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She was my mom and my first dental employee! The year I graduated dental school and opened my practice from scratch, she worked for love (I couldn’t afford to pay her). Mom truly loved working alongside “My son, the doctor!” She always used to tell our patients, “In here, he’s the boss… but as soon as we are out in the parking lot, I’m the boss!” Daisy loved you guys: our “Gems Family.” She attended nearly every retreat for the last 18 years. She loved hosting the dinners at my home during the Boston retreats and getting to know so many of you. For those who attended one or more of the dinners at my home, you may remember her beautiful flower arrangements throughout the house and backyard.

The Eagle in the Photo...

She lived at Newbridge on the Charles for the last few years. She enjoyed people everywhere. Mom made many friends of the residents and staff at Newbridge. She continued to paint, dine with her friends, and enjoy frequent visits from our family (during which I would often smuggle in lobster). She loved to sit outside basking in the sun. After a brief time in hospice care, Daisy passed away peacefully on Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Her eyes lit up at the mention of her three grandchildren, Brendon, Shayna, and Alexa, and she opened her heart for Brendon’s fiancée, Olivia. She always referred to my brother Jim’s wife, Marianne, and Elizabeth, my wife, “The Engineer,” as “my daughters.”

One of mom’s passions was painting. Although she never painted professionally, she had a degree in art and loved painting throughout her life. In the early years, her favorite medium was oil. She moved to acrylic and eventually to what may have been the toughest for her to master: watercolor.

We will always love and deeply miss her.

–Tom, Elizabeth, Alexa, Brendon, Olivia, Shayna, Cliff, Jim, and Marianne In lieu of flowers, Daisy’s favorite charity was The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation (

She painted the “American Eagle” watercolor on July 4, 2016. The amazing thing about this painting is that she was recovering from a fall during which she crushed her right shoulder. She was unable to use her right (dominant) hand. Daisy painted the eagle with her left hand, declaring her independence on July 4!

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