CLUB HOCKEY The success story of the year was the club hockey team, which competed against a wide variety of opponents as an indepen– dent team. With coach Steve Ferrentino at the helm, they dominated their opposition, scoring 20 goals in a game several times, wi t h Division I power Penn State and cross-town rival Erie Com– munity College, a national– ly-ranked junior college program, giving them fits. Regis Marrale (leading scorer with 55 goals and 73 assists), Brian Busch, John Mathisen and Chris Kru– ger all shattered the club scoring record. ECC trans– fer Joe Maly joined the team in mid-season and gave the Bengals two un– stoppable lines. Defense– man Rick Veiders gave the team record-setting output from the point. The team finished 20-6 and entered the American Collegiate Hockey Association na– tionals as the top seed. It was a joke. BSC, aided by a quirky schedule which made some teams play twice in a day, outscored their four opponents in the tournament 66-10 on their way to the title. The men's and women's swim teams were having a decent year when tragedy saddened the rest of their season. Early on the morn– ing of Dec. 20, swimmer Brian McDermott died, ap– parently in a homicide, in hi s hometown of Long Beach, N.Y. In an emotion– al home finale, coach Keith Bullion es tabli s h ed an award in Brian's memory to be given to the male or female swimmer who best exemplifies the qualities of dedication and leadership Continued on page 110 MEN'S & WOMEN'S SWIMMING AND DIVING



Women's Softball Roster

Head Coach:

Barto, Jenn ifer Bellavia, Julie Borzelleri, Shawn Brown, Tracey Carscallen, Shannon DelSignore, Mary

lsbrandt, Cheryl Lewis, Karen Mrugalski, Kim O'Connell, Denise Parks, Christie Poynton, Jennifer Ranne, Nicole Wellings, Jessica

Sandra Hollander Assis tan t Coaches:

Cindy Breski Pam Amabile

Pam Vogel Nan Payne

Fenwick, Sabra Hunt, Deanna


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