King's Business - 1929-12


$ i M « J a m i f q S i t a q a j i n c December • 1929

ct o h e G r e a t d i v i d e


When sin first made its deadly thrust It forced a widening span Between the man who walked with God And God who made the man. With sense of sin came sense of fear; The naked sought to hide; Instead of Fellowship and peace There came a great divide.

Infinite Love was wounded sore; God sought to bridge the span, Force out the separating wedge And walk again with man. He gave His best, His Son beloved, Who came, who loved, who died; He paid the cost to reconcile; He crossed the great divide.

The God who still would walk with man And man who needs His care, Again each other’s fellowship In confidence may share, For Christ the way to peace with God For all has opened wide; The ransom price is paid in full; Spanned is the great divide.

“Come” is the tender word of Him Who crossed the great divide To bring the man who walks afar Back to the Father’s side. Haste, then, to heed the Saviour’s call; Unclothed no longer hide; Accept His robe of righteousness And cross the great divide. •X'trsII. V. Andrews.

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