Kenneth Woo DDS July 2019


Continuing a Legacy


When my sister and I were younger, we had a very unique

playground. My mom would pick up my sister and I from school each day and bring us to our dad’s dental practice, where she would be manning the front desk. Away from the patients and tucked into an unused treatment room, we would climb around, examine the tools, and ride up and down on the automatic chair. (Don’t worry — Dad is very hygienic, and this area was always cleaned!) To this day, there are still some patients who recognize me as I walk through the office with a very different prerogative than the one I had as a kid. I graduated from messing around with my dad’s tools to helping him around the office when I was in high school. Even then I wasn’t sure if dentistry was the field I wanted to pursue, but when it came time to choose a career, I realized it would be a good fit. For

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and help when we need it, but ultimately, he gives us our independence.

To that note, I wasn’t even sure if a partnership was the right path when I graduated from dental school in 2010. I had been helping around the office on the weekends during dental school, so taking over the reins of the business from my dad seemed like the natural progression. But with the competition from corporate dental offices and the ways in which the field has evolved, we decided to extend this partnership to Dr. Wang. He has been a tremendous benefit to our practice, and partnering with him has been crucial to our practice’s growth. It’s reassuring to know that we have a team member who is practicing with the same treatment philosophies we believe. Without this partnership, I believe I would be too bogged down with work to even enjoy any semblance of a personal life, including the wonderful renaissance the Washington, D.C. area is experiencing. (I grew up in this area, so it’s so cool to see the transformation and booming arts scene.) It’s always amazing when I look at a patient’s chart and see they have been coming to my dad’s practice since he began in 1982. Seeing that makes me appreciate the trust our patients have in us, and I value that responsibility. I’m proud to say that our patients are more like our family. Granted, it helps that some of you have known me since I was a little kid!

me, the blend of arts and sciences was the big draw to dentistry. I’ve always enjoyed creating and admiring model cars, and the delicate nature and dexterity a model car hobby takes is what made me gravitate toward dentistry. Dad was happy to hear that I chose dentistry as a career, but he never pressured me down this path. In fact, my sister knew from a young age that dentistry was not her calling, and that was perfectly fine with my parents. They were both very encouraging of whatever endeavors my sister and I

wanted to do. When I eventually entered into a partnership with my father and Dr. Wang, this encouragement continued. It was a very smooth transition. Dad is more than happy to offer his support

–Dr. Edmond Woo •

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