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LXVIII NO. 2 J anuary 2023

of the washington M usic E ducators A ssociation NAfME Northwest Division Professional Development Conference Bellevue Hyatt Regency and Westin Hotels February 16-19, 2023 Information at www.wmea.org Sessions Schedule Inside!

Conference Headliners

Coty Raven Morris, Choral

Scott Sheehan, Keynote

Karen Salvador, Elementary

Emily Moss, Band

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023 LaSaundra Booth, Orchestra Erin Bodnar, Band

Kalani Das, General Music


Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


VOICE January 2023 Vol.LXIII NO. 2 Official Publication of the Washington Music Eduactors Association 435 Main Avenue S, Renton, WA 98057 A Federated State Association of the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) 425-712-9632 Toll free 1-800-324-9632 Editor: Scott Ketron Update your membership at www.nafme.org Departments President’s Message.....................5 From the Executive.......................7 Partner Members..........................8 Advertisers Index.........................42 WMEA Regions............................44 WMEA Board Minutes..................46 Donors.........................................48 Curricular Officers Adminstration................................30 Band..............................................31 Choir..............................................32 College/University.........................33 CWMEA President-Elect ..............34 CWMEA President........................35 Elementary....................................36 Jazz...............................................37 Orchestra......................................38 Small Schools...............................39 ON THE COVER Hyatt Regency Conference Entry from the Wnter Garden

Features 14

National Perspective from Ann Medellin, NAfME Northwest Representative for National Council of Music Program Leaders Celebrating the Life and Work of William Levi Dawson, about a special perfromance at the Northwest Conference.


15 2023 NAfME Northwest Division Conference Schedule

Remembering Andy Robertson, “Mr. Ert.”


26 It All Began With An Experience Anna Edwards tracks her journey toward a new sense of inclussion through lessons learned.

45 Reflection 2020-2023

Washington Music Educators Association, an affiliate of the National Association for Music Education, is a voluntary, nonprofit organization representing all phases of music education in schools, colleges, universities and teacher-education institutions. Active NAfME/WMEA membership is open to all persons engaged in music teaching or other music educational work. Voice of Washington Music Educators , the official magazine of the Washington Music Educators Association, is issued to members four times a year in the months of October, January, March and May. Editorial and advertising office: 435 Main Avenue S, renton, WA 98057; 800-324-WMEA. Membership office: 1806 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston VA 20191; 800-336-3768. MEMBERS: Call address changes to NAfME: 800-336-3768. Copyright 2023 by the Washington Music Educators Association. Thank you to all who have supported our 2022 Spring Fundraising Drive. We look forward to seeing more of you at the 2023 conference and honor group events! If you haven’t already, you may donate on the WMEA website www.org. (See “Donate” button on the Home Page in the right hand side bar)

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


WMEA Executive Board

Secretary/Trea- surer Carole Leander Anacortes School District (c) 253-381-5703 secretarytreasurer@ wmea.org

President-Elect Frank Lewis St.Charles Borromeo Catholic School K-8 (c) 509-949-1815 presidentelect@ wmea.org

Past President Karen Helseth Shorewood HS Shoreline School District (C) 206-779-630 pastpresident@ wmea.org

Vice President Maegan Ley Frontier Middle School Moses Lake School District (c) 509-949-1815 vicepresident@wmea. org

President Ron Gerhardstein Pacific Lutheran University (c) 253-948-6465 president@wmea.org

Elementary East Courtney Vetter Garfield Elementary Spokane School District (c) 509-845-2576 elementaryeast@ wmea. org

Administration Carol Peterson Spokane School District 509-435-1006 administration@ wmea.org

Band Meghan Wagner Auburn Riverside High School, Auburn School District 253-209-3618 band@wmea.org

Choral Kasey Eck Steilacoom School District (c)253-273-1399 choral@wmea.org

Elementary West Kelly Foster Griffin Moorlands Elementary Northshore School District (c) 425-681-9966 elementarywest@ wmea.org

College/University Bruce Walker Columbia Basin College Richland (c) 618-409-0370 collegeuniversity@ wmea.org

Executive Director

CWMEA President-Elect Anna Messenger

Jazz Jeff Chang Decature High school Federal Way School District (c) 360-305-2840 jazz@wmea.org

Orchestra Jerilynn Harris Spokane School District (c) 360-560-1859 orchestra@wmea.org

Small Schools Rachel Lake Illwaco High School Illwaco School District 360-244-2573 smallschools@ wmea.org

CWMEA President Liz Harvey Central Washington University wmeacollegiate@ gmail.com

Scott Ketron EWU & CWU 425-712-9632 Scott.ketron@wmea. org

University of Washington

annamessenger. music@gmail.com

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


Message from WMEA President Ron Gerhardstein

Learning and Growing Through the New and Unknown

W elcome to the New Year! I hope that this year is filled with tremendous joy for all of us in the music education community both personally and professionally. The winter break is always a good time to take stock in all the best that we have collectively as music educators – the gift of our students and the honor that it truly is to bring

for the WMEA All-State Task Force Committee that went out to our membership in November. The board posed questions in that document in areas where we would sim - ply like to hear from our membership and to learn more about what is working and what is not regarding All-State. We are doing our best to be organized and thoughtful in this process given a short time frame. We all have times professionally where it feels like we are building the air - plane at the same time as learning how to fly. The work surrounding the All-State Task Force feels a bit that way to me, but I am thankful to members who volunteered their service right away. As I write this reflection, we are work - ing on putting the committee together. Please share your feedback with the committee when the time comes. Be on the lookout for messages from the WMEA office on how you can lend your voice. Growth Can Blossom from Change When I reflect back on my career and with this theme of learning and growth in mind, it becomes clear that the most growth happened in moments that involved the most change. It was times of transition whether planned or not. It was times that forced me to dive in and just figure things out whether or not I was motivated to do so at the start. In my current position at PLU, I teach courses in the music education program and serve as the associate director of bands. This work tracks with what I have pri - marily done for my entire education career – I am a band director. Three things stand out as professional opportu - nities outside of being a band director that brought about significant personal growth – and to be honest some of it was a slow and painful process! I will never forget three years of directing the junior high school choir (terrifying at first – awesome by the end), taking over a section of the ethnomusicology class at PLU (painful at first – acceptable midstream – and now it’s fun), and co-teaching preschool music to 2 and 3-year-old children in graduate school (like a fish out of water at the beginning – inspired and loving it by the end). What is new in your professional world? Perhaps you are teaching a class that is brand new to you this year and this is bringing both opportunity and challenge. Maybe, you have developed a teaching unit that you are trying out for the first time that is inspiring both you and your students. Or, maybe you are working to fill a gap in your student’s experience that you have been thinking about for some time. Are you learning to play a new instrument, or doing something new for yourself musically outside of school? And, something on everyone’s mind is teaching and learning post-pandemic with all of the myriad chal - lenges that this brings – gaps in learning, reduced numbers in your feeder program, or new discoveries because of lessons learned and experimentation during the pandemic. No matter what challenges face you in this moment, I wish Continued on page 6

music to the next generation. Of course, there are and will continue to be challenges ahead both large and small. Through it all, here is hoping that we learn and grow through the process and that we come out the other side as better educators, with more skill and ability to impact our students. Challenges can bring opportunities for new learning and growth and if there is any “upside” to the last two years it is the courage to take action with the confi - dence to know that “we got this.” Recently, I have been thinking about growth opportunities for WMEA and some of the ways that I have grown as an educator over the years. New Opportunities at WMEA Here at WMEA we have several items that make the list as potential learning and growth opportunities! The first, is the move of our office from Lynnwood into a shared space at WIAA (Washington Interscholastic Activities As - sociation) in Renton. This move saves us quite a bit in our budget but it also means an extra challenge of staff mem - bers working remotely and without the benefit of regular in person collaboration. WIAA was an amazing advocacy partner during the pandemic and by sharing space in their office complex, I believe we will see many future benefits for our organization as well as organization efficiencies for WMEA. The second new thing at WMEA is the addition of Beth Fortune on our staff! We have needed some additional staff support for some time, but for months the budget was simply too tight to pull this off. For those of you who know Beth, you know already what an amazing educator and inspiring leader she is. Beth is a visionary with the heart and mind to ask hard questions and the courage to act. She is going to help us in many ways from completing everyday kinds of office tasks to partnering with our board, membership, and her fellow staff members in bold ways for our future. I am so thankful for our small, but mighty, team at WMEA - Scott Ketron (executive director), Erin Dyvig (finances), John Wetherington (student events), and now Beth. Without a dynamic support staff at WMEA it is nearly impossible to move forward in dramatic ways that mirror the realities and strength of our organization – the 10 th largest MEA in our country. The biggest new challenge that we have at WMEA is the formation of an Ad Hoc Committee to take a look at our high school All-State honor group event. Hopefully, you have had a chance to read the supporting document

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


President Ron Gerhardstein from Page 5 you well through the process. One way to energize our teaching practice, and a place to learn and grow with like-minded friends and colleagues is to attend the NAfME-NW Division Confer - ence in Bellevue. The conference is sure to be just what we need. A space for inspiration. A place to reconnect. And, an opportunity for learning and growth. I am look - ing forward to seeing you there! Wishing you all the best in the year to come, Ron

The cost for running All-State increases each year, no matter where it is held. YME has provided enough support to keep pace enough to moderate the rising fees, but this was not the initial intention of the fund program. The inten - tion was to reduce or eliminate the fees. Eliminating the fees while providing a world class experience was always the goal. YME reduces about 17% of the overall cost of All State and provides approximately $17,000 each year to individual families who need help with the fees. All-State students never forget their expereince. Let’s make sure all deserving student can have this option.

Donate Online at www.wmea.org. Click the donate button in the side bar, choose YME

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Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


From the Executive Director scott.ketron@wmea.org

NAfME Northwest Division Events: A lot to look forward to! N AfME Northwest Division Conference/ All-Northwest years are amazing. The

where very seat is a good seat. (Tickets for sale on in your Opus registration or on wmea.org) The concert is sponsored by the University of Montana. The band will also be offering up a total of three Jazz Sessions, one on Friday and two on Saturday. A special guest retired professor from the University of Alabama, Mark Malone will be presenting a voice recital/ session Celebrating the Life and Work of African American composer William L. Dawson, featuring a soprano Sylvia Jones. singing examples of Dawson’s songs. We were also able to secure some of the honor group conductors as session presenters thanks to the new honor group schedule. We have sessions featuring honor group conductors, Erin Bodnar, Emily Moss, and Felipe Torres. It is a great year for elementary and general music teachers! Peripole is sponsoring two talented presenters Kalani Das and Chelsea Cook complementing the package is Elementary Headliner Karen Salvador from Michigan State University. Because of the shortened honor group schedule, it is logistically impossible to run the College Fair this year. Colleges will still find some love in a special advertising deal for colleges and universities. That said the Sunday sessions schedule is robust, like Saturday with 5 session blocks! Sunday sessions will run from 8:30 AM to 3:45 PM with the WMEA Junior All-State Concerts beginning at 4:30 PM. READING SESSIONS! Yes, we have hosted reading sessions Thursday evening at 7:30 PM watch for a reception and no host bar that evening. There will be sessions for Band, Orchestra, Choir, and Elementary/ General and Jazz music teachers to kick off the weekend. Check teh schedule in this edition of Voice which will list some details. Music by under recognized arrangers and composers as well as some nuggets that you might not have thought of for a while will be featured in all the reading sessions.

distance across the northwest division is greater than the distance from San Fransico to New York, and yet students and teachers come together to celebrate music and music education from as far as Barrow Alaska to Cheyene Wyoming. At 2,725 miles these two cities are farther

apart than the 2,586 miles separating New York and San Fransico! Not to mention that in some years students come in from remote places like the Aleutian Islands, or any of the communities out on the high plains east of the Rockey Mountains. The 48 th Biannual NAfME Northwest Division Conference in Bellevue, Washington is as diverse as the division that it serves. The honor groups are a center piece of the weekend. This will be our first year together since 2019! The schedule was adjusted this year to keep the WMEA events separate from the NAfME Northwest Honor Groups, except for the WMEA Jr Jazz Band who will be featured with the NW Jazz Band/Choir concert Saturday February 18. With the housing policy changes and an awareness of costs there is one fewer night in hotels. The WMEA All State Concerts conclude on Friday evening while the NAfME All-Northwest concerts will end on Saturday afternoon for the band, orchestra, and choirs. The Jazz Concert will be on Saturday evening. In 2017 leadership was made aware that the difference between performance venues was not ok. Try as we may we were not able to secure a second auditorium as nice as Benaroya Hall. That possibility exists in Seattle, but the other halls are busy. So, we kept everything in Bellevue. With most of the activity at the Meydenbauer Center. The Northwest Choirs (minus the WMEA Choir) will perform in a reconfigured Hyatt Grand Ball Room. There should be

plenty of seats in these separate but equal spaces. You may want to visit www.wmea.org to view the preliminary conference schedule. We look forward to concert hours that feature school groups from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington ranging from middle school to adult community groups like the PLU Ringers or the Northwest Brass Ensemble. Sammy Miller and the Congregation, an energetic, imaginative band out of New York will wrap up the first full day of sessions with a professional jazz concert In the Meydenbauer Theatre, We are always grateful to Yamaha, Ted Brown Music, JW Pepper, Manhasset Music Stands, Peripole, Hamond Ashley and new this year the West Coast Drum Shop (Formerly Bennett Drums) for providing support in the form of artists, equipment, and music. NAfME graciously has lent us President Scott Sheehan as the Keynote for Northwest Division General Session. It is going to be a great conference. We look forward to seeing you! Session Proposals and Performing Group Auditions for the 2024 WMEA State Conference Open now www.wmea.org SUBMISSION DEADLINE APRIL 15, 2023

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


WMEA Thanks Our Partner Members

901 Broadway, Suite 500 Tacoma, WA 98402-4415 info@tysamusic.org, https:// www.tysamusic.org/ Ted Brown Music Whitney Grisaffi, 6228 Tacoma Mall BLVD Taco - ma, WA 98409 whitney@tedbrownmusic. com, https://www.tedbrown - music.com/ The Mighty Quinn Brass and Winds MATTHEW STOECKER, Su - preme Commander 15319 NE 92nd Street Red - mond, WA 98052 THE_MIGHTY_QUINN@MSN. COM, http://www.brassand - winds.com University of Puget Sound School of Music Pam Taylor, 1500 N Warner St, CMB #1047 Tacoma, WA 98416 pataylor@pugetsound.edu, http://www.pugetsound.edu VSAA Lyn Rush, 5411 NE 34TH ST, Unit B, Unit B VANCOUVER, WA 98661 lynariq@gmail.com, Walla Walla Symphony Leah Wilson-Velasco, CEO PO Box 92 Walla Walla, WA 99362 leah@wwsymphony.org, http://www.wwsymphony.org Yakima Convention Center Connie Upton, General Manager 10 N 8th Street Yakima, WA 98901 connie@yakimacenter.com, https://yakimacenter.com/ Yakima Symphony Orchestra David Rogers, Execu tive Director 32 N 3rd St #333 Yakima, WA 98901 director@ysomusic.org, http://www.ysomusic.org/ Yakima Valley Tourism Brynn Johnson, Director of Sales 10 North 8th Street Yakima, WA 98901 brynn@visityakima.com, https://yakimavalleytourism. com/

98033 ailisa@kpcenter.org, https:// www.kpcenter.org/ Mad Robin Music and Dance Margaret Swain, Owner 7511 Greenwood Ave N #806 Seattle, WA 98103 margaret@madrobinmusic. com, https://www.madrobin - music.com/ Manhasset Specialty Com- pany Jason Carter, General Man - ager P O Box 2518 Yakima, WA 98907 Jason@manhasset-specialty. com, https://www.manhas - set-specialty.com/ Mid-Columbia Mastersingers Lori Fregin, Managing Director 1177 Jadwin Ave, Suite 110 Richland, WA 99352 lfregin@mcmastersingers.org, https://mcmastersingers.org/ Midsummer Musical Retreat Gennie Winkler, Chair PMB 2255 12345 Lake City Way NE Seattle, WA 98125 midsummer@musicalretreat. org, http://www.musicalre - treat.org/ Music and Arts Kate Bittle, Marketing Coordi - nator-School Services 5295 Westview Drive, Suite 300 Frederick, MD 21703 Kate.Bittle@musicarts.com, Music4Life David Endicott, 422 1st Ave W Apt 101 Seat - tle, WA 98119 David@Music4Life.org, https://www.music4life. org/school-district-projects/ king-county/highline-pub - lic-schools Northwest Kodaly Educators Katie Lehman, 3910 S Hudson St. Unit A Seattle, WA 98118 nw.kodaly@gmail.com, https://nwkodaly.org Northwest Music Mentors James Cutler, 3549 NE 182ND ST Lake For - est Park, WA 98155-4221 jim@northwestmusicmen - tors.org, https://northwest - musicmentors.org

Peripole Andrew Perry, PO Box 12909 Salem, OR 97309 contact@peripole.com, https://www.peripole.com/ pages/home Portland Orff-Schulwerk Association Eric Griebenow, Secretary 17412 44th Ave E J-202 Taco - ma, WA 98446 eric.griebenow@gmail.com, http://portlandorff.org Seattle JazzED Kelly Clingan, Education Director 380 Boren Ave N Seattle, WA 98109 kelly@seattlejazzed.org, http://www.seattlejazzed.org Seattle Symphony Sarah Beske, EDCE Manager PO Box 21906 Seattle, WA 98111 education@seattlesymphony. org, https://www.seattlesym - phony.org Soundwaves Recording Dan Canalos, Owner 4708 Surfside Dr Huron, OH 44839-9500 Dan@soundwaves.org, http:// soundwaves.org Symphony Tacoma Li-Ling Liao, Education Coor - dinator 901 Broadway Suite 600 Tacoma, WA 98402 education@symphonytaco - ma.org, https://symphonyta - coma.org Tacoma Concert Band Stefanie Octave, President PO Box 64922 University Place, WA 98464 soctave25@gmail.com, http://www.tacomaconcert - band.org/ Tacoma Youth Chorus Judith Herrington, Artistic Director P.O. Box 64734 Lakewood, WA 98464 judy@tacomayouthchorus. org, https://www.tacomay - outhchorus.org Tacoma Youth Symphony Association, Inc Minna Stelzner, Engagement Manager

Everett, WA 98204 hornfreude@hotmail.com, https://www.everettphil.org Hammond Ashley Violins Bryce Van Parys, Vice Pres - ident 970 5th ave nw Issaquah, WA 98027 Bryce@hammondashley.com, https://www.hammondash - ley.com Henry Bischofberger Violins, LLC Debbie Amandoli, Owner 5807 114th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98033 henry@hkbviolins.com, https://kirklandviolins.com/ Highline Community Sym- phonic Band Paul Sayan, 27431 172nd Ave Se, Apart - ment 203 Covington, WA 98042 PSayan@hotmail.com, http:// www.highlinecommunitysym - phonicband.org/ Inland Empire Orff Chapter Heather Carpenter, Treasurer 2419 S. Timberlane Dr. Spo - kane Valley, WA 99037 inlandempireorff@gmail.com, https://sites.google.com/site/ inlandempireorfforg/ Issaquah Philharmonic Orchestra Sue Byron, President PO Box 1466 Issaquah, WA 98027 finance@iphil.org, https:// iphil.org/ J W Pepper & Son, Inc Ashli Rulien, Regional Account Manager 6459 Camino Verde Drive San Jose, CA 95119 arulien@jwpepper.com, https://www.jwpepper.com/ sheet-music/welcome.jsp Jupiter/Mapex/Majestic Brent Rosborough, Customer Experience Support Manager 12020 Volunteer Blvd Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 brent.rosborough@khsmusic. com, http://khs-america.com Kirkland Performance Center Ailisa Newhall, Director of Community Programs and Education 350 Kirkland Ave Kirkland, WA

Business, Community, and Associations Apples to Zebras Insurance - A Horace Mann Agency Jennifer McKasson, Owner 19105 36th Ave W, Ste 101 Lynnwood, WA 98036 jennifer.mckasson@ horacemann.com, https://agents.horacemann. com/JenniferMcKasson Beacock Music Company Philip Hodapp, Director School Services Division 1420 SE 163rd Ave Vancouver, WA 98683 philiphodapp@gmail.com, https://beacockmusic.com/ Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra Kevin Vortmann, Executive Director 12310 NE 8th #201 Bellevue, WA 98005 executivedirector@byso.org, https://www.byso.org/ Blaine Harbor Music Festival and Camp Glenn Tuski, Board Advisor 827 3rd St Blaine, WA 98230 gdtuski@gmail.com, https:// www.blaineharbormusicfes - tival.org Brass Band Northwest John Stava, 1717 Bellevue Way NE Bellev - ue, WA 98004 jstava0795@comcast.net, http://www.brassbandnw.org Chamber Music Guild Virginia Wright, Managing Director PO BOX 27164 Seattle, WA 98165 office@chambermusicguild. org, http://www.chambermu - sicguild.org/ Chinook Music Service Steve Sturzl, Owner 199 Eastmont East Wenatchee, WA 98802 majorscale@aol.com, https:// chinookmusic.com/ Everett Philharmonic Or- chestra Judith Lamb, EPO Board Secretary 12530 Admiralty Way #F104

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


WMEA Partner Members

Eisenhower High School Laurel Kaschmitter, Teacher 611 S 44th Ave Yakima, WA 98908 kaschmitter.laurel@ysd7.org, Ellensburg High School Gay Ott, Choral Director 1203 E Capitol Ave Ellensburg, WA 98926 gay.ott@esd401.org, Evergreen (Redmond) Middle School Eric Peterson, Band Director 6900 208th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98053 epeterson@lwsd.org, Evergreen Middle School Christa Phillipson, Choir Teacher 7621 Beverly Lane Everett, WA 98203 cphillipson@everettsd.org, https://www.everettsd.org/ evergreenms Ferndale High School Laura Joseph, District Music Coordinator 5830 Golden Eagle Dr Ferndale, WA 98248-0428 Laura.Joseph@Ferndalesd. org, Ferrucci Junior High Kayla Hoots, Teacher - Choir 3213 Wildwood Park Dr Puyallup, WA 98374-1399 HOOTSKN@PUYALLUP.K12. WA.US, https://fjh.puyallup. k12.wa.us/ Glacier Peak High School Tadd Morris, 7401 144th Pl SE Snohomish, WA 98296 tadd.morris@sno.wednet. edu, https://www.grizzlyband. org/ Gov. John R. Rogers High School Justin Wisness, Choir Director 12801 86th Ave E Puyallup, WA 98373-2504 wisnesjh@puyallup.k12. wa.us, Great Falls High School Dusty Molyneaux, Music and Art Supervisor P.O. Box 2429 Great Falls, MT 59403 dusty-molyneaux@gfps.k12. mt.us,

Chinook (Bellevue) Middle School Linda Harter, Band Director 2001 98th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004 mangumM@bsd405.org, https://bsd405.org/chinook/ Clarkston High School Greg Kolar, 401 Chestnut Ave. Clarkston, WA 99403-2673 kolsrg@csdk12.org, Colville School District Wyatt Hurst, Music Director 217 S. Hofstetter St Colville, WA 99114-2632 wyatt.hurst@colsd.org, https://www.colsd.org/ Curtis High School Matthew Grenzner, Orchestra Director 8425 40th St West University Place, WA 98466 mgrenzner@upsd.wednet. edu, https://chs.upsd83.org/ Eastlake High School Valerie Harris, Orchestra Director 400 228th Ave NE Sammamish, WA 98074 vharris@lwsd.org, Eastside Catholic School Jonathan Boysen, Band Director, Department Chair 232 228th Ave SE Sammamish, WA 98074 jboysen@eastsidecatholic. org, Edmonds School District Scott Barnes, Manager of Visual and Performing Arts 20420 68th Ave W Lynnwood, WA 98036-7400 barnessc@edmonds.wednet. edu, http://edmonds.wednet. edu Edmonds-Woodway High School Jake Bergevin, Director of Bands & Department Chair 7600 212th St SW Edmonds, WA 98026-7556 bergevinj@edmonds.wednet. edu, Einstein Middle School Karen Helseth, orchestra teacher 19343 3rd AVE NW Shoreline, WA 98177 karen.helseth@ssd412.org,

Capital High School Leah Dowers, Department Head 2707 Conger Ave W Olympia, WA 98502-4590 ldowers@osd.wednet.edu, http://capital.osd.wednet.edu Carmichael Middle School Sarah Berglund, Orchestra Teacher 620 Thayer Drive Richland, WA 99352 sarah.berglund@rsd.edu, Cascade (Leavenworth) High School Jace Rowland, Band Director 10190 Chumstick Hwy Leavenworth, WA 98826 jrowland@cascadesd.org, Centralia High School Lauri Johnson, Lauri Johnson, Stasia Habersetzer 813 Eshom Rd Centralia, WA 98531-1599 ljohnson@centralia.wednet. edu, Charles M Russell High School Steve Olsen, Director P.O. Box 2429 Great Falls, Mt 59403 steve_olson@gfps.k12.mt.us, Chehalis School District Adam Campagna, WFW Band Director 342 SW 16th St Chehalis, WA 98532 acampagna@chehalisschools. org, https://chehalisschools. org/ Chelan High School Stephen Burdick, Band Director P O Box 369 Chelan, WA 98816 burdicks@chelanschools.org, https://www.chelanschools. org/ 460 N 6th St Cheney, WA aknight@cheneysd.org, Chief Joseph Middle School Maxine Townson, Choir Director 504 Wilson St Richland, WA 99352-2973 Maxine.townson@rsd.edu, Cheney School District Annie Knight, CHS Choir Director

Bellingham High School Nick Strobel, Orchestra Director 2020 Cornwall Ave Bellingham, WA 98225-3698 nick.strobel@ bellinghamschools.org, Bethel High School John Wetherington, Band Director 22215 38th Ave E Spanaway, WA 98387-6828 jwethering@bethelsd.org, http://www.edline.net/pages/ bsd403_bhs Black Hills High School Andrew Landowski, Band Director 7741 Littlerock Rd SW Tumwater, WA 98512-7427 arlandowski@gmail.com, Blaine High School Andrew Marshall, Choir director 1055 H St. Blaine, WA amarshall@blainesd.org, https://www.blainesd.org/ Bothell High School Trevor McNamara, Orchestra Director 9130 NE 180th Street Bothell, WA 98011-3398 tmcnamara@nsd.org, Bremerton High School Wendy McPhetres, 1500 13th St Bremerton, WA 98337-1300 bremertonschools.org/ BremertonHighSchool Bush Middle School Lisa Pearson, Orchestra Director 2120 83rd Ave SW Tumwater, WA 98512-7667 lisa.pearson@tumwater.k12. wa.us, Camas High School Ethan Chessin, 26900 SE 15th St. Camas, WA 98607 ethan.chessin@camas. wednet.edu, https://camas. wednet.edu/schools/chs/ Canyon Park Middle School K Swanson, Office Manager 23723 23rd Ave SE Bothell, WA 98021-9597 kswanson@nsd.org, wendy.mcphetres@ bremertonschools. org, https://www.

Yamaha Dave Gerhart educators@yamaha.com

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A.J. Dimond High School James Webb, 2909 W 88th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99502 webb_james@asdk12.org, Albert Einstein Middle School Mariko Lane, Band Director 19343 3rd Ave NW Shoreline, WA 98177 mariko.lane@ shorelineschools.org, https:// www.shorelineschools.org/ einstein Annie Wright Schools Annie Green, Annie K Green 827 N Tacoma Avenue Tacoma, WA 98403 annie_green@aw.org, https:// www.aw.org/ Auburn Riverside High School Melinda Wharton, Ochestra Director 501 Oravetz Rd Auburn, WA 98092-8621 mwharton@auburn.wednet. edu, Ballard High School Courtney Rowley, Director of Choirs 1418 NW 65th ST Seattle, WA 98121 chrowley@seattleschools.org, Beaver Lake Middle School Marianna Vail, Orchestra Director 25025 SE 32nd St Issaquah, WA 98029 vailm@issaquah.wednet. edu, https://www.issaquah. wednet.edu/beaverlakems/ Bellarmine Prepratory School Casey Whitson, Department Chair 2300 S Washington St Tacoma, WA 98405-1399 whitsonc@bellarmineprep. org, http://www. bellarmineprep.org/music- department/ Bellevue High School Andrew Kam, Orchestra Teacher 10416 SE Wolverine Way Bellevue, WA 98004-6600 kama@bsd405.org,

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


WMEA Partner Members

Katharine Covill, Orchestra Teacher 510 NW Greyhound Way Pullman, WA 99163 kcovill@psd267.org, https:// www.pullmanschools.org Puyallup High School Eric Ryan, Band Director 105 7th St SW Puyallup, WA 98371 ryanet@puyallup.k12.wa.us, R.A. Long High School Alison Askeland, 2903 Nichols Blvd Longview, WA 98632-2704 aaskeland@longview.k12. wa.us, Redmond High School Andy Robertson, Band Director 17272 NE 104th St Redmond, WA 98052 arobertson@lwsd.org, Redmond Middle School Ashlyn Stoddard, Teacher 10055 166th AVE NE Red - mond, WA 98052 astoddard@lwsd.org, https:// rms.lwsd.org/ Richland High School Greg Fryhling, Choral and Guitar 930 Long Ave Richland, WA 99338 greg.fryhling@rsd.edu, https://richland.rsd.edu/ Sehome High School Kristin Doud, Orchestra Director 2700 Bill McDonald Pkwy Bellingham, WA 98225 Kirstin.doud@bellingham - schools.org, https://sehome. bellinghamschools.org/ Sequim School District Florin Baros, Band Director 601 N Sequim Ave Sequim, WA 98382 fbaros@sequimschools.org, http://sequim.k12.wa.us/ highschool Sheridan High School Chad Rose, Director of Bands 1428 Taylor Ave. Sheridan, WY 82801 chad.rose@scsd2.com, Shorecrest High School Vince Caruso, Band Director 15343 25th Ave NE Shoreline, WA 98155 vince.caruso@shoreline - schools.org, https://www.

Director 4333 Factoria Blvd. SE Bellev - ue, WA 98006 bloughb@bsd405.org, North Kitsap High School Bryce Adams, Band Director 1780 NW Hostmark Poulsbo, WA 98370 badams@nkschools.org, http://nkhs.nkschools.org/ North Thurston High School Darren Johnson, Band teacher 600 Sleater Kinney Rd NE Lacey, WA 98506-5257 djohnson1@nthurston.k12. wa.us, Odle Middle School Chase Chang, Orchestra Director 502 143rd Ave. NE Bellevue, WA 98007-4125 chasechang@hotmail.com, https://bsd405.org/odle/ Olympia High School Dan Schwartz, Department Head 1302 North St Olympia, WA 98501 dschwart@osd.wednet. edu, http://osd.wednet.edu/ schools/schools#olympia- high-school Pacific Cascade Middle School Phillip Dungey, Band teacher 24635 SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd Issaquah, WA 98029 dungeyp@issaquah.wednet. edu, Pine Lake Middle School Cindy Elder, Orchestra Director 3095 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd Sammamish, WA 98075 elderc@issaquah.wednet. edu, https://www.issaquah. wednet.edu/pinelakems Pioneer Middle School (Stei- lacoom) Katie Elshire, Choir Director 1750 Bob’s Hollow Ln DuPont, WA 98327 kelshire@steilacoom.k12. wa.us, Port Angeles High School Nathan Rodahl, Orchestra Director 304 E Park Ave Port Angeles, WA 98362 nrodahl@portangelesschools. org, Pullman High School

Lynnwood High School Amy Stevenson, Music De - partment Chair 18218 North Rd Bothell, WA 98012 stevensona@edmonds. wednet.edu, https://lhs. edmonds.wednet.edu/ Mariner High School Chris Angelos, Band Director 200 120th St SW Everett, WA 98204-5799 angeloscc@mukilteo.wednet. edu, Mark Morris High School Kiz Schumann, 1602 Mark Morris Ct Longview, WA 98632-3926 kschumann@longview.k12. wa.us, Meadowdale High School Jeff Horenstein, Music Depart - ment Director 6002 168th St SW Lynnwood, WA 98037 horensteinj@gmail.com, http://meadowdalemusic.org Medical Lake High School Heidi Peterson, Choir Teacher 200 E. Barker Street Medical Lake, WA 99022 hpeterson@mlsd.org, Mercer Island High School Parker Bixby, Fine Arts Coor - dinator 9100 SE 42nd St Mercer Island, WA 98040-4199 Parker.Bixby@mercerisland - schools.org, https://www. mercerislandschools.org/mihs Monroe High School Lisa Ray, Director of Instru - mental Music/District Music Coordinator 17001 Tester Rd Monroe, WA 98272 RayL@monroe.wednet.edu, Morgan Middle School Gay Ott, 1300 E 3rd Ave Ellensburg, WA 98926 gay.ott@esd401.org, https:// www.esd401.org/middle - school Mount Si High School Bill Leather, Band Director 8651 Meadowbrook Way Snoqualmie, WA 98065 mtsi.band.boosters@gmail. com, Newport High School Barney Blough, Orchestra

WA 98034-2872 tboggd@lwsd.org, Kalles Junior High School Jason Brinker, Choir Director 501 7th Avenue SE Puyallup, WA 98372-3299 brinkjr@puyallup.k12.wa.us, Kamiak High School Brian Steves, 10801 Harbour Pointe Blvd Mukilteo, WA 98275-5137 StevesBP@mukilteo.wednet. edu, Kelly Walsh High School Katrina Rooney, Choir Teacher 3500 E. 12th St Casper, WY 82609 katrina_rooney@ natronaschools.org, http:// kellywalsh.org Kentridge High School Brian Akesson, Director of Instrumental Music 12430 S.E. 208th St. Kent, WA 98031 brian.akesson@kent.k12. wa.us, Kentwood High School Daisy Emans, Choir Teacher 25800 164th Ave SE Covington, WA 98042-8248 daisy.emans@kent.k12.wa.us, Lake Washington High School Heidi Menzenberg-Zvilna, Band Director 12033 NE 80th St Kirkland, WA 98033 hmenzenbergzvilna@lwsd. org, http://lwsd.org/school/ lwhs Lakeside School Erica Johansen, Orchestra Director 14050 1st Ave NE Seattle, WA 98125 erica.johansen@lakesides - chool.org, Leona Libby Middle School Mike Bryan, Band Director 3259 Belmont Blvd West Richland, WA 99353 michael.bryan@rsd.edu, Liberty Middle School Erik Edmundson, 1612 NE Garfield Street Cam - as, WA 98607 erik.edmundson@camas. wednet.edu, http://schools. camas.wednet.edu/liberty/

H.M. Jackson High School Craig Schell, 1508 136th St. SE Mill Creek, WA 98012 cschell@everettsd.org, https://www.everettsd.org/ jacksonhigh Hanford High School Chris Newbury, 450 Hanford St Richland, WA 99354 chris.newbury@rsd.edu, Icicle River Middle School Isabella Garcia, Choir Director 10195 Titus Rd Leavenworth, WA 98826 igarcia@cascadesd.org, https://www.cascadesd.org/ icicleriver IMEA: Teton High School Kristy Romano, Music teacher 555 Ross Ave Driggs, ID 83422 kristyaromano@gmail.com, Inglemoor High School Charlie Fix, Instrumental Music Director 15500 Simonds Rd NE Kenmore, WA 98028-4430 cfix@nsd.org, Interlake High School Shira Katsman, Orchestra Director 16245 NE 24th St Bellevue, WA 98008 katsmans@bsd405.org, https://bsd405.org/interlake/ International School Anna Silarski, Department Chair 445 128th Ave SE Bellevue, WA 98005 silarskia@bsd405.org, Islander Middle School David Bentley, Teacher 8225 SE 72nd Mercer Island, WA 98040 David.Bentley@ mercerislandschools. org, https://www. mercerislandschools.org/ domain/9 Jag Tunes Music Boosters Scott Fry, Music Department Head 12405 184th St E Puyallup, WA 98374 fryjs@puyallup.k12.wa.us,

https://jagtunes.org Juanita High School

Tatiana Boggs, Choir Director 10601 NE 132nd St Kirkland,

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


WMEA Partner Members

98589 bowerlya@tenino.k12.wa.us, Tesla STEM High School Matthew Kruse, Orchestra & Choir Director 4301 228th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98053 makruse@lwsd.org, https:// tesla.lwsd.org/ The Overlake School Erin Gabriel, Arts Department Chair 20301 NE 108th St Redmond, WA 98053 egabriel@overlake.org, https://www.overlake.org/ Tillicum Middle School Gwyn Barkman, 1280 160th Ave. SE Bellevue, WA 98008 barkmang@bsd405.org, Timberline Middle School Ryan Beise, Teacher 9900 Redmond Ridge Dr NE Redmond, WA 98053 rbeise@lwsd.org, https://tms. lwsd.org/ Tonasket School District Jan Farnsworth, Elementary Music Teacher 35 State Highway 20 Tonasket, WA 98855-9601 jan.farnsworth@tonasket. wednet.edu, Tumwater High School Rachel Landowski, Choir Director 700 Israel Rd SW Tumwater, WA 98501-5499 rachel.landowski@tumwater. k12.wa.us, Tumwater Middle School Andrew Landowski, Music Coordinator 6335 Littlerock Rd SW Tumwa - ter, WA 98512 andrew.landowski@tumwa - ter.k12.wa.us, Tyee Middle School Michelle Steinberg, Office Manager 13630 SE Allen Rd Bellevue, WA 98006-1443 steinbergm@bsd405.org, Walla Walla School District Roger Garcia, District Music Coordinator 906 Chase Ave Walla Walla, WA 99362 rgarcia@wwps.org, Washington (Olympia) Middle School

shorelineschools.org/sho - recrest Shorewood High School Karen Helseth, Music Depart - ment Head 17300 Fremont Ave N Shore - line, WA 98133 karen.helseth@shoreline - schools.org, https://www. shorelineschools.org/shore - wood Skykomish School Distirct # 404 Christina Daniels, Business Manager PO Box 325 Skykomish, WA 98288-0325 cdaniels@skykomish.wednet. edu, Snohomish High School Liz Dickson, Snohomish Band Boosters President 1316 5th St Snohomish, WA 98290 President@snohomishband - boosters.org, https://www. sno.wednet.edu/Domain/8 South Kitsap School District Keira Melwine, 425 Mitchell Ave Port Or - chard, WA 98366-4114 merwine@skschools.org, Spanaway Middle School Sophia Goodenberger, choir 15701 East “B” St Tacoma, WA 98445-1198 sgoodenber@bethelsd.org, http://www.edline.net/pages/ bsd403_sms Squalicum High School Mary Marshall, Department Chair 3773 E McLeod Rd Belling - ham, WA 98226 mary.marshall@bellingham - schools.org, Steilacoom High School Kasey Eck, Choral Director 54 Sentinel Dr Steilacoom, WA 98388-1699 keck@steilacoom.k12.wa.us, Sumner High School Karlene Sandoval, Choir Director 1707 Main Street Sumner, WA 98390 karlene_miles@sumnersd. org, https://www.sumnersd. org/shs Tenino High School Andrew Bowerly, 500 W 2nd Ave Tenino, WA

music@gonzaga.edu, https:// www.gonzaga.edu/college-of- arts-sciences/departments/ music Pacific Lutheran University Department of Music Mercedi Benieni, Admin 12180 Park Ave S Tacoma, WA 98447 mbenien@plu.edu, https:// John Guarente, Professor of Choral Ensembles & Music Theory 2011 Mottman Rd SW Olympia, WA 98512-6292 jguarente@spscc.edu, University of Idaho Spencer Martin, 875 Perimeter Dr MS 4015 www.plu.edu/music/ South Puget Sound Community College University of Portland Don Norton, Associate Professor of Music 5000 North Willamette Boulevard Portland, OR 97203 nortond@up.edu, http:// up.edu University of Washington, School of Music Katie Beisel Hollenbach, Admissions and Recruitment Box 353450 Seattle, WA 98195-3450 SoMadmit@uw.edu, http:// music.washington.edu Washington State University, School of Music Dean Luethi, Director P O Box 645300 Pullman, WA 99164-5300 music@wsu.edu, http://www. wsu.edu Western Washington University Anne Melo, Department Manager Department of Music MS 9107, PA 273 MS 9107 Bellingham, WA 98225 Anne.melo@wwu.edu, https://cfpa.wwu.edu/music Whitworth University Ben Brody, 300 W Hawthorne Rd Spokane, WA 99251 bbrody@whitworth.edu, https://www.whitworth.edu/ cms/academics/music/ Moscow, ID 83844 band@uidaho.edu,

Stacy Brown, Choir Director 3100 Cain Road SE Olympia, WA 98501 sbrown@osd.wednet.edu, http://washington.osd. wednet.edu Wenatchee High School Dawn McCormick, Choir Teacher 1101 Millerdale Ave Wenatchee, WA 98801 mccormick.d@wenatchee - schools.org, West Valley (Yakima) Junior High School Megan Goranson, Choir Teacher 7505 Zier Road YAKIMA, WA 98908-5726 megangoranson@hotmail. com, West Valley High School Vocal - Yakima Peter Krum, Choir Director 9800 Zier Rd Yakima, WA 98908 krump@wvsd208.org, https:// hs.wvsd208.org/ Whitman Middle School Melanie Gunn, Teacher 9201 15th Ave NW Seattle, WA 98117-2336 magunn@seattleschools.org, Woodinville High School Loren Tanksley, Director of Instrumental Music 19819 136th Ave NE Woodin - ville, WA 98072-8798 ltanksley@nsd.org, https:// woodinville.nsd.org/

Higher Education

Central Washington University Teresa Larsen, Secretary Supervisor 400 E University Way Ellensburg, WA 98926-7458 teresa.Larsen@cwu.edu Eastern Washington University Jonathan Middleton, Jonathan Newell Middleton Music Building 119 Cheney, WA 99004 jmiddleton@ewu.edu, http://www.ewu.edu/CALE/

Programs/Music.xml Gonzaga University Peter Hamlin, Music Department Chair 502 East Boone, AD-79 Spokane, WA 99258

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


We believe that teaching, creating, performing, and listening to music brings out the joy and beauty of humanity. Our graduates live a life in music with passion and dedication and strive to make their community and the world a better place.


Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


Ann Medellin, NAfME Northwest Representative for National Council of Music Program Leaders

I t is an honor to be serving a second term as Northwest Representative of NAfME’s Council of Music Program Leaders. I meet with the leader representatives from the West coast, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast regions once a month, thanks to ZOOM. The council discusses the state of music education, leadership,

• Creating a Diverse Workforce: Social Justice in Music Education through the Recruitment and Retention of Minority Music Educators • A Framework for Evaluating Music Teacher Evaluation Criteria • Working with the Music Administration to Facilitate Large-Scale Transformations to a Music Education Curriculum in order to meet the needs of our Changing Student Population • Leader or Manager – What’s the Difference and Why it is Important to be Both! • The Art of Facilitation: Navigating Race, Culture, and Difference within Organizations • Expand Your Comprehensive Curriculum and Serve a New Student Population through the Implementation of a Music Business and Industry Program Keynote Address: “If You Don’t • Know, I Can’t Tell You!” Dr. Peter Loel Boonshaft, Director of Education, Jupiter Band Instruments; Professor Emeritus, Hofstra University After the forum was over, I presided on six different professional development sessions. I found two to be particularly meaningful. The first was the research work of Professor Quinton Parker who is from UNC Greensboro. The title of his research: We Wear the Mask: The Lived Experiences of Black Undergraduate Music Education Students in Predominantly White Schools of Music At the heart of this study lies the question, “What does it mean to be a Black student in a predominantly White school of music?” This study allows that question to be answered by those best positioned to answer it. This was a powerful moment of honesty and clarity. This particular session caused me to deeply reflect and truly ask a lot of questions. A second session that was very powerful was “Music Teachers Needed! Recruiting for the Profession”. Sandy Goldie from Virginia Commonwealth and Angela Ammerman from George Mason University collaborated in this session. I have been a big believer in cultivating and identifying students who aspire or show signs of being an educator, but these two nailed it. If we don’t identify students early for this important profession called teaching, then music education will be out of reach for many and will soon affect not just the classroom, but our university programs as well as future performing arts groups. It’s important to remember that it’s not just about performing, it’s about developing musicianship, leadership, and the love of learning, and before you know it, a teacher might be born. Lastly, I heard amazing speakers at this conference from Paul R. Lehman, former NAfME President, to Cindy Marten, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education. This was an

and prepares rich professional development in the form of on-line colloquiums and national forums. Our colloquiums have become very popular for music education leaders across the nation looking to improve networking capacities and to learn and discuss improving their district’s music education programs. The leadership of this council has been carefully steered by past president, Michael Stone, and now current President, Annamarie Bollino. I have been utterly inspired by this council and their leadership! We have already had several colloquiums which have covered topics such as addressing challenges for music supervisors and leaders, finding fresh perspectives for a new year, budget busting strategies, and finally courageous collaboration, which was curated by Beth Fortune and myself. There is more to come as the year is still young! In addition, we held a “Meet and Greet” with new program leaders in September, which fueled a lot of conversation and networking. The council hopes to revisit and reconnect leaders with a follow up meeting mid-year as this seemed very popular and critical for new leadership. I have personally been inspired with all the topics covered and hope that my Washington and Northwest region music teachers, coordinators, administrators, and university leaders consider joining these enriching opportunities as a part of your personal growth and leadership. This is a great way to be inspired, rejuvenated, and aware of latest trends and information from across the nation. Most importantly, all these are offered because of your NAfME membership. Most recently, I flew to Washington DC to participate in the Council’s National Forum in conjunction with the National Conference. Since joining the council, I had never experienced an in-person event at the national level. I strongly encourage our northwest leaders and teachers to get to next year’s forum, it’s amazing! The leaders/ teachers you meet and the rich professional development you receive is necessary for leadership growth and music education cultivation. Here is what was curated at this year’s forum: • Rebuilding the Music Community as Leaders through the Lens of Culturally Responsive Framework after COVID-19 • A Campfire Discussion: Courageous Conversations on Race, Representation, and Access in Music Education

Medellin contiued Page 14

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


Anne Medellin Continued

better understand what you might be needing or seeking. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s Northwest Division Profesional Development Conference. Beth Fortune and I will be presenting a session on Saturday and we invite you to join us. In parting, t’s important to establish a good routine of feeding your professional growth in conjunction with your local and state associations. Stay happy, healthy, engaged, and mindful of your intentions both for you and your community.

inspiring moment in my development as an educator, teacher, and leader. I want to encourage my colleagues to get involved in our colloquiums and forums. This is an opportunity for our council to be creative with YOU in mind. Maybe we need to reach out to higher education leaders to help them feel more connected as our music education systems have been rapidly changing over the last couple of years. I see my role as an advocate for my northwest colleagues, and I urge you to reach me so I can

Celebrating the Life and Work of William Levi Dawson a special recital session at the NAfME Northwest Conference Alabama native and celebrated African-American composer, William Levi Dawson (1899-1990), touched myriad lives with his spirituals and instrumental music. Despite encountering racial barriers in the Jim Crow Era, Dawson achieved his dream of becoming a musician, an educator, and a published composer. From 1930-1955, Dawson presided over the School of Music at Tuskegee Institute (now University) where the Choir rose to national fame under his strong and capable leadership. The Tuskegee Choir was selected to perform at the month- long opening of Radio City Music Hall in 1932-1933, sang at Carnegie Hall in 1933, performed on NBC, CBS, and ABC radio networks from 1937-1951, and appeared on television in the early 1950s. William Dawson’s Negro Folk Symphony, only the second extended work for orchestra written by an African American, was premiered in 1934 by Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra, both in Philadelphia and New York City. 2023 marks the 100th Anniversary of the publication of his first significant composition, “Jump Back Honey, Jump Back,” a setting of the Paul Laurence Dunbar Poem, “A Negro Love Song.” Dawson received compositional suggestions from Harry T. Burleigh before the piece was published in 1923. Several celebrations of William Dawson’s 125th birthday will be scheduled in 2024. Having written the seminal work on William Levi Dawson as a dissertation in 1981, Mark Hugh Malone has just com - pleted 4 years of archival research and study. The University Press of Mississippi has accepted the manuscript, “William Levi Dawson: American Music Educator,” with a publication date of April, 2023. The presentation of the narrative of Dawson’s life is enhanced by a PowerPoint of archival photos and ephemera and the performance of six little-known vocal solos written by the composer. The lecture/recital scheduled for Friday, February 17th at 11:30 AM, will feature soprano soloist, Sylvia Jones. Ms. Jones, whose hometown is Auburn, Washington, is cur - rently a candidate for the Masters degree in Church Music at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Mark Hugh Malone, a veteran music educator with over 46 years of classroom experience from preschool through college, is a frequent presenter at conventions for music educators. With multiple degrees in music education and experi - ence with the National Arts Standards, Malone has created arts integration curricula for the Mississippi Arts Commission which includes: The Mississippi Blues Trail and Beyond (2013), Mississippi History Through the Arts: A Bicentennial Journey (2017), Footprints in the Dust: The Natchez Trace (2019), as well as S.T.E.A.M. (S.T.E.M plus the Arts) lesson plans forthcom - ing in 2023.

Voice of Washington Music Educators Association January 2023


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