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JULY 2020

Travel Woes

Commiseration for Canceled Vacations and Impromptu Plans

This June, Keri and I were all set to enjoy a big trip to Hawaii. Our plane tickets and an Airbnb stay were booked, and we were getting excited with each passing each day.

home, and look for alternatives for summer travel. As a result, I wonder what this year’s camping scene will be like. Anyone who is a camper in the Treasure Valley knows just how competitive it can be to find a good spot anywhere within a three-hour radius of Boise. I could see it being even more difficult to camp this summer, as more people look to regional and distanced trips. One could argue that campsites will be less busy, with more people choosing to stay home altogether, but the spikes in rentals and purchases of camping, hiking, and outdoor equipment would say otherwise. As for Keri and me, at the time of this writing in early June, we’re considering a trip to Lake Tahoe. It’s a destination we’ve frequented over the years, often staying on the California side of the lake. We may have to stay on the Nevada side this year due to California’s stricter regulations, but it’s easy to find your distance at the lake. Relaxing at Lake Tahoe may not be the same as sipping drinks in Hawaii or marveling at the blue oceans just outside our door. That experience will have to wait for another year — and trust me, it will happen — but this year’s summer vacation will be one for the memory books. After all, regardless of how we choose to vacation this year, one thing is certain: We will make at least one summer memory this year that doesn’t involve the house.

Then COVID-19 became a reality in the U.S., and all our plans came crashing down.

Like many people, in March, we were naive to think June was too far away for the virus to be a big issue. We thought the world would have time to recuperate, so we did our research. We compared Hawaii and Idaho’s regulations. We considered possibilities for bending the rules, but we soon came to the realization that we were just fishing for a trip that wouldn’t happen. Hawaii had a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving on the island, and what’s the point of being in Hawaii if all you get to experience are the four walls surrounding you? We could sit inside in Idaho and not spend all this money. We played the airline’s game while waiting to see if they would cancel our trip or if we should ask for a refund. Thankfully, we were able to cancel other parts of the trip easily. I was bummed, but I knew we would have a chance to go again. Keri took it harder than me. As a teacher, her opportunity for travel is very limited, and with everything that happened this spring with digital schooling, I’m sure this vacation would have been just what she needed. Hawaii has also always been Keri’s dream destination.

Safe travels!

I know Keri and I are not alone. Many excited vacationers are experiencing the same disappointment in having to cancel plans, stay

–Randy Amorebieta

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