Student artist Michael Dominick wins annual competition; "Unknown Boundaries" installation mounted at BAC. BURCHFIELD ART C·ENTER Located on the third floor of Rockwell

In 1993, the Center presented its fourth annual competition for a Buffalo State stu– dent to plan and create a site-specific instal– lation for its Central Gallery. This yea r's winner was Michael D. Dominick, a 1993 recipient of a Bachelor of Fine Arts d egree in Sculpture. His installation "Unknown Bound– aries" contrasted cotton fabric with large geo– metric sheet meta l structures designed for the wall and alcoves of the Gallery. The exhibition was made possible through a grant from the Faculty Student Association of Bu f– falo StateCollege. Add itiona! assistancewas provided to the artist by Hebele r Welding [nc., A. & J. Distributors Inc., Buffa lo Sheet Metal, and Basil Division of AMSCO Inc.

Hall, the Burchfield Art Center is the Mu– seum for Western ew York arts. It is dedicated to acclaimed American watercol– orist Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967), a fri end and consulting artist to BSC. The Cen– ter holds the world's Ia rgest publicBurchfield collection (approxi rnately 500works), aswell as works by other artists who have lived or practiced in Western New York State. The Center offers unique opportuni– ties for Buffalo State College students to gain experience in the arts. Students from a vari– ety of majors, including fi ne a rts, design, journalism, and business, become involved each year as volunteers and interns.


1993 Graduate Michael Dominick welded the sheet metal parts of his work "Unknown Boundaries" in his Studio.

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