Collaborative Design in Extension- Using a Modified Game J…

Figure 2: Initial sketches

Table 4: The Case of the GMO-free Orange Juice - Scenario example sketch and script



You play as a film noir-style detective. Your objective is to gather truthful information for your client (the shopper) and present it to them so they can make an informed purchasing decision.

The gameplay consists of four stages. It is mainly point- and-click to navigate around scenes, collect items, and listen to the dialogue. Clue matching and clue examination could be a little mini-game.

1. Visit one of the locations around town to investigate it.

2. Interview witnesses and find clues within the scene.


Examine clues to draw conclusions.

4. Present conclusion to consumers so they can make an educated buying choice.

Wednesday & Thursday | Activity 3: Produce Prototype

Continuing work on “ Activity 3: Produce Prototype,” designers met to discuss the changes in the script before sending it to the Extension educators for a final pass. Designers met briefly and kept in contact using chat software while developing the prototype art and programming. Designers shared the script with content experts, using Google Docs, allowing them to make edits and interact with the team without needing a meeting. For example, this facilitated discussion between developers and content experts on ways to be inclusive regarding the characters in the game, and possible demographics of the farmer character presented in the game. Compared to the other activities of the game jam, prototyping demanded more time from the designers, mainly from programmers. On Thursday, the second day of prototyping, designers had the script edits from the Extension educators and kept working on the art assets and programming.


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