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My Son’s 1st Birthday The First of 3 Celebrations in 11 Days

What I do vividly remember is being discharged on the fifth day. I pulled up in the car, and the hospital staff brought my wife out in a wheelchair, holding our newborn son in her arms. As I got out of the car, I looked at my wife, who looked straight back at me, and as we looked at each other, we had the same thought: “They are letting us take our baby home to take care of all by ourselves? What the hell is wrong with these people?”When we were both finally loaded in the car and on our way home, we both had a nervous chuckle, still in disbelief. Even though it was hard, we’ve made it a full year. We have had the joy of watching him grow up. He’s going to get bigger and learn even more about life and himself. I guess I always took it for granted that I had two hands. Then, I watched him figure out that he had two of his own. By the time this newsletter comes out, I’m sure our plans for February will be in motion. For his 1st birthday, we’re obviously planning on throwing him his very first birthday party. We’ll have the little cake that he’s sure to smash, eat, and throw everywhere. This will all be complete with the bright, loud, and obnoxious “revenge toys,”my wife’s siblings and mine will get for us as payback from when we bought the exact same things for their children.

February is a pretty big month for my family this year. My son’s 1st birthday, my wife’s birthday, and Valentine’s Day are all within 11 days of each other. This is the first year that my wife and I will have to plan for two birthday celebrations in addition to the romantic holiday. That also means I have a lot of shopping to do. Becoming a dad has been a wonderful but exhausting experience. This first year of being a dad has been a huge blessing, but it has also been hard. Mostly, this is because my wife and I didn’t quite know what we were doing. We had to figure out what parenting was on our own. But, even after just a year, watching him recognize us, hearing him say “mama” and “dada” for the first time, and watching him feed himself have been some of the most momentous experiences in my life. I remember when he was born, my wife and I spent five days in the hospital. Thinking back, I don’t know if I had ever felt more excited, afraid, and tired, all at the same time. The two of us barely slept; it was only the excitement and adrenaline that kept us going. I was so tired — I could hardly remember what happened around me. My wife told me about certain conversations with the doctors and nurses at the hospital (that I was obviously a part of). Somehow, I didn’t remember them at all.

For my wonderful wife’s birthday and Valentine’s Day, I know she’ll probably want to get out of the house for a while for some quiet time. I might take her out to dinner, or maybe she’ll want to get away from both of us for some much needed “me” time. My wife has been an incredible mother. She is, without a doubt, the best mom in the world. Even when our boy wears us out, she is such a trooper. While we had to figure out parenthood on our own, we were never completely alone. My wife and I are lucky to have such supportive family and friends who surround our home and our son with constant love and affection. The people we have in our lives have made such a huge impact. Thank you all for such a wonderful year.

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