Phi Kappa Tau

d Top: Adam Platin, Michael Ma strole, Wes Cohen, Kevi n Bednarz, Bruce Ivory, Erik Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity s tarte Cleaver, Brian Rapheal, Jonathan Allen, Darren McCarty, Michael Ryniker, Jeff Grinner-, out as a colony in Fa ll of 1987 with Lou is Buono Middle Row: Jim Howe, Dwayne Pinckney, Greg Duffy, Steven Ceasar, Luis only 14 brothers. It soon flouri sh ed Loja, Paul Holmes, j erry Guti errez Bottom Row: David Sojka, Robert Buono, Eric Cudeck

and met the requirements of the n a– tional fr a te rnity. On October 14, 1989, we received our Char ter a nd officially became a chap ter of the Phi Kappa Tau Fra ternity.


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