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June 2020

So often, we look at something happening in another part of the world — conflict, disease, natural disaster — and get to feel exempt from its effects. We feel for the people being impacted, but we feel fortunate that it’s not happening to us. These last few months have been different. COVID-19 has affected everyone, regardless of location, language, or any other factor. We’ve all changed our daily lives to cope with the pandemic and learned how to be there for one another amid social distancing guidelines. We’ve had to come up with solutions to problems we’ve never encountered before. Birthday celebrations and events, big and small, have been postponed or gone virtual. This month, when our graduates would normally walk across the stage to proudly claim their diplomas, the stadiums and school hallways are quiet. I have no doubt that our graduates will find ways to celebrate their achievements. It just might look a little different than it has in the past. When something like this happens, it’s not just one place or country that’s affected but the entire world. It makes you think differently. More than anything, it brings to light how connected we all are. With the world slowing down a bit, many people have found the opportunity to connect, and even reconnect, with people dear to them. We’ve heard from many of you that you’ve had more conversations with the other folks in your house. You’ve dusted off board games, enjoyed activities, and rekindled friendships that had fallen behind in the fast- paced world.

Something that’s helped keep our spirits high for the past couple of months is connecting with you. We’ve loved the conversations we’ve had, the chance to talk for no other reason than to say hello and see how you’re doing. Know you are ever present in our minds, and we have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. In times like this, we are reminded why it is we do what we do. It brings us a sense of peace to know all of our clients have done the planning necessary to feel secure, even through tumultuous times. We’re so happy you’re part of our family. As you’re thinking about how best to keep everything organized in a quickly changing world, revisiting your estate plan can be a good place to start. A review of your estate plan is something we recommend so you can ensure everything is in order. We can help you make any updates or changes to it that you need, whether that means updating beneficiaries or placing your assets in your trust. Give yourself peace of mind this summer by making time for this review. Know that we are here for you. Please reach out to us with any estate planning questions you might have — or just to say hello. We love hearing from you.

“It brings to light how connected we all are.”

Here’s to a healthy and happy month,

–Melanie M. Lee www.mleelaw.com | 1


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