Collaborative Design in Extension- Using a Modified Game J…

Friday | Activity 3: Produce Prototype

On the final jam day, designers met to make final adjustments before the group presentation, checking for missing art assets and building the prototype into the web. The larger team reunited for the final playable version of the game presentation (Figure 3) , concluding “ Activity 3: Produce Prototype.” Team members discussed things to change in the game; what research needed to be conducted with users about the game; and ways stakeholders felt this game could be expanded. The group of content experts asked for two weeks to review this prototype with peers, review it as a group, and suggest possible changes or revisions. The content experts used the two weeks to interact with the game prototype individually and then meet as a group to discuss possible changes. Team members played the game, had user testing sessions, and then met as a group. During the group meeting, all ideas and comments were shared, including positives and areas for improvement. Due to limited funding, changes were prioritized by the content experts. They then submitted their feedback to the designers so that they could determine what was feasible and begin game refinements before the UConn team initiated further evaluations.

Figure 3. Screenshots from the game prototype , “Unpeeled: The Case Files of Maya McCluen”

This video advertisement was created by the NTAE team and Extension Foundation staff for use on UConn’s social media platforms.




Prototype of Game

In “Unpeeled: The Case Files of Maya McCluen,” players become Maya McCluen, a detective who helps customers to uncover mysteries behind food marketing labels (Figure 4). The game project intends to have several cases for the player to pick and solve. For this prototype version, the game has a single case, the orange juice case. In this case, Cody is a confused customer doing his grocery shopping. He does not know if he needs to buy the orange juice with the non-GMO label or the juice without that label. Players can investigate three locations: the library, the orange orchard, and the supermarket. At these locations they talk with experts, including a registered dietitian and an orange farmer. Players need to find information, clues, and evidence to solve the case and help Cody make his final decision.


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