,J/ International Student Organization 1 r~ ~

The International Student Orga– niza tion is the key organization working for the international s tu – dents of Buffalo State Coll ege. The major activities of ISO in – clude orga nization of s uch cu ltural nigh ts as Asian , African , Latin American a nd Middle Ea s tern. ISO also plans the an nual C ultural Fies– ta. Thi s eve nt is a ttended by hun– dred s of st udents and people from the community. ISO is loca ted in Cassety 213 and is fu nd ed the the United Students' Government (USC).

PICTURED ABOVE: FROM TOP LEFT: Sonali Sharma, Aleem Khan, Chi Tra, Sang-Duk Lee, Anwar Khan, Evangelo, Anthony, Zadi, Wesey, Kasa malc, Sohail Mumtaz Somyo MIDDLE: Douglas Kasa male, Dr. j.F. Gounard, Mary Green, Richin Rahman


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