The rushing streams provided a ll of the fresh water needed by the hikers.

Wilderness Adventures Club Spends Spring Break Nature Hiking GREAT SMOKEY MOUNTAINS BACKPACK EXCURSION

Long up-hill climbs, m ist enshrouded mountains, towering evergreens, streams and waterfalls fed by the spring run-off, tent camping, camaraderie... all these thi ngs were experienced to their fullest by the forty-some odd hikers who went on the Smokey Moun– tain Hike in April. Sponsored by the Wilderness Aventures club, the Spring-Break trip gave everyone involved a chance to see one of the most beautiful areas of this country.

The air was brisk and there was still snow left from the late-winter blizzard that had hit the eastern states only a few weeks before, strand ing several hikers in these same Ten– nessee mountains for several days. No such hazzards affec ted the Buff State hikers, how– ever, and the stories and experiences brought back by those lucky enough to make the trip (tickets sold out well in advance) will assure another foray next spring.

The woods were filled with pictu resque waterfalls Like lhe one pictured above. Rig ht: Mike Schultz, Kim Aus– tin, Bill Guiher, Scott Kimey, and Michelle paused at the top of the AppalachianTrail after an invigorating climb.


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