:Advisory Council

tiona! Coffee Hour, four times dur– ing the semester. Individuals from on and off campus are invited as guests of honor during the coffee hours. The guest of honor shares hi s/her experiences with the inter– nationa l students in a fri endly at– mosphere. The council also spon– sors an Annual End-of-the-Year Reception where a key person from th e community o r from the campus is hono red for hi s/ her contribution to the internati onal s tud ents/com– munity. The events spon sored by th e council arc funded by FS.A. and Residen ce Life. '

The function of the International Student Advi so ry Council (IS.A.C.) is to solve the problems faced by th e international s tudents during their academic year. Matters such as Aca– demic Standards, Health In surance and crea tivity in various areas are discussed during the mee tings. The council then advises the Vice Presi– dent of Student Affai rs on th ese is– s ues through the office of the Inter– national Student Affairs. The council co n s is ts of faculty/s taff members, the director of Interna– tional Student Affairs, International s tudents and USC. se nators. l.S.A.C. also sponsors an lnterna-

Chairman: Mohsin Rah man Secretary: Wesley Kasamale Treasurer: Sang-Duck Lee Advisor: Dr. Jea n F. Gou nard

Members: Marry Green, Ro n George, Dr. Betty Cappcla, Dr. Proves Banks, Ah sa n Rahman, Aleem Khan, Douglas Ka sa male, Moni ka Thompson, Su nal i Sharma, Shi n– obu Nakajima, Sohail Mumtaz, Elizabeth Solonis, Tony Kneizch, Sowmya Varadara– jan and David Pedrigo


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