown of Long Beach, N.Y. In an emotion– al home finale, coach Keith Bullion es tabli s h ed an award in Brian's memory to be given to the male or female swimmer who best exemplifies the qualities of dedication and leadership Continued on page 110 MEN'S & WOMEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING



Women's Softball Roster

Head Coach:

Barto, Jenn ifer Bellavia, Julie Borzelleri, Shawn Brown, Tracey Carscallen, Shannon DelSignore, Mary

lsbrandt, Cheryl Lewis, Karen Mrugalski, Kim O'Connell, Denise Parks, Christie Poynton, Jennifer Ranne, Nicole Wellings, Jessica

Sandra Hollander Assis tan t Coaches:

Cindy Breski Pam Amabile

Pam Vogel Nan Payne

Fenwick, Sabra Hunt, Deanna


Swimming & Diving

Bengal Swimming Roster Addison, Terry Bennett, Tim Bugenhagen, Tom Calhoun, jeff Connors, Sean Dotterweich, Paul Eui rich, jason Kanefsky, joseph Lieberman, Steven Messinger, john Nicola, Richard Nosenchuck, Steve Nusall, jim O'Mara, Tim Ortiz, Luis Rugnetta, Adam Wascher, jason Greer, Mike Hinz, Brian Howard, David




£ ~ £ s E 0

Head Coach: Keith Bullion Asst. Coaches: Joanne

Moody, Kevin Zaretski Lady Bengal Swimming Roster

Bonner, Colleen Buzan, Paulene Clark, Jill Carnrike, Jody Hernandez, Dawn Jantsch, Jennifer Kingdon, Amanda Leary, Megan Velasco, Carmita Waleski, Deborah Wonka, Tiffany

Head Coach: Keith Bullion Asst. Coaches: Joanne Moody, Kevin Zaretski


that Brian displayed. Post– humously, he was named its first recipient. The sea– son ended with a positive note when several varsity records for the men (by Tim Bennett) and women (by Colleen Bonner and Jody Carnrike) were set in the SUNYAC champion– ships. MEN'S & WOMEN'S IN– DOOR & OUTDOOR TRACK & FIELD Track stars Joli Czamara, Amy Donner and Bob Jones set standards of ex– cellence in the indoor track season that would continue as the season moved out– doors in the spring. Cza– mara qualified for the NCAAs in the indoor 1500 meters and was on the verge of doing so in the outdoor 800 meters; Jones qualified for the nationals in the indoor and outdoor long jump; and Donner was a nationally-ranked indoor middle di stance runner and made a success– ful transition to the 400- meter hurdles. She was honored as the SUNYAC Scholar-Athlete of the Year. Michele Reif and Jeanette Daneals were names frequently seen among the top finishers. Former All-American high jumper Russell Griffin en– joyed an outdoor winning s treak. Spring WOMEN'S SOFTBALL The softball team, under the guidance of NYSW– CAA Coach of the Year Sandra Hollander, rolled through its opposition with a hitting pace that dwarfed the totals of the previous year. Mary Del– Signore, Karen Lewis, Kim Mrugalski, Julie Bellavia and Christie Parks earned all-state honors, as did pitcher Deanna Hunt, who compiled a 17-1 record and was second on the team in

Athletes Of The Year

Lady Bengal Of The Year J oli Czamara

Joli Czamara dominated in all three seasons as a cross-country and middle-distance track run– ner. In the fall, she finished fifth in the state cross country cham– pionships, running the course in 20:42. In the winter, she quali– fied for the NCAA indoor track championships with a school-re– cord time of 4:49.22 in the 1500 meters at the state champion– ships. In the spring, she broke her own school record in the 800 with a time of 2:17.3, 3/ 10 of a second short of a national quali– fying time, at the state outdoor championships. "She's definitely had a stellar season and a stellar career," said middle distance coach Pete Szy– ma n ski. "Everything just clicked for her this season." Regis Marrale, a center on the club hockey team was the cen– terpiece around which BSC's ex– plosive offense was built. In the second year after his arrival from the Niagara Scenics, he led the Bengals in goals (55), assists (73) and points (128), all team re– cords. He led the team to a 24-6 record and the American Colle– giate Hockey Association Divi– sion II national championship, scoring 14 goals and 11 assists in the four-game tournament. "He's really deceptive on the ice," said hockey coach Steve Ferrentino. " He ' s ju s t so smooth. He's very smart on the ice. He's exceptional in the lock– er room before a big game. He'll mi'l kr i'lnyhocly pi fly hrttrr " Bengal Of The Year Regis Marrale



As chosen by the BSC Record


batting. Unfortunately, the mind-boggling numbers posted by the Lady Ben– gals' bats weren't enough to avoid a third consecutive coin flip to decide first place in the SUNYAC West Division. BSC lost the toss to Brockport, and subsequently the title in a 3-2 decision at Brockport. But the team went on to win the state champion– ships and with a 29-6 re– cord earned top seed in their region in the NCAA tournament. to expectations and fin– ished 2-6, but finished strong by winning two out of their last three matches. Erik Cleaver was 3-4 as the No. 1 player, and the team was boosted by the play of transfer Chris Cooper, who compiled a 3-1 record. CLUB SPORTS Club teams, while they continued to struggle with scheduling hassles, were still a popular feature of campus life. The volleyball club, which started as a bunch of guys playing in the Union quad, debuted in a conference and finished fifth in the nationals. The lacrosse club, led by coach Pete Hill, showed it could be successful when it field– ed a full squad, scoring a big win over RIT in their only home game. The rug– by club continued to have a devoted following on cam– pus and scrummed on. The club baseball team showed a campus commitment to the sport despite not hav– ing an on-campus playing field. MEN'S TENNIS The team didn't live up

Retnetnbering ...


BRIAN McDERMOTT The Brian McDermott Memorial Award was established in February of 1993 to re– member the Buff State swimmer who died in his home town, Long Beach, NY, at the beginning of the semester break in Decem– ber. McDermott was the initial recipient of the award which will in future years go to male or female swimmers who demon– strate the " principles of teamwork, dedica– tion and motivation" that marked McDer– mott's swimming career. Brian was known as one of the emotional leaders of the swim team and his cheerleading and support was as important a part of making the team competitive as his swimming.



College Adntinistration

F.C. Richardson, Ph.D.


Robert]. Gemrnett, Ph.D. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

James M. Caputi, B.B.A. Vice President for Finance & Managemen t Hal D. Payne, ].D. Vice President for Student Affairs

Edward T. Hunt ] r., B.S. Acting Vice President for Institutiona l Advancement


Asst. Dir. . ................ James E. Stenger, B.S. Asst. to Die. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Melanie Miller AUXILIARY SERVICES - Faculty-Student Associa- tion Exec. Dir. ....... Gary E. Vickers, M.B.A. Dir., Dining & Vending Services . . . . .. Peter F. Liberti, M.B.A. Dir., College Store . . . . Louis J. Kaminski, B.P.S. Dir., Human Resources . . . . Karen L. Miller, M.S. Controller . . . . . . . . . Susan M. Hoadley, B.S. ACTING VICE PRESIDENT INSTITUTIONAL ADVANCEMENT & Executive Dir., Buffalo State College Foundation Inc. . . . . . . . Edward T. Hu nt, B.S. Acting Dir., Alumni Affairs & Dir., Annual Giving . . . . . Mary E. Greene, B.A. Dir., Burchfield Art Center Anthony L. Bannon, M.A. Charles Cary Rumsey Curator . . . . . . Nancy S. Weekly, M.A. Dir. of Development . . . . Catherine A. Carfagna Education Curator .......... Gerald C. Mead Jr. Special Events/ Volunteer Coord. . .......... joyce Neville, B.A. Coord., Development Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patricia A. Chambers, B.A. Financial Manager .... j ames A. Thor, B.S., C.P.A. Dir., Information Systems & Prospect Management ....... Michael j . Anderson, B.A. Dir., Major Gifts & Planned Giving . . . . . . . . . Glenn R. Nellis, Ph.D. Acting Dir., Performing Arts Center . . . . . . . . . . . Karen I. Kosman, M.A. Box Office Systems Manager . . . . . Drew Butkowsky, A.A.S. Production Manager .. David W. Kasten, M.F.A. Manager, Phonathon . . . . . . . . Terri E. Mazza, B.A. VICE PRESIDENT STUDENT AFFAIRS ......... Hal D. Payne, J.D. Assoc. Vice President & Dean of Students .. Phillip Santa Maria, Ph.D. Asst. Vice President . . . . Charles B. Kenyon, Ed.D. Sr. Staff Asst. ................... (Appt. Pending) Dir., Student Life . . . . . . . . . Kate A. Ward, M.S.Ed. Coord., Commuter Services JohnS. Frederick, Ph.D. Coord., Student Unio n Donald W. Blundell, M.S.Ed. Coord., College Judicial System .... Marsha D. jackson, M.S.Ed. Coord., Minority Student Services Gail V. Wells, B.S. Coord., Native American Student Services ........... j oseph j . Hill, B.A. Dir., Counseling . . . . . . Edward A. Hallauer, Ph.D. Asst. Dir., Counseling ....... joan McCool, Ph.D. Counseling Staff ... Lebanon L. Arrington, M.S.W.; Myra E. Gordon, Ph.D.; James P. Donnelly, Ph.D.; Heidi M . von Harscher, Ph.D.; Barbara Keen, Ph.D. Psychiatric Consultant . . . Anthony M. Foti, M.D. Dir., Residence Life . . . . . James H. Wallace, M.Ed. Assoc. Dir. .................... . . (Appt. Pending) Asst. Directors . Ronald A. George, M .S.; Curtis L. Brickhouse, M.S.; Kristine Niendorf, M .S. Dir., Student Health Services . . . . . Edward A. Hattaue r, Ph .D. Medical Dir., Weigel Health Center . . . . . . . . Theresa R. Stephan-Hains, M.D. Physicians, Part T ime Lester S. Sielski, M.D.; Susan T . Eluard, M.D.; joseph D. Gentile, M .D. Nu rses Barbara A. Chapman, R.N.; Alice H. Sullivan, R.N.; Angeline M. Price, R.N.; Irene M. Kolber, R.N.; j osephine Terranova, R.N . Dir., Career Development Center . . . Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles, M.Ed. Asst. Dir. . . . . . . . . . . . ......... (Appt. Pending) Counselors ...... Carlos E. Tejada, M.S.; Robert R. Orrange, M.S. Dir., College Judicial System Marsha D. jackson, M.S.Ed. Dir., International Student Affairs ... Jean-Francais Gounard, Ph.D. Dir., Intercollegiate Athletics Fred j. Hartrick, M.S. Assoc. Dir. ................ Gail F. Maloney, M.S. Asst. to Dir. . . . . . . . Richard j . Bihr, M.B.A., M.S. Business Mgr.............. Camille A. Spyra, B.S. Sports Complex Coord. . . . . Pamela A. Riehl, M.A. Ice Rink Mgr. . . . . . . . . . . . . Nanette I. Payne, M.S. Coaches Manny T. Koginos, Ph.D.; james Ramos, B.S.; Anthony C. Sartori, M.S.; Jerry S. Boyes, M.A.; Keith A. Bullion, M.S.; Sandra L. Hollander, B.S.; Ed– ward Harris, B.A.; Pamela j. Vogel, B.S.; Terence D. Bitka, M.S. Sports Information . . . . . . . Keith A. Bullion, M .S.

Acting Dir., Great Lakes Center for Envi ronmental Research & Education . . . Eric A. Randall, Ph.D. Chp., Anthropology Dept. ....... Jill Nash, Ph .D. Chp., Biology Dept. . . . . . . . Eric A. Randall, Ph.D. Chp., Chemistry Dept. Edward M. Schulman, Ph.D. Chp., Earth Sciences & Science Education Dept. . . . . . . . . Richard J. Foster, M.S. Chp., Economics & Finance Dept. . Alex j. Ratkowski, Ph.D. Chp., Geography & Planni ng Dept. . Elbridge A. Renning Jr., M.A. Chp., Health, Physical Education & Recreation Dept. ........ Donald E. Barr, Ph.D. t.hp., History & Social Studies Ed ucation Dept. ....... Monroe Fordham, Ph.D. Chp., Mathematics Dept. ..... Betty J. Krist, Ed.D. Chp., Physics Dept........ James W. Wells, Ph.D. Chp., Political Science Dept. Abdul H. Raoof, Ph.D. Chp., Psychology Dept. . . . Jerry F. Cataldo, Ph.D. Chp., Sociology Dept. .. Rosalyn A. Lind ner, Ph.D. VICE PRESIDENT FINANCE AND MANAGEMENT ...... James M. Caputi, B.B.A. Assoc. Vice President & Comptroller . Gary J. Phillips, C.P.A., Ed.M. Asst. to Vice President/ PDS Coord. . . . . . . . ....... Barbara A. Meyer, B.A. Dir., Payroll . . . . . . . ......... Mary Ann DeKarz Dir., Purchasing . . . . . ........ (Appt. Pending) Dir., Business Affairs . . . John H. Whelan, M.B.A. College Accountant . . . .... Christine Miller, M.S. Dir., Student Accounts Richard T . Augustine, M.S. Asst. for Uni versity Financial Analysis . . . . . Michael Broderick, B.S. Dir., Campus Services . . . . Terry M. Harding, B.A. Dir., Financial Aid . . . Daniel R. Hunter Jr., Ed .M. Assoc. Dir., Financial Aid Michael E. Woodruff, M.S. Senior Financial Aid Advisers Janet H. Ganley, M.S.; Craig A. Gallagher, M.S.; Warren j. Hoffman, Ed.M.; Robert A. Macey, M.A. Financial Aid Assistant . . . . Linda A. Smith, A.A.S. Registrar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mark T. Bausili, B.A. Assoc. Registra r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Carole S. Harris Assoc. Registrar . . ........ Judith A. Miller, M.S. Assoc. Vice President, Facilities John J. Byrne, B.S. Dir., Physical Plant ........ Gary H. Kent, M.B.A. Asst. to Dir., Physical Plant .. Joseph W. Ball, B.S. Coord., Facilities Planning James J. Yager, M.B.A. Asst. Coord., Facilities Planning ...... Steven E. Shaffer, M.A. Space Management Officer Thomas j. Peffer, Ed.M. Coord., Environmental Health & Safety . . . . . . . . . . . . . . David N. Miller, A.A.S. Radiation Safety Officer ... Harold L. Spector, B.A. Assoc. Vice President, Human Resource Management .......... Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A. Mgr., Benefits, Staff Development & Training ........... Susan j. Earshen, M.B.A. Mgr., Employment & Classification Systems . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Daley, M.B.A. Employee Relations Specialist ........ Emmanuel j . Hillery, M.S.W. Dir., Admissions . . . . . . Deborah K. Renzi, M.S.W. Assoc. Dir. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul T. Collyer, M.Ed. Asst. Dir. . . . ................ Paul T. Bink, M.S. Asst. Dir. .................... Faj ri Ansari, M.S. Senior Admissions Advisers . . .. Dir., Budget & Information Services . . . . . . . ...... Stan F. Medinac, M.B.A. Asst. Dir., Budget .... Rebecca J. Schenk, M.B.A. Research Systems Analyst judith B. Basinski, M.B.A. Dir., Computing Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Raymond A. Chamberlain, B.S. Assoc. Dir. (Systems) ... Ronald N. Brown jr., B.A. Mgr., Instruction & Research Support . . . Mary Ann Meyer, M.S.C.S. Mgr., Systems & Data Communications .... j oel P. Swisher, B.A. Mgr., Administrative Information Systems ..... Albert B. Santini, B.S. Asst. Dir. (Operations) .. David L. Cummings, B.S. Mgr., Operations ............ Ann Dennis, A.A.S. Mgr., Remote Operations ... Jennifer D. McMahon Coord., Operational Services . . Marcy A. Zulawski Dir., Public Safety . . . . Vern B. Anderson, M.S.Ed. Assoc. Dir. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Louis A. Ward Admissions Asst. Lawrence E. Bynum, B.A.; Charles F. Dimidio, M.S.; Gwendolyn Wooten, M.A. Deborah jones, B.S.Ed.

PRESIDENT OF THE COLLEGE Sec. Asst. to the President Exec. Asst. to the

F.C. Richardson, Ph.D. . . . . Anna Tiberia

President . . . . . . . Modesto A. Argenio, J.D. Special Asst. to the President for Equity & Campus Diversity Jeffrey J. Wallace, Ph.D. Dir., Public Affairs . . . . . Charles Dick Editor/ Writer . . James G. Koelmel, B.A. Public Affai rs Assoc. . Alice M. Askew, M.A. PROVOST AND VICE PRESIDENT ACADEMIC AFFAIRS . Robert J. Gemmell, Ph.D. Associate Vice President & Dean, Undergraduate Studies . . . Neil H. Kudin, Ph.D. Asst. Dean, Undergraduate Studies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kathryn A. Moran, M.S. Asst. Dean & Dir., Lifelong Learning . . . . . . . . . . . Robert J. Stephen, M.Ed. Dir., Academic Skills Center Russell Macaluso, Ed.D. Dir., Academic Standards . . . . . Leon Smith , Ph.D. Dir., Educational O pportunity Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael Stevens, M.A.T. Assoc. Di r...... Cynthia Green-Eggleston, M.S.Ed. Asst. Dir., Statistical Services .. Lily M. Bink, M.S. Asst. Dir., Student Services Ottilie Woodruff, B.S.Ed. Coord., EOP Admissions ....... Fajri Ansari, M.S. Coord., EO P Computer Lab .. Abdallah Hajikandi, M.S., M.A. Coord., EOP Academic Services Anthony Chase, M.A. Asst. Dir., Counseli ng . . . . . Aud rey Ga rrett, M.S. EOP Counselors . . Roslyn Berkovitz, Ph.D.; Alicia Granto, M.S.; Emma McFayden, M.S.; Michael Pirows– kin, M.S.; Evelyn Rosario, M.A.; Jean-A. Tassy, B.S. Dir., International Ed ucation Lee Ann Grace, Ph.D. Dir., New Student Programs & Academic Advisement .... Susan 0 . Zirin, M.Ed. Dir., Special Programs . Wendel B. Wickland, M.S. Assoc. Vice President & Dean, Graduate Studies & Research . . . Gerald F. Accurso, Ed.D. Dir., Small Business Development Center Susan A. McCartney, M.B.A. Dir., Center for Studies in Creativity .............. Scott G. Isaksen, Ed.D. Dir., Research Services & Administration . . . . . Kenneth A. Cross, Ed.D. Assoc. Vice President, Planning & Academic Support Services ...... Dewayne A. Beery, Ph.D. Dir., Butler Library . . George C. Newman, Ph.D. Dir., Instructional Resources . Barry A. Herb, M.A. Acting Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Education . Dennis K. Ponton, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ann L. Egan, Ph.D. Acting Asst. Dean ........ Richard J. Lee, Ed.D. Dir., Center for Development of Human Services .... David P. Wegenast, D.S.W. Chp., Business Dept. . . . . . . Mary A. Davis, Ed.D. Chp., Computer Information Systems Dept. . . . . . . William C. Schultz, Ph.U. Chp., Crim inal Justice Dept. john A. Conley, Ph.D. Chp., Educational Foundations Dept. . Thomas j. Quatroche, D.Ed. Chp., Elementary Education & Reading Dept. . . . . . . . . . David E. Day, Ed.D. Chp., Exceptional Education Dept. . . . . Donald Logan, Ed.D. Acting Chp., Nutrition & Food Science Dl'pt FIIPn M. DeWind , M.S.Ed . Chp., Social Work Dept. Ellen T. Kennedy, M.S.W. Chp., Speech Language Pathology & Audiology Dept. . . . . . . . . Chad Nye, Ph.D. Chp., Technology Dept. . Charles A. Beasley, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Arts & Humanities . . Patricia W. Cummi ns, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean . . . . . Raymond Tymas-Jones, Ph.D. Chp., Art Conservation Dept. F. Christopher Tahk, Ph.D. Chp., Art Education Dept. Michael E. Parks, Ed.D. Chp., Communication Dept. ........ W. Richard (Rik) Whitaker, Ph.D. Chp., Design Dept. ... Stephen F. Saracino, M.F.A. Chp., English Dept....... Theresa F. Platek, Ed.D. Chp., Fine Arts Dept. .... Peter J, Sowiski, M.F.A. Acting Chp., Foreign Lang uage Dept. . . . . . . . . . . . . . joseph V. Nardiello, Ph.D. Chp., Performing Arts Dept. Donna McCarthy, M.A. Chp., Philosophy & Religious Studies Dept. . George T. Hole, Ph.D. Dean, Faculty of Natural & Social Sciences . . . . . . Marilyn B. Hoskin, Ph.D. Assoc. Dean ............. I. Joyce Swart ney, Ph.D.

11 5

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