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Onboarding Department

Onboarding is your first step in becoming an employee-owner at USA Mortgage. New employees spend their first week learning the basics with onboarding!

Step one is Orientation. We’ll go over a little of the company’s history and culture and get to know you better.

Next, sales and operations sta will receive systems training on Encompass. The process is informative and hands-on and will be conducted via a combination of e-learning on Absorb, info on e-folder, and live instruction from our Director of Onboarding, Steven Napoli. Once you’re finished with systems training, sales and operations will split into two groups. Sales sta will receive training on pricing, an overview of all things Digital Systems has to oer (Mortgage Coach, Social Survey, BombBomb, and more), and Marketing training with Total Expert. Your journey isn’t finished after Onboarding! We have extensive training options via Absorb. There are currently 30 training classes in development for those new to the industry and those who need a refresher on specific topics. Class include mortgage vocabulary, credit, income, loan programs and assets, properties, title, insurance, and more! Continued Training


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