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Cunningham Energy of Canada Inc. has been chosen as the operator of the property. Mr. Ryan Cunningham, CEO of Cunningham Energy and Cunningham Energy of Canada Inc., will oversee the drilling and production activities of Marzcorp Oil & Gas Inc. Cunningham Energy has drilled over 350,000 feet of new Appalachian well footage in the past 5 calendar years. A Speedstar 185 Top Drive Drilling rig has been procured by Cunningham Energy for use in the Marzcorp’s Drilling Program. Operations in the Gaspé region will include Cunningham Energy’s West Virginia contract drilling personnel. Marzcorp is a private Canadian oil and natural gas exploration company in the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. The Company’s permits cover 378,579 hectares (935,090 acres) in the Matapédia Valley, Gaspesie, Quebec, with half the land located in the Taconic belt and half in the Gaspé belt. Marzcorp received a geological evaluation of prospective resources dated March 31st, 2011, effective April 1st 2011 (the “Chapman Report”), prepared by Chapman Petroleum Engineering Ltd. in accordance with standards set out in the Canadian Oil and Gas Evaluation Handbook and National Instrument 51- 101, Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities. Based on exploration work including 2D seismic and other exploration activity in the area, the report focused on four identified prospects for oil. Further exploration and development work is proposed to delineate the prospective resources including 3D seismic and two exploration wells.

Cunningham energy of canada inc. operat ing team

Ryan E. M. Cunningham, Principal & Operating Partner Cunningham Energy of Canada’s president and operational partner is a West Virginia native with extensive oil & gas experience. Ryan began his petroleum production and exploration career in Clay County, West Virginia working for D & A Oil and Gas Corporation in 1990. Since that time, Ryan has had an array of work experiences including working for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, as well as, holding various positions with Wall Street investment firms. Ryan holds a B.A. in Environmental Policy from Rollins College. Mr. Cunningham’s family has over 170 years of history in West Virginia and many years of involvement in the oil and gas industry in West Virginia and Texas. Before taking his position with Cunningham Energy, Ryan had been concentrating on real estate development projects through several family and strategic partnerships. In 2008, Ryan founded Cunningham Energy as a true independent oil and gas production firm concentrating on tight conventional reservoir production in proven areas of development. In 2015, Ryan also founded Cunningham Energy of Canada Inc. as an exploration company in conjunction with Marzcorp Inc. Previously, Ryan served as the operating partner of Black Crow Oil LLC. In 2008, under Ryan’s direction, Black Crow Oil LLC drilled a discovery Berea Oil and Gas well in the Rock Creek Field near Walton, West Virginia. The West Virginia State Geological Survey has recently recognized this discovery as official exploratory footage in the Rock Creek Field. The discovery well has resulted in the need for a gas pipeline to be constructed into the Rock Creek area where infrastructure for natural gas markets did not previously exist, and will afford operators in the Walton area the ability to further develop oil and gas reserves. Ryan Cunningham has been elected to the WVONGA Board of Directors for 2015-2016. Barry A. R. Cunningham, Director of Finance and Risk Assessment Barry A. R. Cunningham is a native of Charleston, West Virginia, and has been involved in the oil and gas industry since an early age. He started his

Cunningham Energy of Canada Inc. is an independent exploration and production firm based in British Columbia. The company was organized for the sole purpose of exploring a 935,000 acre leasehold farm-out from Marzcorp Inc in 2015. Since its inception in the United States, Cunningham Energy/Cunningham Energy Oilfield Services (COS) have relied on past experience in conjunction with the application of new technologies to succeed in the ever changing field of efficient energy production. Cunningham Energy and it’s affiliates own interests in approximately 600 wells. In addition, Cunningham Energy has thousands of acres worth of leases and prospects ready to be developed. Cunningham Energy’s drilling and service arm, Cunningham Oilfield Services (COS), was the first rig operator in West Virginia to successfully drill and complete a shallow horizontal Big Injun Oil Well in 2014. The company was also the most active shallow horizontal driller in the Appalachian Basin during 2014-2015. Cunningham Energy drilled over 60 horizontal Berea Oil Wells in Eastern Kentucky for multiple operators as well as drilling internally owned shallow horizontal oil wells in West Virginia.

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