Kenneth Woo DDS July 2019

Summertime Entertainment for Kids of All Ages Bored?

Take a Class Together

Summer is here. The kids are out of school, and it’s right about now that you’re probably losing your mind trying to keep them entertained. As the days get longer

Even if you still have to work during the summer, you can find fun and constructive ways to spend time with your children. One of the easiest ways to do this is to find a class you can take together. This doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate, but it can spark a new connection between you and your child. Swimming classes can be a fun, easy way to cool down, and they teach your kids valuable lessons. Dance, karate, pottery, and music lessons are just a few other things you can master with your child, as well. Check your local community center or YMCA for various options. Depending on the age of your child, giving them some extra responsibility can teach them about earning and saving money, help them acquire useful life skills, and even make them feel important due to your added trust. You can make this fun, too! Help them set up their own lawn-mowing business or send them to visit their grandparents farm for a month. Granted, this option is best-suited for children over the age of 10, but it’s never too early to get your kids more involved and learning valuable lessons. Put Them to Work

and hotter, you may start to realize that there are only so many days you can spend lounging by the pool or getting ice cream. Fight summer boredom by trying these activities.

Create a Group

If you’re scrambling to find ways for your kids to have a constructive summer, you’re probably not alone. Ask around your neighborhood, within your family, at your church, or at your children’s school, and you are bound to find a group of parents in need of summertime solutions. Combine forces and create a summer book club or play-date group. You could go on group hikes, create crafts, or get together for big summer barbecues. Regardless of what you choose to do, anything is better when you can do it with friends.

For Your Next Road Trip LIMBERING UP

Even though road trips offer you a break from the monotony of your office, the stiffness in your muscles and joints that comes from sitting in one position for too long can follow you onto the road if you’re not careful. Whether in front of a laptop or behind the wheel, taking the opportunity to stretch and exercise on your summer road trip is a great way to prevent the soreness from following you back to the office. Here are a few stretches to keep in mind for the next rest stop. For the Neck Reach your left arm over the top of your head and touch your right ear. Then, gently pull your head to the left and hold it there for 15 seconds. Repeat this process with your right arm. For the Chest Stand in front of a door frame with one hand pressed on either side and your elbows at 90-degree angles, then lean forward. This will cause your chest muscles to open up. Hold this position for 15 seconds. You can do a similar stretch by bending downward while keeping your hands on your car door in front of you, stretching your entire upper body. For the Hips While you’re driving, a good way to prevent sore hips is by making sure your knees are slightly elevated above them in your seat. Once

you have the opportunity to stop, try

doing some hip flexors. Kneel on one knee, slowly push your pelvis forward, squeeze your shoulders back,

and open your chest. Hold this position for 15 seconds, then repeat while kneeling on the other knee.

For the Legs To stretch out your hamstrings, place your right heel on a small step. Extend your arms upward, and then lean your upper body forward. You’ll feel a pull in the back of your upper leg. Once you’ve done this for about 15–30 seconds, repeat the process with your left heel. The road may be long, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel it in your muscles. If you stop every couple of hours and take some time to limber up, your body will thank you.


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