Join Us

“We’ve found that our recruits really, really, really enjoy our marketing capabilities. They also enjoy taking a look at our technology. and the fact that we are always constantly improving it.” -Steve Strick Branch Manager/Owner

Why do your new recruits choose us?

“Well, DAS really is the full gambit of what anyone would be looking for in this industry. Aside from the wide range of products and pricing competitiveness, DAS has absolutely unmatched marketing capabilities and top level technologies and the continuation of improving those on a constant basis is also something that’s very attractive.” -Michael Gillani Branch Manager/Owner

“Recruits choose to come to the company for the opportunity. I believe they also come for how we treat them, the opportunities we give them as far as growing their business and taking it to the next level. I see a lot of recruits that stay at the same level and when they come here, work with our systems, they take that business to the next level.” -Michelle Leesmann Branch Manager/Owner

What made you join us?

“One powerful word would be autonomy. The ability to kind of control and run a business how we want to run the business, while also having the support and the leadership to have all of the technology, all of the resources, and all of the tools that we need to achieve maximum success.” -Je Pfitzer Branch Manager/Owner


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