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Meet Big Foot (and Little Foot) Our printers, Big Foot and Little Foot are the very same type of printers you'd find in a production print house -- and we often have higher printer volume than many of them! Together, they can print o books, brochures, trifolds, flyers, postcards, door hangers -- you name it!

Meet Chelsea If our marketing department was a rock band (and it would top the charts), Chelsea Vonder Haar would be our lead singer. As Vice President of Marketing, she is always on the forefront of cutting-edge technology and marketing trends to provide our loan ocers the best advertising available. She is on tap to help our mortgage bankers learn all things marketing, from ordering print pieces, to creating a single-property site! She is also available for meetings with your real estate agents and other co-marketing partners to better verse them in all the ways we can help with their marketing! Social Media Meet Emily Miller, our resident social media whiz! Not only does she manage our corporate social media, she also manages our mortgage bankers' social media accounts and creates custom content for their pages. Video Meet Doug Homann and Jakob Summers, our videographers. Doug creates amazing, personalized videos for our loan ocers (at no cost), that allow them to stand out to their clients and share what makes them unique. Jakob handles our co-branded videos with real estate agents. Our fully functioning video studio oers professional lighting, cameras, audio, green screen, and much more. They’ll even make an animated video for the camera-shy.

The bottom line is… you’ve never seen a marketing department like this before! It’s huge, and armed with cutting-edge technology to make your job easier. From a full-time print room attendant that prints and cuts to order (and ships your materials directly to you), to a team of talented graphic designers and marketing coordinators who delight in creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces from scratch, just for you.


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