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MARCH 2020


Renting out a Refurbished Lease on Life ARE INDOOR POLLUTANTS IRRITATING YOUR ASTHMA? Your Air Matters

If you read our last newsletter, you know that now is an important time to clean your ducts. As I write this, there are several confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the United States. But the virus shouldn’t be the only reason you get your air filters or ducts cleaned by your favorite Hawthorne service technician. If you have heavy dust or pollutants in your home, it puts those who have asthma at an increased risk of having an attack. People with asthma have airways that are very sensitive to outdoor pollutants and other triggers. Some of the common triggers include mold, insects, pet hair, and chemical odors. When someone with asthma breathes in one of those triggers, their airways swell, tighten up, and produce too much mucus. When this happens, the person will start to wheeze, cough, and develop itchy eyes or a runny nose. This is why people with asthma and their families need to address triggers and how to keep them out of their household. There are several places in your household where these triggers can be present. In your bathroom, you can find mold, high moisture, and odors from cleaning products that can trigger asthma symptoms. In your bedroom, your bedding, return vents, and humidifiers, if left unchecked, can cause a buildup of moisture and dust. And it always helps to ensure your garage is adequately ventilated due to the pollutants from car exhaust and household chemicals. Your home’s airflow, filtration, and humidity control all contribute to a healthy indoor air environment. In addition to proper cleaning, frequent HVAC system maintenance ensures that your unit is operating safely and not adding to or causing indoor air problems. It’s important to note that if you’re trying to conserve energy over the winter months, you will have less indoor ventilation, causing an increased concentration of indoor air irritants and allergens. During the summer months, this isn’t as high of a concern if you open your windows. Just opening your windows two inches allows for clean, fresh air to circulate and dilutes the indoor air irritants. But the best way to maintain clean air is by regularly cleaning and checking your air filters. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget to check your filters. With that in mind, I recommend electronic air cleaners, also known as air

scrubbers, in hospitals and office buildings. They’re the best things on the

market to ensure no bacteria or other air pollutants circulate in your home. They are usually installed in the attic next to the furnace. These products also have a long life span too;

usually, we never have to replace the electric air filters unless there is an electrical problem, but honestly, we’ve never had to fix one. If they do start to malfunction, it’s pretty apparent because you will hear a wheezing noise like a bug zapper.

The best part of electric air cleaners is that they only need to be checked every six months, which is already included in your service plan. We service it once during the winter while we are checking your heater and once in the spring when we check your AC unit. If you feel you and your family would benefit from getting your ducts cleaned or investing in an electric air cleaner, reach out anytime. We will work with you and explain all your air filtration options to ensure your family is breathing clean air year-round.

-Angel Martinez


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