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Don’t just join us, own us. USA Mortgage is 100% employee-owned (and employee-loved)!

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of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

Our Culture

Work Hard [2] Play Hard [2] Share Hard [3] Give Hard [3] Reward Hard [3]

Our Benefits

401(K) Retirement Plan [4] Health Insurance [4] Student Loan Reimbursement [4] Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance & AD&D [4] Flexible Spending Account [4] Short-Term Disability [4] Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) [5]

Sales Team Support

Your Marketing Team [6] Your Technology [8] Helpdesks [10] Onboarding [11]

Questions & Answers

What Sets Us Apart? [12] How Does Corporate Support You? [12] Why Do Your New Recruits Choose Us? [13] What Made You Join Us? [13]

Our Culture What makes USA Mortgage different? Work Hard

We don’t hire employees, we hire owners. What does that mean? It means we strive to make sure every voice, every idea is heard and cultivated to create a dynamic, ever-evolving culture. Our workforce is empowered to bring their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit to the table. It also means that when we’re financially successful, our employee-owners profit. We’re also committed to hiring the best—as evidenced by our rapid growth. OUR GROWTH $1B $4B + 2018 2020

Play Hard

What’s life without a little fun? Whether it’s a social outing, team-building event, USA Mortgage athletics, or a giveaway, we try our hardest to show our co-owners how much we value them.


Share Hard

That makes working here very unique. At USA Mortgage, you don’t have co-workers, you have co-owners, and they have a vested interest in your success and work tirelessly to support your eorts. ESOPs are similar to a profit sharing plan, except it is designed to invest primarily in company stock.

Give Hard

DAS Gives is an employee-driven program that supports charities near and dear to our employees’ hearts. Since the program’s inception in 2018, our employees have volunteered hundreds of hours and helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for dozens of local charities through fundraising and donations.

Reward Hard

Through several rewards-initiatives, top performing employee-owners can win cash prizes, all-expense paid getaways, and more.


TECHNOLOGY COMPETITION Each month, 10 loan ocers will get their marketing and technology fees paid for. OTHER COMPETITIONS Loan ocers compete in other themed competitions throughout the year to win cash or other prizes!

Top-performing loan ocers qualify for our exclusive Diamond and Platinum sales clubs. This comes with an all-expenses-paid getaway to a surprise luxury resort location for you and a guest!


Our Benefits At USA Mortgage, we want our employee-owners to be happy, healthy and debt-free! Our unique benefits help our workforce achieve mental and financial health.

Student Loan Reimbursement USA Mortgage believes in the power of education. That’s why we oer the Student Loan Reimbursement Program, which oers up to $10,000 in student loan reimbursements once you are with the company 5 years. Short-Term Disability USA Mortgage through CHUBB oers the ability to choose valuable supplement benefits that meet your needs. The convenience of premium payments through payroll deduction and the ability to take most coverage’s with you is available if you change jobs or retire.

401(K) Retirement Plan You can enroll in the 401(K) plan and have a percentage of your payroll automatically deducted. USA Mortgage matches 3% of your contribution. Our company match is available to all employees, including sales!

Health Insurance A comprehensive package which includes full medical (with two options to choose from), dental and vision. Life Insurance, Supplemental Life Insurance, and AD&D All USA Mortgage employees are provided with a life insurance policy. In addition to the policy that is provided, employees may elect to supplement their life insurance with a supplemental policy.

Flexible Spending Account Employees may elect to payroll deduct on a pretax basis up to $1,500.00 annually for out of pocket medical expenses and $5,000.00 for Dependent care.


Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) ESOPs are qualified retirement plans regulated by the Federal Government. As part owners, our employees get a portion of USA Mortgage profits based on their income. Unlike other ESOPs, USA Mortgage provides both employee stock ownership as well as traditional 401(K) plans. You invest nothing, and still reap the financial benefits!


Your Marketing Team Our award-winning marketing team is not your average marketing team. We love developing top-notch marketing materials, and we’re pretty good at it, too. Discover some of the rockstars that make USA Mortgage special.

500,000 marketing pieces printed per month

Doug Hoffmann

Alec Picinich

Kailey Brady

Emily Miller

Sheila Owens

Sarah Nadler

100+ custom marketing pieces created each month 900+ social media posts published per month 60+ videos scripted, shot, and edited per month

Michelle Griebe

Mitzi Hoffman

Brandi Mackenberg

Chelsea Vonder Haar

Jakob Summers


Meet Big Foot (and Little Foot) Our printers, Big Foot and Little Foot are the very same type of printers you'd find in a production print house -- and we often have higher printer volume than many of them! Together, they can print o books, brochures, trifolds, flyers, postcards, door hangers -- you name it!

Meet Chelsea If our marketing department was a rock band (and it would top the charts), Chelsea Vonder Haar would be our lead singer. As Vice President of Marketing, she is always on the forefront of cutting-edge technology and marketing trends to provide our loan ocers the best advertising available. She is on tap to help our mortgage bankers learn all things marketing, from ordering print pieces, to creating a single-property site! She is also available for meetings with your real estate agents and other co-marketing partners to better verse them in all the ways we can help with their marketing! Social Media Meet Emily Miller, our resident social media whiz! Not only does she manage our corporate social media, she also manages our mortgage bankers' social media accounts and creates custom content for their pages. Video Meet Doug Homann and Jakob Summers, our videographers. Doug creates amazing, personalized videos for our loan ocers (at no cost), that allow them to stand out to their clients and share what makes them unique. Jakob handles our co-branded videos with real estate agents. Our fully functioning video studio oers professional lighting, cameras, audio, green screen, and much more. They’ll even make an animated video for the camera-shy.

The bottom line is… you’ve never seen a marketing department like this before! It’s huge, and armed with cutting-edge technology to make your job easier. From a full-time print room attendant that prints and cuts to order (and ships your materials directly to you), to a team of talented graphic designers and marketing coordinators who delight in creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from scratch, just for you.


Your Technology Nothing is more frustrating than outdated technology impeding a sale. At USA Mortgage, we invest in and utilize the best sales tech on the market to make sure our loan officers have the best customer-facing technology, and can focus on the parts of their job they love most.


One tool that combines loan origination, business management, and customer relationship management.

Mortgage Coach provides clearly illustrated mortgage options with detailed financials, charts, video narration, and live updates on any device ensuring an informed home loan choice. Why quote rates o a fee sheet when you can create a stunning digital presentation for your borrower (and agent) to review?

The communication tool designed to improve your batting average and turn more conversations into applications. Receive a daily coaching video from Barry Habib and beat the competition.

Get a competitive advantage with SimpleNexus, which allows you to start the loan origination process from anywhere. Engage borrowers on the spot and answer customer questions from anywhere, with no callbacks.

Sales Boomerang is an intelligent system for mortgage professionals that alerts you the moment an unqualified lead becomes qualified.

This tool allows us to solicit customer feedback in a way that boosts survey response rates, and responds to customer concerns before they reach social media.


Meet Tim Spencer Vice President of Digital Systems

Snapdocs not only easily ensures all loans are compliant, but provides transparency and updates teams immediately of any changes throughout the closing process. It also provides real-time insight into signing outcomes.

Rehumanize your communication by getting face to face through video within the tools you already use. BombBomb makes it easy to record, send, and track videos, allowing you to be “in-person” with those who matter most to your business at any given time.

Motivity transforms data into actionable insights and provides near real-time access to key data that enables clients to proactively and automatically deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people and in the right way.

DocuSign allows us to manage electronic agreements including eSignagure and the ability to easily sign documents on dierent devices. DocuSign allows clients to safely sign and keep track of documents.

Using PowerBI, our DAS Data Department delivers insights to enable fast, informed decisions, using interactive, real-time data. We also use our technologies for monthly reporting and communication of production levels.


More Support Tools As a sales-centric company, our infrastructure is built to keep our loan officers in the field producing, not caught up in the office with paperwork. That’s why we’ve built out a robust resource center staffed by experts to ensure the sales process moves along seamlessly. Helpdesks



This desk uses an ever-changing cloud-based system to create eciencies within the loan process, and allow more time for training and originating.

This desk is managed by a team of veteran underwriters. This team will run scenarios, calculate self-employed income, verify the loan is within guidelines and help ensure timely delivery of the loan.



Our team of IT professionals is constantly upgrading our technologies to maintain an ecient, well-kept machine. Our IT helpdesk is here to help if anyone runs into any tech issues.

The condo help desk assists with review and approvals, waivers, underwriter escalation, guideline updates and training and more.


Onboarding Department

Onboarding is your first step in becoming an employee-owner at USA Mortgage. New employees spend their first week learning the basics with onboarding!

Step one is Orientation. We’ll go over a little of the company’s history and culture and get to know you better.

Next, sales and operations sta will receive systems training on Encompass. The process is informative and hands-on and will be conducted via a combination of e-learning on Absorb, info on e-folder, and live instruction from our Director of Onboarding, Steven Napoli. Once you’re finished with systems training, sales and operations will split into two groups. Sales sta will receive training on pricing, an overview of all things Digital Systems has to oer (Mortgage Coach, Social Survey, BombBomb, and more), and Marketing training with Total Expert. Your journey isn’t finished after Onboarding! We have extensive training options via Absorb. There are currently 30 training classes in development for those new to the industry and those who need a refresher on specific topics. Class include mortgage vocabulary, credit, income, loan programs and assets, properties, title, insurance, and more! Continued Training


Questions? Our employee-owners have answers!

“[It] really has to do with the culture because many businesses can say that it’s their culture, but DAS really lives it.”

“How we treat our client. How we work with our referral partners, our real estate agents, and we make them part of our business.” -Michelle Leesmann Branch Manager/Owner

-Tracey Rohlfing Branch Manager/Owner

What sets us apart?

“The back-end support. Because we know that the leadership is always looking for the next product. They’re always looking for the next widget when it comes to technology, when it comes to marketing. We don’t have to worry about that. That’s one of the advantages to being with DAS, we’re not following, we’re actually setting the bar....that’s what separates us from the majority of our competition because we are setting the bar for them to follow us.” -Je Pfitzer Branch Manager/Owner

How does corporate support you?

“The support that corporate provides us is second-to-none. I pinch myself every day for how lucky I am and how lucky we are here to be able to have the support that we have from the corporate side of things. Again, never worked for a company that has that kind of support.” -Chris Rines Branch Manager/Owner


“We’ve found that our recruits really, really, really enjoy our marketing capabilities. They also enjoy taking a look at our technology. and the fact that we are always constantly improving it.” -Steve Strick Branch Manager/Owner

Why do your new recruits choose us?

“Well, DAS really is the full gambit of what anyone would be looking for in this industry. Aside from the wide range of products and pricing competitiveness, DAS has absolutely unmatched marketing capabilities and top level technologies and the continuation of improving those on a constant basis is also something that’s very attractive.” -Michael Gillani Branch Manager/Owner

“Recruits choose to come to the company for the opportunity. I believe they also come for how we treat them, the opportunities we give them as far as growing their business and taking it to the next level. I see a lot of recruits that stay at the same level and when they come here, work with our systems, they take that business to the next level.” -Michelle Leesmann Branch Manager/Owner

What made you join us?

“One powerful word would be autonomy. The ability to kind of control and run a business how we want to run the business, while also having the support and the leadership to have all of the technology, all of the resources, and all of the tools that we need to achieve maximum success.” -Je Pfitzer Branch Manager/Owner


DAS Acquisition Company, LLC dba USA Mortgage NMLS #227262. Not a commitment to lend. Additional terms and conditions apply. Licensed Lending Area: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, NE, NH, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WV and WI. AZ License Number: 942577. Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act, Regulated by the CO Division of Real Estate, Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee #33479, MA #ML227262, OH #RM.850291.000, Licensed under the Oregon Consumer Finance Act, OR License #ML-5723, TX: 2150 S. Central Expressway, Suite 310, McKinney, TX 75070, WA #CL-227262. Headquarters: 12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 150, St. Louis, Missouri 63141, Toll Free: (888) 250-6522. For licensing information, go to:

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