Autumn 1992

Vol. 2, No. 4

Palm Springs Reinforces 1993 Goals

II Overvalue" : World Meeting Theme W .hen World Courier managers convened in Palm Springs, California in October for a series of meetings, the key objec– tives were to fine tune the company's consistently high service capabilities and to identify new markets in which to promote this expertise. "Overvalue" is, in fact, the very essence of World Courier'Scompetitive advantage. "Overvalue" encompasses the broad range of elements which serve to make the service so unique-well-developed industry and competitor knowledge; the "total service" concept; speed and reliability; personalized , round-the-clock attention ; automation and insurance. Nowhere else can a client turn for such an all-inclusive service. During the meeting, the theme "Overvalue" was echoed time and again.

While the term may be new, the concept is not. Indeed, it has been this notion of operational excellence and personalized service which has been the very cornerstone of World Courier's longstanding success in the marketplace. It is this same concept that has, in the past, allowed World Courier to selectively penetrate even the most demanding markets.

"We continue to see evidence that the large volume operators are unable to provide the flexibility, individual attention, knowledge and the generally high standards that our clients require, " acknowledges company President Wayne Heyland, "particularly in highly-specialized areas. " Building on such successes as those achieved in the bio-pharmaceutical sector, World Courier's renowned operational excellence can , combined with an effective marketing strategy, readily lead to market dominance in new and equally lucrative markets. With this in mind, 45 managers of the World Courier network met in Palm Springs to devise an approach which would help identify and apply this winning "niche" strategy to new sectors in 1993.

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Working Session. International managers discuss sales and marketing strategies at October's world meeting held in Palm Springs, California.

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