Annual Report

In 2018, we anticipate cooperating Smithsonian Books on publication of the first-ever, full-size, full-color facsimile edition of Catesby’s Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands . While not inexpensive, this book should attract art collectors, libraries that do not have a copy of the original, and libraries that do have a copy, but in view of its rarity dare not make it generally accessible. This facsimile, based on the Smithsonian Libraries’ copy, the most complete known, should enhance knowledge of what a contemporary of Catesby described as “the most magnificent Work I know of, since the Art of Printing has been discover’d.” And Dr. E Charles Nelson, the Trust’s Senior Research Director, has uncovered significant new facts about Catesby that should be published when this work has been completed. At this point, it can best be described as “Curious – and Curiouser.” Further, we’d like to continue the remarkably challenging task of identifying where Catesby stayed when in Charleston. Our 2016-17 College of Charleston intern has been able to develop a mini-biography of the man with whom he stayed, but where he lived at that time remains a mystery to be uncovered. Once solved, the Trust would like to be able to erect a memorial plaque. Finally, we’re also investigating possible organizational changes that should strengthen the Trust’s ability to maintain operations for the long-term. These include, inter alia, building a “Friends of Catesby Trust” financial support group and “Board of Fellows” to recognize the extraordinary pool of academic talent that have made the Trust’s accomplishments possible.

David J. Elliott Executive Director July 2017

Annual Report arranged by Sarah Kate Shore


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