Winter MEN'S BASKETBALL As the leaves began fall– ing from the trees, the old– est tradition of BSC sports, the basketball teams, be– gan another successful sea– son. The men's team got off to a rocky start when they failed to win the Cole's Classic tournament, but early wins over confer– ence opponents Fredonia and Cortland got them back on track. E-Lon-E McCracken and Anthony Williams led the offense, but the heart of the team was a deep guard platoon that featured Dennis Mru– galski, Steve Kull, Dan Farry and James Boone. The biggest win came late in the season when they shut down Scott Fitch and Geneseo. A loss to Bing– hamton in an upset-filled tournament cost the Ben– gals and coach Dick Bihr their sixth straight SUN– YAC title, but they re– ceived a bid to the NCAA tournament for the eighth time in 10 years. After re– ceiving a bye, they were eliminated by Geneseo in the second round and fin– ished with a 21-6 record. The national reputation of Buffalo State was boost– ed when the BSC Sports Arena was the sight of the NCAA Division III men's basketball Final Four. Ohio Northern University de– feated Augustana College in the finals. BSC will host the Final Four again in 1994 and 1995.

Men's Basketball

Bengal Basketball Roster

No. 33 30 4 44 3

Dennis Mrugalski Dominique Rodrique Gerard Seward Brendan Staub Melvin Ta tum Albert W illiams Anthony Williams Rash ien Young

Player Jeff Balen

21 23 11 13 so 42 22 35

Michael Biles James Boone

Dan Farry Steve Kull E-lon-E McCracken Michael Mitchel

34 12

Buffalo State host– ed the 1993 NCAA Division III Na – tional Champion– ship Tournament, won by the team from Ohio North– ern Uni versity.


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