King's Business - 1929-12

$ 1 , 500-00 IN C A S H ! For Original Sermons on V ita l Christian Themes

T HIS prize offer is made to commemorate a quarter of a century of fruitful ministry. During this time The Evangelical Christian has been sent forth monthly with such quality that its intrinsic worth as a faithful exponent of Scripture truth and its fervent advocacy of world-wide missions has won for it a unique place in the hearts and homes of thousands on this continent and in lands beyond the seas. for further enlargement to meet the spiritual hunger in the hearts of people everywhere. In line with this, The Evangelical Christian offers these exceptionally liberal prizes in or­ der to secure sermons of power, purpose and spiritual depth. The Evangelical Christian wants to publish the best and it is willing to pay for the best, hence the following offer; EN TER N O W IN O N E O R A L L O F T H E S E TH R E E G R O U P S 1 The W a y of Life Made Plain 2 Great Doctrines of the Faith 3 Practical Sermons on Christian Living Launched without capital, the editorial con­ viction that it had a place and a message for the whole Church has enabled it to con­ tinue and expand. Rising above denomina­ tional differences and emphasizing the great evangelical verities and unities, it has won the goodwill of thousands, representative of many communions. Now the time has come


A soul winning sermon or message with the simplest and most convincing present­ ation of the Gospel. . . . EVERYONE CAN QUAL IFY This offer is not made solely to attract contributions from lead­ ing theologians, but rather to stimulate all preachers who have a living message. Manuscripts will be judged by an impartial committee of clergymen and Christian business men. The ap­ peal must be made to the minds and hearts of “ordinary folks”.

Expositions of the great foundation truths of Christi­ anity or sermons in defence of the faith............................

Sermons that clearly set forth the practical application of Christian truths in everyday life..........................................


NO TE THE FEW S IM P L E C O N D I T IO N S A contestant may enter up to three sermons but each in a separate 1 group. No one will be entitled to receive more than one first, one second and one third prize. Q Manuscript must be legible, preferably typewritten, one side of A paper only, size 8% x 11; each page numbered, title and classifi­ cation only to be written on top of manuscript. Must not exceed 4,000 words. Q Name and address with title and classification of manuscript to be ^ enclosed on separate sheet in a plain, sealed envelope which will not be opened until after the judges' decision. This sealed envelope and' the manuscript must be mailed. together. Registered post is advisable in order to insure their safe arrival. A As no manuscript will be returned, contributors are advised to * keep duplicate copy. Address manuscript to CONTEST EDITOR, THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN, 366 Bay Street, Toronto 2, Canada. C Contest closes January 15th, 1930. Any manuscript postmarked *■' January 15th, will be accepted if it reaches our office by January 31st, 1930. A Announcement of prize winners will be made in our April issue, ^ when three of the winning articles will be published. *7 All manuscripts receiving prizes | become the property of The * Evangelical Christian. Other articles (if used), will be paid for on publication.

A S F O L L O W S :

First Prize *150-oo

Second Prize $ 75 .00

The Evangelical Christian An evangelical missionary monthly (inter-denomina­ tional) combining all the best features of a religious magazine. $1.50 per year. Sample copy gladly given.

O The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered 0 into regarding their awards. The judges shall not be bound to award prizes under any classification in which there are not at least 25 entries. The Evangelical Christian ( R O W L A N D V . B IN G H A M , Editor) Dept. F 366 Bay Street Toronto 2, Canada

Third Prize $50-oo

—A L SO— Three Prizes of $25.00 Each Ten Prizes of $15.00 Each

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