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, Are you experiencing problems with your Slip Rings or Rotary Unions?... Cleaning too much? Waiting on units to arrive? Paying too much for parts? Not adaptable enough? ...

Resulting in... DOWNTIME

Slip ring and rotary joint assemblies are used in a large variety of applications. They provide power, hydraulic and signal transmission through rotating parts. In construction and maintenance machinery they enable greater than 360-degree rotation connectivity to arms and tooling. BGB has found that our focus on reliability and safety has made us a strong engineering partner to construction during times of supply chain and cost pressures. Looking towards the next generation of compact electric excavators, BGB is uniquely positioned to provide engineering support to companies with green ambition without compromising on quality and cost. This shift towards electrification sees a greater emphasis on signal and power requirements as fossil fuel driven machinery is phased out. For operators, safety remains key as indoor working, relay of battery status and positioning information brings greater complexity and possible failure modes. With experience in renewables and battery charging dating back to the mid-90s, BGB is a safe pair of hands for this latest industry challenge.



Designers Top Tips:

• Space envelope and your future requirements. What upgrades might the operator want to make, is it worth building in some extra channels? • Foot-printing: If you are considering a tool with a high power requirement, think about your brush material as it may pay to use a grade with good conductive and thermal qualities. • Consider adding a FORJ for high-speed data transfer as this may save space whilst improving data resolution.

Proven reliability ahead of production

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Example Specification for Integrated Hydraulic and Power and Signal Solution

Hydraulic Channels: Max Rated Pressure:

6 channels + drainage

280 Bar

Signal and Power Channels:

6 channels

Max Rated Power:


Environmental Protection:



180Ø x 225mm L



Did You Know? BGB supply a variety of major OEM’s in different industries all over the world, with over 500,000 slip rings (in the last 10 years) working tirelessly in all seven Continents

BGB systems can also include optional features like: Condition Monitoring, Limit Switches, Encoders, Lightning Protection, Fibre Optic Swivels (FORJ) and Hydraulic Joints.

Circular Economy

What are your environmental ambitions and KPIs and how can BGB help you achieve them?

Ask us about our circular economy design principles and repair solutions.

> Design out waste and pollution > Keep products and materials in use > Regenerate natural systems

Make use of BGB’s in-house testing facilities to stress test the rotary solution before deployment. Test boundaries for: torque, speed, wear rates, signal loss, surface roughness, temperatures, data loss and bit error rate tests.


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